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Payability Online Loan Reviews

Without Payability my cash flow would have been non existent. Using their service helped me grow my business 4 times faster in 2017!
Do not issue even close to 80%, very unsatisfied .
I will definitely recommend payability to anyone who sells on amazon and other marketplaces specially if they want to grow their business.Payabillity gives you a chance to grow faster and gain more capital.
Payability is AWESOME! From the initial application process to onboarding and support thereafter, the team is incredibly helpful and available when you call them. For anyone selling on Amazon or Newegg I HIGHLY recommend Payability to help scale your business by having working capital available to you daily. Harold DV INC
Really cool people to work with! We were a little under qualify to for this service and didn't expect positive outcome, but Mike made it all happen! :) He quickly reviewed are application, saw the potential, took our application to higher management. In 20 minutes we were up and running. Next day we got are early payment from Payability and we were happily restocking our inventory. It is such a relief when your money in the bank next day. Finally we can focus on growing our business fast and not to depend on payment that is 17 days away. Thanks a lot for your help Mike, pleasure to work with you :)
Excellent! Loving it!
Having this payability account has really sped up growing my Amazon business. Instead of sourcing inventory every two weeks I can source fast selling items daily. I'm also ready when Awesome One time deals come my way (which usually happens in between Amazon disbursements). Joining Payability has been the best business decision I've made since I started selling on Amazon four years ago. I've grown my business year over year getting the bi-weekly disbursements, now I can accelerate that growth rapidly without loans or running up tabs on my credit cards. Payability is great!
Payability has been a game changer for my Amazon Business. Gives you cash when ever its needed. The whole process is well organized and easy. Easy to quality.
Have had a great experience with Payability. Has helped our new business grow. Would recommend to anyone.
This company is a blessing for amazon sellers to grow their business, it will be really awesome if there is an automated process on the weekends and holidays. One thing is that Wells Fargo sometimes glitches a little. But overall the transactions are smooth. I will say the staff is A+++++++++ they are always working hard, polite, courteous and going out of way. I mostly deal with Michael Reiney, he is always There to help. Talked breifly to 2 other staff members they were also very helpful
Awesome Company helped my business grow! Thank you for your outstanding Service!
Very helpful with the set up process to get my approved and activated
If you're a cash-strapped Amazon seller then Payability is a real big help. It allows you to get access to much needed funds so you can pay for orders etc. Having access to funds immediately is the lifeblood of any business and it allows you to grow much faster than if you had to wait every two weeks to get your funds from Amazon. This has been a real help in terms of cash flow.
Time is money. Payability is essential and a leverage for maintenance of inventory, equals to more sales, more profits. Rather than waiting too long and missing what could have been a boost in your business. No regrets here -- It's worth it.
It is great having daily access to funds when selling on Amazon and I was able to grow my business because of Payability. The only downside at the beginning was lack of customer service, it seemed like they only had a few reps and sometimes the hold time would be long, however they have more reps now and I get through right away and they are always very helpful and go above and beyond. Payability has some of the best customer service I have dealt with anywhere
We have enjoyed our relationship with Amazon. Our only difficulty has been waiting the two weeks for payment. Product costs were spread thin. This opportunity with Payability has been extremely helpful. As we have been growing, Payability has allowed us to stay on top of our product costs. We are pleased with the interface and ease of receiving our money. The only hiccup was in reference to some reporting that took far to long to adjust. I am hopeful that issue has been resolved as we move on to the holiday. I will report back on what I see. However, the gang at PBY has been helpful and for that I am appreciative. All things considered, I am thankful of this opportunity and would recommend PBY to anyone working in Amazon.
