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My daughter had just turned 18 three days prior in 2012. Her so-called '"friend" wanted to buy a car but needed it in her name due to being from out of state. The next day, he got her to go with him to PLS on Stone and get a title loan. She clearly had no job or income and was stated in contract. He co-signed the loan and put his employer. He got all the cash minus like 20 he gave her. Soon after he didn't pay it. She argued about it and he just laughed.

He later had the car impounded for illegal/abandoned in an apartment complex. So the car was not reported for the debt and she is being harassed for it. I think they should not be allowed to give loans to people if they have no way to pay back the loan. She should not have done this but she just became an adult and trusted some idiot. I am trying to find the law in 2012, or if there is any way for her to get out of this. The guy left town and I am not sure they collect on him or if it shows on his credit. Don't use PLS and don't get loans like she did.

I went to PLS store near me to cash a check and the representative told me that if I purchase a prepaid card, the fees would be lower when cashing my check. I decided to go ahead and get a prepaid card in which was my first time and I loaded $300 on the card. I did not use the card at the time however, several weeks later, PLS contacted me to let me know that my card was ready for pick up with my name on it. I picked up my card on Friday 10/13/17 but did not activate it until Saturday 10/14/17 late that evening. I use the card only twice but at 12:30 am Sunday 10/15, a withdrawal was made from my card.

I called the card company to file a dispute but also contacted the police to file a theft report. My dispute was denied stating that I authorize the transaction. I have been calling Xpectations customer service trying to get this resolved and no one is helping. I am very upset because I should never have to fight for my own money but it is really strange that my money vanish from card, not to mention the card was never lost and it was in my wallet but somehow someone was able to obtain my personal information and withdraw money from my card at an atm. As of today, I am still fighting to get my money back. When you contact the Xpectations customer service line, it's like you are getting the runaround and no one is helping.

Customer service rep was very rude and after yelling at me because of a mistake they made, closed my account. Was told it's nothing they can do once my account was closed. Had my payroll checks going to this card. Now I have to wait for my job to issue a paper check! After finally talking to a supervisor and being told she listened to my call that day and I told him to close my account! That's a lie! Why would I close my card and I have money on there and direct deposit?! No use in talking to a supervisor because they either never call back or are just as rude as the reps that answer the phones! I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN!

I took out a title loan for $2,500 and paid them back a total of $4,000. My car was in an accident, and I was unable to pay the loan anymore or get to work. I had to buy another car because I could not get that one fixed. I advised them of this and told them they can come get the car because I am not able to pay anything else back to them. They said they didn’t want the car, they wanted the money. I explained several times that I can’t afford to pay at this time. I had paid faithfully when I could. Since then, they call my job 5-6 times a day. I have asked them not to call my job, but Mr. Phillips ** continues to call me. He calls and demands for my supervisor; he threatens me and says he is recording my calls. He continues to call and harass my co-workers. Please tell me what I can do to stop this before I lose my job.

I went to the PLS on 7th Av. in Manhattan after work around 1:28 AM. I had my check from my job and asked the cashier to please put $1200 onto my PLS Card. I had changed my number earlier on Friday and was not able to get the usual text messages when I do a transaction. The cashier said she put the $1200 onto my card. She gave me back the change I was expecting and when I looked up my account the next morning, she had only put $1100 onto my account and now I have $100 gone from my account and no one is helping me recover this money. I have called the district manager and he has not yet helped me recover the $100 that was not put onto my account. I don't feel I should deal with PLS anymore because of this.

I had 2 money orders that were filled out and signed to my landlord stolen out of the mailbox and cashed at two different PLS locations. I called to discuss the matter and no one cared to even investigate what I was claiming. I was told that the person who cashed the money orders is one of their regulars and was never asked to show the proof that I have of the fraud. No one has reached out to me to date and the money was for rent that I desperately need back. I do not work and I am a single mother and had actually lost my job, a few days before this all happened.

