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Penguin Pay Online Loan Reviews

Simply the best!!!! I used my MC at CVS and bought my medication. Saved me from paying 226.00 up front. Brilliant...Thank you!
Absolutely impressed with your services! More people need to know about this!!
They are great and anyone who uses pharmaceuticals should use this service just to help them!
This program is a great help especially to those that have medication that is super expensive. I have severe asthma and without this program I would have likely ended up in the hospital..
Love it so thankful for this little card a blessing
Great service but largely unknown unless you stumble upon it online while trying to figure out why your insurance doesnt cover Rx until you have paid $2200 into the plan. The Good: 0% interest. 0. You also have something like 12 weeks to pay with weekly auto-withdrawal. Bad credit approved and still 0%. The Bad: As mentioned, the name does not do this service justice. Also, it's true that even though Penguin Pay is associated with a CVS saving card, no CVS pharmacy had a clue what this was or how to use the virtual c.c. There needs to be integration into various pharmacy's systems or at least an automated connection between your service (payment) and my mobile CVS pharmacy app. Lastly, the total cost should be verified prior to pharmacy visit or an agreement between the customer and Penguin Pay that there can be variation of x number of dollars between the signed loan amount and actual cost during pickup. That way, the virtual card, if still in use, won't be denied. This is especially important if it's after business hours.
I had so much trouble affording my Chantix script. Found Penguin online, and it really was absolutely the easiest thing! Thank you so much!
At first, I was skeptical about using the service. The first obstacle was having to go to so many pharmacies until I found one that actually accepted this program. Walmart was able to help me out a provide us with the medication we needed. Thank you customer service for calling back in a timely manner and being available to rectify the problem while at the cash register. Thanks
This company helped me pay for my prescription that I do desperately needed without questions asked. I never would have been able to pick up my prescription otherwise. Easy for to fill out and extremely quick response. I am extremely satisfied and grateful!
So amazing couldn't afford my rx this week so made it helpful.
This program is a life saver and they were so helpful when we needed to find a pharmacy to accept the payment. I couldn't be more thankful!!
Very nice and xtremely helpful in getting my meds thank you so much
I would recommen this company to anyone it is a great way to get your meds when short in cash and the customer service is the best had the opportunity to speak to them many times and they handle your questions fast.Ting was great to speak to and Jim ..
It was great to talk to a person when calling directly to customer service, and then the customer service person knew what to do. Great experience.