I cannot in good faith recommend Payability to any Amazon seller (esp new sellers). Registering for Payability and getting approval was simple, and easy. I had no initial problems with disbursements until Amazon suspended my account for a false buyer claim of an inauthentic item. After submitted an appeal to Amazon along with invoices, Amazon was slow to reinstate my account. After a few weeks, Amazon finally reinstated my account. Afterward, I received a notice from Amazon stating that Payability had placed a UCC lien against my account 3 days after suspension and no disbursements would be made from Amazon until the lien holder removed the lien. That means NO transfers from my account until Payability says they are satisfied. When I contacted the lien holder that Payability assigned, they failed to respond to me for several days. When I contacted Payability they listed an amount that was 1k less than what the lien holder wanted from me. The lien holder provided the Notice of Assignment, which states that I owe the original amount that the lien holder requested. The only way to dispute this amount they claim I owe is to contact a lawyer and hire an accountant to personally review my history with Payability. Meanwhile, the lien remains, which means I can no longer receive payments from Amazon. One of the mistakes I made was obtaining their "Instant Advance" loan. Payability will not remove the lien on my account until the full remaining balance is paid back. This money was used to purchase inventory. The only solace I have right now is that I didn't take out a 25k or 50k loan. My business has been crippled by this lien because I failed to properly do my research about Payability and now I am paying dearly for it. This is one of the worst business decisions I have ever made. Payability now refers me to their lien holder, yet the lien holder won't respond to my calls or emails. Keep in mind, that if you are new to Amazon, there is a good chance you will eventually be suspended. Whether that is due to a mistake you made or false claims against your products. It's bound to happen, but only having to worry about a review from Amazon is better than worrying about a lien against the funds in your account. When you sign up for Payability, you are giving them access to your account. Please do your research! Update 11/9: I was finally able to have the lien removed from my account one month after Amazon reinstated my seller account. One of the girls from their customer service department was able to request the lien be removed early since my payment was in transit to Payability. Unfortunately, like so many things in life, everything comes at a cost. Payability then deducted more money from the payment they received from Amazon. I had already believed that there was a balance discrepancy of around 4k. I am now left with 100 dollars that Payability said is owed to me. THEY CAN KEEP IT! I do not want anything further to do with this company. Also, the company would not provide me with the bank account number that was on Amazon account, until they were repaid. This made it impossible to repay my loan with Amazon, which continued to collect interest and may have jeopardized any future offers from Amazon Lending. Interest also continued to occur on my Instant Avance Loan I had with Payability. The blance I owed increased by around 500.00 dollars in less than 15 days. Again, I can't stress this enough! DO YOUR RESEARCH. Make sure you have an accountant in place to protect you and the money you work hard for. Follow-up to their reply: I'm sorry, but there is no point in emailing your company. I've been emailing back and forth with support@payability for over two months now and the balance issue was never resolved. There was no one to talk to "one-on-one" about the balance discrepancy. I've dealt with 3 separate Customer Service Reps. My association with your company came at a high price, and ultimately, I lost a lot of money.
so far so good....
Great customer service. Deposits are on time. Great for building FBA capital.
THEY ARE A AMAZING COMPANY greatest customer service ever seen a company have. extremely helpful but here it comes. the 2% fee is on total sales so many sellers that sell a product for $10 dollars and fba fees is $5 so Amazon pays you only $5 and you get $5 but you pay 2% on $10!!! and they give you $4.80 what that's 4% so you can pay on an account of $25,000 you pay 4% ($1,000 a month)for what for 2 weeks? it's between 200% and 400% a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its crazy think 10 times before you sign up just know your fees remember a credit card is 10 times cheaper a mortgage is 100 times cheaper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Since joining payability, my cash flow has improved dramatically. In business cash flow is lifeblood of the business. I am able to list more, sell more and get my sales proceeds next day. This is a dream of every seller to get paid fast enough and that is what payability offers.
Great service. Always responds to questions etc. Great program for cash flow. Highly recommend. Thanks
Without access to credit payability has helped me grow my business faster and remain debt free.
So far I've been using Payability service for a month now and I'm definitely enjoying my frequent cash flow that I'm able to request and deposit into my bank account daily vs every two weeks! It allows me the ability to make more purchases on items I source and sell. They also have excellent customer support as well, they are quick with answering all my questions in a timely manner. Check them out, they just might be the financial relief answer to your online business needs?
Thanks to Micheal for answering my questions and helping with initial setup. It is amazing to be able to go out and replenish my sold out inventory the very next day with the payouts!
Great Company !!! Thank you very much for expediting this entire process, and getting this approved........ Now that this is in place...we will be extending and or listing more inventory in Amazon....This method will allow us to increase sales, rather then wait two get funded by Amazon it allows to buy more inventory in a frequent bases .... Thanks soooo much Michael !!!!
We really have enjoyed having Payability as it has added constant cash flow to our business (which we absolutely needed as we are growing). Payments are deposited the same day - very much appreciated! (as long as it is submitted within the time frame needed) Customer service has been friendly and prompt. One suggestion I may say is adding in a feature that auto deposits daily. This would be nice for small businesses like myself - which I have so many things going on and am the only person running the show, an auto-deposit would be one less thing for me. Thank you Payability!
Excellent! Great customer service!
