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Applying for a loan with Plain Green was a very pleasurable experience. I was able to do it right from home and it was easy to provide all the information they requested and downloading the pdf forms were also easy to get. I loved the fact that I was able to acquire copies of everything right into my phone. I highly recommend this loan company to anyone that has an emergency and needs a loan!
The loan process is very easy to understand and fill out the application and everything is handled in a timely manner.
The loan process was easy and stress free and I would most definitely recommend the Plain Green Loan to anyone who need help now
They really helped me out when I need them the most. Thank you for your service.
Appication was very easy and very quick. THANK YOU for your help in this diffucult time!!!
People are very nice to work with, no hassles. I highly recommend thier service.
Good serving and very past to loan
Thank you for your prompt assistance. I am very impressed.
Plain Greens is the best place to go when you're in need of money. The APR is real high, so if you're able to pay it back ASAP then this is the place to get your loan. 2nd time I get my loan. Thanks plain green loans for your service.
The application process was easy to follow. I was pleased to be able to get a loan to cover a crucial bill. Repayment is set up to make it easy to keep on schedule. Thank you to this company
I have worked at a bank for three years and knew that I would not be approved due to my debt to income ratio and past credit experience but heard about Plain Green from a coworker that has used the service. I did my own research and liked the fact everything is up front and not a scam for extra fees or wanting my online banking password which isn't right to ever give out. I considered all the information and decided to apply when my vehicle needed repairs. The service was fast and prompt and followed up with emails with updates which was assuring. Thanks for your help in a time of need.
I am pleased with your services. I would recommend to a friend.
Case did a great job. Where there was a minor issue, was after the recorded message I spoke with a different person and they was slightly pushy, wasn't hearing what I was saying to them but beyond that everything went very good and I give you all a good rating could be better if you got somebody after the recording was a little nicer like the caseworker was but beyond that very good thank you
Easy loan to apply for. Great coustmer service. Easy payments and u can always pay off early
Such a great service. Easy,efficient and excellent service. Would recommend this service to anyone who finds themselves in need of some extra cash for emergencies.
I love plaingreen loans! They are always efficient and attentive.
Funds were deposited on time.
So far it has been a good experience
I was very pleased as I needed help so much and banks just would not borrow that low of a loan without income of $30,000 and some people do not make that much. This was a blessing and did not take long at all to get approved and get the money. Sure it is more interest, but without all the hassles paying more interest was much better then going through a break down to get ones mind at ease. So thankful
Wonderful company. Helped me out of a fix quick
it is good when you need fast cash but the intrest rate is ridiculous... i suggest this as a last option if you are in a bind and need a quick solution besides intrest rate and when you pay out they still charge you more than the principal to clear loan despite already making 10 payments it is a bit absurd but i guess i am a regular customer although i dont agree with rates seems like it has change my first loan i took out 1000 and had only made 5 or 6 payments i paid off my loan afterward and i was charged 980 somthing my second loan of 1200 i had made 10 payments of $153 when i went to pay off my loan they charged me $1280 and i recently took out another one of $800 and who knows seems like they change things up regulary before intrest rate was 300% it is now 400% diffrent rules so just read your fine print
Please apply by based on your need only
It was a very simple process, and I had my money the next day!
Very easy to get a loan when you new it
Easy to deal with. Very fast and efficient! Would recommend to anyone
Thank you for such a smooth transaction. I was astounded about how easy and fast it was. I will definitely recommend to others. Thank you again.
I went online and applied. Within a few hours everything was approved. Money was in the bank the next business day. Very pleased so far.
Great customer service, easy and fast application process for an unexpected financial need. Thank you!
I have used plain green and will use them again....they report to the Bureaus...they put the monies in the account on time..they don't hassle anout early payout...great company! Keep up the great work.
Easy fair and I thanks you Plain Green.
Very professional with great customer service representative
I have never gotten a loan this easy or fast before. They really helped me in a tight situation.
My Husband and I got in a small bind that was leaving us short on money. I applied for the loan on Saturday night and the money was deposited in my account on Tuesday. I love the fact that I can apply online and don't have to got through any hassles to receive the money. I also like the monthly payments or I can just pay it off anytime.
Easy to use and apply. Fair for the type of loan it is.
The service was quick and efficient. I was blown away by the immediate deposit in my bank account without any reservation.
Everything was great....the only thing is the high interest rate...
it was quick and easy.i will recommend to friends for sure
Great if this is a short term use of money they process the application FAST and there's no penalty for paying it off early. I have used them a few times for short term needs.
Money in the bank next morning
Quick response, Quick deposit of funds, Quick to answer questions, BAD too high interest charges! Very upsetting
The process for approval on a small personal loan felt almost as taxing as getting approved for my $30k car loan. The help on the phone was short and told me I should hang up in order to send a side please email (a 20 second task). In addition to the weak service the rates are ridiculously high and as such I will be paying my account off almost immediately and taking my business elsewhere.