If you are in need of financial assistance go to Check 'n Go. The Manager ** at PLS breached my right to privacy, she called around the community gossiping about your person affairs. They did it to me, you may be next. Store Manager ** Breached my Confidentiality, by calling fired employees gossiping to them about my confidential status. This Store Manager ** breached my right to privacy.

I went to the PLS store located on Capitol and Teutonia on 4/15/14 to apply for a loan. I have gotten two loans from this store in the past and paid them both off on time. I have received various mailings from them to return as a valued customer. The manager on duty ** was very hostile, when she reviewed my file, she reported to me that my file wasn't complete and she couldn't understand how I ever got a loan. As a loyal customer, who has gotten two loans and paid them both off on time in the past, I didn't know what was missing.

I'm a hard working, taxpaying, home owner who needed a little help between pay periods. The Manager ** wasn't very unfriendly, rude with no customer service excellence told me I needed a check stub and a bank statement and just walked away. I asked her if things had changed since the last time I was here, she came back and rudely said What!! She said these are and have always been the requirements and just walked away. I was puzzled.. When I retrieved the documents necessary I returned to the store, I was told I had to fill-out a new application due to fact my current application was date 11/13.

I agreed, the store Manager seemed to be training another customer service person, because the Manager was telling the associated everything she wanted to say to me. They both were laughing and giggling seeming to mock my application process. They were looking at my paper work in the back area. I could hear them both laughing. After a few minutes, the store manager ** came back and told me that my account had been RED FLAGGED and I couldn't get a loan. I asked why? I was told due to the fact that my daughter was an employee at one time I could not get a loan. That's fine, but why didn't someone tell me that from the beginning.

The Store Manager ** then called around the community telling different people that my loan had been denied. Later that afternoon, I seen an acquaintance and they told me that they were sorry I got turned down for a loan. I asked them how did they know I had even applied for a loan. They told me that **, the Store Manager at the PLS on Capitol and Teutonia had called them on the phone and told them. I was embarrassed!!! My right to privacy had been totally violated. I called the district manager Julie ** to report Management Breached Confidentiality, by calling fired employees telling them my confidential status. Management breached my right to privacy and rude customer service.

** then called the store manager and asked ** if she had in-fact called and breached my confidentiality and my right to privacy by calling fired employees discussing my person affairs. ** the store manager, reported to the district manager that YES SHE DID! The district manager told me that she would talk to her and that's it. I also asked the district manager if she could make sure my personal documents are shredded. She, **, reported to me that she hadn't checked the records at that store in a while. Poor management!!!!! No wonder.. I took my business to Check N Go, got a loan with no problems.

Been with PLS a number of years. Wanted to add my married name. They refused me a card even after looking at my driver's license, social security card, birth certificate, and marriage license. Finally got card nearly a year. Lost it and had to go through almost the same nonsense again but thankfully corporate managers were in the office and assisted the customer service rep. It still took almost 2 months to get a new card and when I was called that the card was at the PLS for pickup I explained to the young lady that I had just had surgery and that my husband would be coming in and I would have him parked by the door so they can verify me sitting there. My husband goes to pick up the card and was denied. I was sitting in the car with the brace on my back and they called me. I described what suit he had on shirt and tie and told them that he had my license and that he still had his Florida license.

I gave the name of the rep that I spoke to her and told her to know the my account that I have had surgery. The clerk was rude and even hung up on me. I managed to get myself out the car and walked in there and she didn't even want to look at me when I told them this was my husband and I was going back to a car. It's sad to say that they were supposedly doing this for my protection but they are going overboard. Just like my experience at Bank of America. I'm ** but they allowed Rosa ** who had stolen my payroll check to walk in and cash my check. I have a very distinct penmanship. I include my whole name including my middle initial my maintenance married name. She only put my first initial and married name. She didn't have any ID from me as everything was in my purse. Sadly she has a warrant out for her arrest over $324 and considered a felony. Sad is best to keep our money in a shoebox.