Having our cash available the next day has helped us not only to increase our sales by being in a better negotiating position at the time of the purchase but it has helped us taking advantage of “closeout” sales, “last minute” deals and “volume discounts”
Great service, HAs taken my Inventory level up a notch. Fast friends support. I feel its a must have.
No Response & unexpected stop of business after 1 year of partnership
Great service and excellent customer support.
I would do more transactions if the fee was 1% Easier to understand reporting will be appreciated. Thanks
The up front money has helped my business grow tremendously.
Very Easy to use. Funds arrive in your bank account m-f the same day you request them. Makes cash flow much easier and purchasing much simpler too:)
Fantastic Company! Allows us to scale our business on our terms! Our experience with Payability has been phenomenal. From the great customer service to the follow-ups we appreciate and value working with companies like Payability! They are allowing us to scale our Amazon business on our terms and keep orders rolling in! We'd give them 10 stars if we could. Thanks for all the help and great support!
I have been using Payability for a little over a month now and my business already grew up as I am always getting more and more inventory and never run out of money like I used before! It's a great website for those who don't have access to a loan or a credit line! No more counting days until Amazon transfers the money over to my account, sell today, get the money as soon as tomorrow!
i was nervous about using this service but a trusted friend of mine uses it and i signed up and 1 month in im loving it
A pleasure to work with and willing to compromise on certain issues for the clients best interests. Has allowed our business to scale rapidly and aggressively. Because of our partnership we can achieve over $20M in sales this year.
Alex made the process easy, and I can definitely trust these guys with my business
Very awesome company , as long as you make the sale they will give you the money to buy new inventory . Thank you Payabilty .
Great company. I just wish there was a lower payment option for those that dont make 12,500 in revenue per month.
Great service, quick and easy to use.
Great job! We love to work with payability.
Great service, a bargain for the service provided. Amazon really should be paying it's sellers this way already but since they don't I'm glad Payability exists. I've been using it for 7 months with no issue.
UPDATE: I ended up receiving a call back from a manager who took the time to fix the problem along with listening to what led to the problem in the first place. He seemed focused on resolutions to prevent future customers from having the same issue. They are withholding my account information. I would hesitate doing business with a company that conducts itself in this way. I provided the information they needed. They led me to believe if I gave this information they would release my account information. Then they told me I had to wait. (For my own account information by the way....) I asked to speak to a manager and was transferred to someone else. She led me to believe she was a manager and after asking her directly she was not in a management position.
Great service and extremely helpful for increasing cash flow.
Great way to keep your business cash flow going.
Using Payability advance funding has had a huge impact on our ability to purchase inventory faster during the busy holiday shopping season. It is a very simple process and works just as they describe. Very much worth the cost of the service. Highly recommended!
Actually they charged MORE THAN 2% during TRIAl period, although they mentioned Free Trial. Oct 18 2017 If I can give this company ZERO, I would give it ZERO 1./ I decided to sign up for 7 days TRIAL risk FREE with Payability to see how it can help my business cash flow. Set up is fast within 1 day. And on 2nd day, they Advanced 80% of my current balance of Amazon. 2./ On Monday, after Amazon pay Payability, I decided to end my trial, because they only advance 80% everyday, which is not worth for my business. Fee is 2% per month of total balance. When I canceled, they CHARGED me more than 27% for 4-5 days trial without telling me about the charge. I emailed customer support and told her that the account manager told me if I cancel 7 days, there is NO fee, risk-free trial. She refused that statement.
Because of payability I was able to triple my sales! I love everything about this company! Highly recommend!
We have been successfully using playability for over 3 months now. I was a little nervous getting started. After the sign-up process, they have done exactly what they said they would, and we have been 100% satisfied with their service. Thanks, Nathan Carlson Dreem Deals LLC
I having the same issues with the rest of the folks here. There's a bit of a bait and switch and its unnerving that they have your funds. They have missed 3 payments and there's a certain point you ask yourself why you need a bridge payment if they are holding onto your money and not living up to their billing. I am very concerned. And would not recommend their service.
excellent company, Thank God Almighty for bringing about their service , very helpful and convenient.
I love how the support team is super easy to talk too! Everyone that I have talked to has been extremely helpful and nice. Their website is extremely easy to use! Wonderful system!
Yes the costs are worth it. Yes the transition is seamless. Yes they have great customer service. Yes the deposits transfer same day you request. Yes Your business will Thank you.