It was easy and right on time with the money
Its fast and hassle at all...great to know that there's a loan company that easy and fast to deal with.
Plain Green certainly met my needs and their service is fast. Best part was that I was not bombarded with phone calls! The process was smooth and easy! Highly recommend.
I applied because I had received a mailer. I got an email a short time after I got my approval notification letting me know what to expect. I checked in twice to see if I needed to upload documents but it never gave me an indication. At the end of the day I received another email to let me know I would be funded the next day. So I appreciated the input, it let me wonder less if I would be helped or not. Thank you.
Was easy and quick. For someone like me who doesn't have a lot of time at any point, I appreciate the speed.
Sometimes life hits you from all directions and there is nobody there to assist you. Your letters come from time to time and I toss them in the shredder. On this day I needed help and no place to turn. You were there for me and helped me. Thank you Plain Green Loans.
I will absolutely use Plain Green Loans again if I need to!! Completely pain free! No phone calls, no faxing, no hassle whatsoever!! I needed a loan and it was there!! Thank you!!! Will definitely refer to friends!
They helped me when I needed it. The experience has been great. I will use them again because they are prompt and personable. Thank you for helping me.
Plain Green Loans came through. Solid and easy process, prompt delivery of funds with no complications or hoops.
They approved my loan with ease.
Quick, fast and easy! Thank you
Very easy to get a loan processed and in your account in about two days.
East application with great results.
A little pricey the payback amount but I was in a tough spot
Quick very helpful and easy to get approved.
i was pleasantly suprised by the quickness of the response and the knowledge of the cs person i talked to.
I love it!! Thank you plain green so much! But the interest rate is crazy but I plan to pay it back soon so I don’t have to worry about that
Your just fabulous!! Thank you
Excellent and Friendly and Fast!!!!
Very easy application. Quick approval. Money transferred next day.
Quick and easy process! I will be a customer!
Have had no problems with Plain Green.The only thing That I would like would be a lower interest rate.
Came at a time when I truly needed help. Was fast easy and painless. Thank you so much!
Overall the experience was excellent. There was no hassle.
I am happy with the service...super convenient
Great service with my old loan and new loan
The customer service was great, I would recommend to other.
Very quick and easy , I received my funds first thing the next business day. It didn't require unnecessary information
This loan experience was quick and easy and the help was great. Thanks so much.
Just noticed how high the interest is going to be . . . That is ridiculous
I applied on a Friday and I was never informed that I couldn't use my business account, then i gave the personal account then was never informed that I needed to send bank verification I had called several times to see if there was anything else I needed to do but in the mean time I was told to check my email. I was also told that I would get the money in my account the next day. I finally saw the money 7 business days later. Seems there needs to be better communication between your company and customer. I was depending on the money to be in my account sooner so now my account is messed up.
Very fast and accurate!
Money when you need it and very fast to reply. Thanks!
I appreciate the service you all provide.
Quick processing. Simple and easy.
Plain Green Loans is Plain and Simple (Amazing ) No Hassel and a Yes as quick as filling out the form You thank your clients for choosing your services , And I thank you more for helping hard working individual at there time of need . A bit taxable but when your choices are slim Plain Green Loans makes it doable .
As far as my experience, it has been great. It is easy to apply and you have your money within 24 hours. I am a repeat customer. The only thing is the interest rates. I feel they should decrease if you are a repeat customer, especially if payments have been prompt and on time.
I like the site because it allowed me to do everything on line it was very fast and I was able to do it all from work. The site was simply, fast, and I didn't start receiving all those telemarketer calls.
I reccomeND this to anyone who needs a hand
Great service when funds were needed
The website was very easy to use and when I called with additional questions customer service was extremely helpful.
Great opportunity for short term loan if paid back quickly
I would use them again, plain green was reasonable with costs and payments
I received a loan offer in the mail. Little did I know I would need to take advantage of the offer! I went online, did a minimal application(very refreshing) and had my loan within a day. For a short term financial remedy, I would recommend Plain Green to anyone. Thank you!
The process was very quick and pleasant! I received the loan the next business day just as the Advertisement stated.
I didn’t know I was being charged twice a month for so much I will never refer
I am thankful for plain green I was really in a bind and they came through for me
I’m happy
I was denied the load. How do I return the money you sent.
Thank you for making it so easy.
I had a most excellent experience with Plain Green online loans. It's easy and fast. This was my first time, but not my last. Thanks.
Just switched job's and school starts Monday for my daughter needed a little help for supplies...helped a lot and will not forget Thank you
Everything Was Easy and Quick! Thanks for Helping Me In My Time Of Need!!!
Let me just say every time I have been placed in dire financial situation, you all have been there for me.
I feel you should start taking payments at least one month after the loan.
I know it cost a lot of money so going to pay it off fast but it help for xmas so I am happy and kids will be too so thanks you
The process was fairly easy however I feel the rates are outrageously high.
No hassle at all. Quick easy and very convenient. Thank you!