I went here to cash my paycheck from the same employer that I've had for the past 8 years. I've also been cashing said paychecks here for about the past 6 months or so. There has never been an issue until tonight when all of a sudden they can't cash it until they verify my employment. I told them that's nonsense and I've been there numerous times and the so-called "store manager" didn't even speak enough English to understand what I was saying. All he kept repeating was, "berify your yob". I seriously wanted to scream at this entire crew. Lazy, incompetent, arrogant idiots. If I owned that place I would fire every last one of them.

I went into PLS in Fort Worth, Texas to cash a money order. I had a loan a few years before that I had forgotten about. Well, instead of cashing it, they kept it as payment on my loan. Is this legal?

My car was repossessed with all of my belongings in the car. I called about getting my things from the car and was given the runaround by several employees at the store. I contacted the district manager and was also lied to by her. She advised me that the store manager would go into the car and bag my things up and have them in the office for me to pick up. I told them that I had a folder with all of my identifying information (i.e. Social Security card, birth certificate, etc.) in the car and some other personal items. An employee went into the car, got the folder out and left my other things in the car.

After several attempts to get my things, I was contacted by the district manager and was told that I would be compensated for my things if I came up with a reasonable amount. After 24 hours, I contacted the district manager with an amount and was told they would meet me halfway. I then explained to her that I was treated unfairly in that I was not allowed to retrieve my things. She stated she would talk to her superior about the situation and would contact me with an answer.

Xpectations is the worst credit card company ever. Do not use this card. I had money on the card and I get a text message saying that $37 was withdrawn from my card. The question is why is people's money being taken out of their card. What kind of company are you guys running? As soon as I get my money back I'm taking the money off the card and I'm throwing the card away. Me and my father wasted our time on this company. Dont use this card. I'm beyond pissed!!! I'm surprised 0 stars is not an option!!!

I took a payday loan of $400 on 7/30. My payment day was the 8/15th @ 7:00 pm (when I get off work) as stated on agreement. They took $501.75 from my bank account in the morning on the 15th. They didn't even give me a chance to get off work and pay the interest fee or pay in full. They just took the whole amount. Now I'm in the same I was when I got the loan... but now worst. I will never use PLS Loan Store ever again. I don't recommend anyone to get a loan with them. You will regret it. I do.

I took out a P.D. loan with Tina on Oct. 15, 2012 for $200.00. I was told to write the check for $253.00 and signed my documentation. I was given copies of Personal Inform, additional terms and agreement. I did not look at the paperwork Tina folded up and given to me. I only saw the one piece of paperwork that had my name and the high interest in big bold letters. When I asked her for the terms, she stated that the check I wrote, the principal of $200.00 plus $53.00 and when I asked about a lower amount, very vague about the fees. I was tired and took her word.

After getting home with my money, I noticed that the other paperwork that I signed a copy was not in the packet of paperwork. And when I decided to call back, it was too late. I went back two weeks later and paid the loan on time. The receipt stated the loan amount was $220.00 and the loan payment was $33.00. I was dumbfounded, because I knew it was my fault, for thinking I could trust Tina the agent. And when I got my receipt, I knew I had been ripped off of $20.00 from Tina. I did not dispute it, because it was a lesson learned and I just think posting this for others about places such as this not giving you all the paperwork or having you sign docs that do not have the full disclosures. This post is worth the $20.00 loss to employee taking it. It was my first with PLS and my last with any other Payday loans. Lesson learned, don't do it!

I have a loan with them. The day my payment is due if I don’t answer their call, they start calling your references. If you are late one day, they will charge an extra $90 and say the car is out for repo and you have to pay the extra fee or they will not take payment. Their staff does not know how to go over contracts and rules. They are not well-trained and do not tell you the details. I am on my way to get my title and will never use them again. No matter what the situation, don’t use them. Try another place.

Called in two days ago to ask how to protect my card because I was getting a hefty deposits in two days that would be deposited to the card. Well the customer service agent helped me. She changed one number in my birth date and my mother's maiden names were changed to another name. Well she was very helpful I needed to ask a question.