Just signed up today. The gentlemen that assisted us was great. He walked us through every step. If today is any indication of Payability Customer Service I will be a customer for a long time. Thank you Justin
Payability has been SUPERB! I highly recommend this service to all Amazon sellers. "We" Amazon sellers know how valuable time and money is. Waiting for bi-weekly payments is no longer a stress. I can transfer my money on a daily basis or whenever I need the money in my bank account with a quick turn around. I can invest the money and double my sales faster than before. Thanks Payability!!
Payability has enabled us to grow business by having access immediate to marketplace sales. Seamless solution and have never had any issues. Thanks!
Have had no issues with getting paid daily. Great customer services. Easy to read reports. I'm happy with them
This company has really helped me grow my business by giving me access to my funds 24hrs after they sale on Amazon.
I really love Payability because of what they offer. That being said, there are many things they need to work thing I really dislike about their service is the reports on how they are coming to these numbers for our payouts are very confusing to understand. I decided to finally sit down and try to figure these out and while I did not get a full understanding of the reports, I was able to find the fees we were being charged and found out we were charged over $2300 more than we were supposed to be (we should have only been charged around $1700). I am very glad I was able to find this out on my own because I do not think they would have brought it to my attention or noticed on their end and we would have continued to have been charged around double what we should have been. All of that being said, once I got in contact with them they initially tried to make it sound like they were "hidden fees" which I was not happy about. I was persistent with it and made them dig deeper into it and once they realized that they were in the wrong, they did everything they could to make it right. All of that taken into consideration, I have a few things that I do not like about their service such as the fees going unnoticed and also the fact that they are nearly impossible to reach by phone without having to leave a voice mail. I would say my success rate of talking to someone on the first call is around 10-15% which is very aggravating. I know you will be reading this payability so please fix that. Other than that, they really did try to bend over backward for me to help resolve my issue right away and for that I am happy with them. They are a growing company going through growing pains and have some work but I think they have a very bright future ahead of them.
Signed up a couple weeks ago. Very nice to have the money coming in daily, launched 3 new products because of this. HOWEVER, they have been holding on to my reserve from Amazon for 8 days now. Do NOT keep their promises to call within an hour or whatever time they say they will call back to resolve this. Two times now have been promised a resolution the next day, and nothing. Next step will be attorney. Best to get a line of credit. Belong to a huge group of Amazon sellers. Too bad I will be sharing negative experience. Very bad to mess with client's money! Update: after several days this issue was resolved, they put money in my account and didn't charge fees. So far hasn't happened again.
payability has the best costumer service in this business. A huge clap for eric at payability. one of the best services i ever got !
Payability is a service that has been needed for a long time. So difficult for small business to wait 2 weeks to receive funds. Payability gives us daily access to our Amazon money for small fee and we have been able to get more inventory in. Big help and their customer service is superb!! Would recommend to anyone
Payability has helped my Amazon Business grow from $4,000/month to $10,000+/month in a very short period of time! We are continuing growth every day! The Payability team is very polite and professional. Also, they are down to earth people that can help you with any questions or concerns. They are quick to fix any problems/mistakes and are very accurate with their accounting. Thanks Payability!
Great product for small business like mine.
When I first heard about Payability, I was hugely skeptical. Plus, I was very nervous about giving them access to my bank account. But the premise of consistent cash flow from Amazon was very alluring for many reasons. And invoice factoring (which is essentially Payability’s business model) is a long standing business practice. So I gritted my teeth, said a little prayer hoping that Payability was real, and made the decision to move forward. That was a couple of months ago and I can’t be happier. Every claim Payability made has been accurate and truthful. Payability was very helpful in the beginning. All my questions were answered and I was carefully walked through the setup. My only issue is that their fee of 2% is based on your total Amazon receivables before fees, not on the funds Amazon actually pays you. But still worth it. I have already been able to shore up my inventory and we are starting to add new products. If you believe consistent cash flow can help you grow your Amazon business, like it did my company, then Payability is your answer.
Activating my account was a very easy and smooth process. Thank you!
Because I've been able to access my money quicker using Payability, I've been able to reinvest in new products and bring a new brand to market. Payability has helped me grow my business threefold in just a couple of months, with nothing but more growth forecast for the future. Payability is Great!
I am a newbie to e-commerce, but have enjoyed quick success with it. Payability opened a new door for me and my business by giving me access to my sales proceeds sooner. I love the quick access to my money and their great - human person - customer service!
It's very evident Payability cares about its customers, excellent company all around.
I used to have little rushes of sales, and then shut down my store when my cash flow got so low that I could not afford additional inventory. I would then wait until Amazon paid out 17-18 days later, and then start the cycle all over again. Since starting with Payability I have not had to shut my store down. I can quickly turn the money over and invest in more inventory before I sell out of my preexisting inventory and my sales have quadrupled already and its only been a couple of months. To say I'm happy with them is an understatement. I'm overjoyed, relieved, and grateful that they have made it possible for me to reach my sales goals faster than I thought possible with the limited funds I began with.
It helps my small business cash flow issue
If you need help ask for Alex. He is fabulous and very smart. I think he is on the genius level. Great company!! You must sign up!
Payability is super dope
Simply put, my short experience with Payability brought my business as an Amazon Seller to its knees. My 6-year very stable Amazon business is now a decimated corpse and the autopsy points to Payability as the actual cause of death. If you have a preexisting loan with Amazon, don’t consider Payability, no matter how they much they assure you it will be fine. Amazon loans can be managed and dealt with, but Payability with their ruthless tactics and lien strategies, will freeze your Amazon account and make any and all disbursements impossible—you won’t get paid, Amazon won’t get paid, and your business will die. I had a great run selling on Amazon, had successfully managed and paid off several loans with Amazon Lending over the past few years too. Then along came Payability and now this steady income stream has been blocked forever. If you already have a loan with Amazon, involving Payability is a catastrophic business mistake. You have been warned.
I love how quick I was able to get going with this and now I get my funds daily. This allows me to process and fullfill my orders a lot faster and gives me advanced capital to fund more inventory.
Really helped to grow our business. With daily payouts we can invest in more inventory to grow quickly. Great customer service as well.
I've been a seller on Amazon for over 4 years. If you are a seller on Amazon or any ecommerce site you can relate to having money flow issues. I started funding my business using high interest rate credit cards. Not having great credit my credit limit was limited. I then discovered Payability they allowed me to get the funds from orders that were made the day before. This allowed me to scale up my business quick because it no longer was determined by how high my credit limit was it was determined on how much I sold. Now the more I sold the more I could list to sell. Payability was a game changer for my business.
Love it makes it so much easier to keep my business running:)?
They are a great company to work with. Without them we would not be able to grow our Amazon Business.
Great Experience working with Payability. My money comes next day in my account, so this way i don't have to wait 2 weeks for Amazon to disburse me. i'm working with Mike and if i have any issues i can call him at 9pm or weekends and he's always available to answer me. Very professional and friendly people to work with. Initial set up was very easy. My account was set up on the same day and i had my first run of payment next day in my account.
Was sceptical going in but has had nothing but good experience with the company.
As the title says... fluidity! If you have a fast rotating stock on a third party platform, this allows you to get your funds immediately instead of on a payout schedule... this means you can order more shipments of stock sooner, which hits the shelf sooner, which makes $ faster. It provides the leverage boost of a loan, but without the credit hit or the risk (since payability only charges you based on what you sell, if a meteor hits your warehouse and your inventory explodes you don't owe a ton of money unlike a bank who would say something like "tough luck kid, pay me". Simple and clean site makes getting funds a breeze and the developers are actively working on upgrades to the system.
Brilliant service, amazing support, a dream come true selling on Amazon.
Payability took me from a hard place in my life from being homeless, hungry and helpless. To now where I live a healthy & happy lifestyle in my own apartment with plenty of food and beverages. Thanks for giving me an opportunity.
Everything has been great. Has been a lifeline to my Business.
I was initially hesitant to use the service, but thought I would give it a try to see what the value would be. WOW! Fast and friendly service staff, and what a JOY to be able to have access early, even SAME DAY! I'm SO happy I gave the service a chance!
I highly recommend signing up for Payability. The process was seamless and my rep walked me through the final steps. I'm a seller on Amazon and this program will literally save me from ever running out of stock again. If you like the idea of having access to your funds immediately- don't hesitate. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. When you sign up, tell them American Traditional Consulting LLC sent you.
You receive you Amazon payout the following day for today's sales. This access to cash flow has allowed us to grow by 20% in our first month of using the service. I highly recommend the service to anyone that requires fast turn around on their receivables.
Best thing I have ever done for my Amazon Business! Sell today get paid tomorrow! 100% Recommend Payability for your Amazon Business.
Payability is amazing. I wouldn’t go back to selling on Amazon without a company like Payability. Being able to get money from my Amazon account quickly to pay bills and overhead without having to wait is a must. Also customer service with Payability gets 10 Stars in a 5 Star world. They are fast, real people, and I couldn’t be happier. Brilliant company.