Today I called Expectations and I give them my old information and to my knowledge my new updated security answer wasn't allowed to be changed so I asked for a supervisor. Supervisor comes to the phone and tells me the customer that my new updated information can't be altered and that I need to fax in my driver license, an ss card because the customer service rep had no businesses helping me secure my account. I said I have had issues with this card and the deposit that is being deposited is my tax refund and I'm just securing my info because I have family members that are not honest and they know all my information and I don't want my money stolen. So that's why the customer service rep tweak my info.

The supervisor went on on how that can't happen and suggest I get a new card. I said "I have two prepaid cards from you guys." Well the problem wasn't solved. She still insisted that she was putting a hold on my prepaid account until I fax that information. Wow. I'm angry, upset and feel let down. I will provide the info to them but I will all of my tax refund off the card and will not ever use Expectations and for you all that has a card with them I hope this reach you. Bad business. There is no protection with your identity with them. I purchased the cards through PLS.

So my credit/debit card was charged by Sprint and I never had Sprint so I call PLS card services and for one they blocked my card and told me to go and get a new card and they would transfer my money over. It’s already been 2 days still no money on my card and when you ask to speak to a supervisor it’s always “Oh they have to call you back.” like wtf so basically if anything happens with your card it’s best you not call and report it because you will get the short end of the stick. They don’t wanna help you out or nothing, just tell you to wait which is so ** so I recommend you not to support the PLS card services movement. Please be smart. Choose another card provider....

I took out a loan the beginning of the year for help with legal fees. Because of the surmounting legal fees, I was unable to pay for everything on time. I ended up going on disability and told them about it and that I would like to set up payment arrangements. They were fine with that. However, I received a call back saying I had to put down more than I had coming in from my disability checks. I told them that I didn't have that much and what I could do. That was not okay with them. I borrowed money to come up with $300 down and asked if we could work out the rest. They said fine - which was a lie.

As soon as I got released to go back to work, they had sent the wage assignment in for the remaining amount. Since I had just returned to work, I wasn't getting paid much and my job didn't garnish my wages because IL law prohibits garnishment for under a certain amount. Then PLS went into my checking account and took out almost $200 in which that's basically all I had from my work check. I sent emails saying I didn't give them authority to do that. I got no response. I received an email from them and sent the copy of their "Please sign here saying you gave us permission to deduct..." and I responded that I did not and have had no response.

Well, since it's been an uphill battle I just said whatever to it being paid to them. Now since the wage assignment was still at my job, do you think PLS told my job that they already took $200 out of my account to offset the amount?! Of course not! Now I'm trying to get my overpayment of $200 back in which I'm sure I won't hear anything about either. I wish I could do something else. It's just really frustrating!

Hillside Ave 175th St. Queens, New York. This day marks the day where I will never enter a PLS store again. I'm a hardworking man with two kids to feed and after a long day of work I just wanted to cash my check. I work with the autistic community and I feel well deserved to my cash that I'm paying you to cash. Immediately as I entered the store there was an attitude. As the only customer at the time they were taking extremely long to even acknowledge me and when they did service me somewhat they told me they couldn't cash my payroll check from Astoria Bank claiming they can't verify my check because they need to call my company. How bogus is that? And I know they did it because I'm a black man. Now my kids gotta suffer the night cause someone wanted to be a racist. Very poor customer service. I just might take legal action.

Rudeness for the agent can be resolved ... FTC is the key. Before anyone goes to the BBB... I would suggest to get with the FTC guidelines... since the body of government that is governing these matters eventually falls within these parameters. Review the guidelines established by the FTC and then pursue a dispute as well as contacting the BBB. The BBB is only going to give a bad rating and send them letters with the possibility of a fine; however, the FTC can and will shut their operations down as well file a suit in federal magistrate court. Based on these guideline you can write to the creditor advising them you wish they no longer contact you and it persists you can file a suit with the FTC assistance ($$$$$$$) for not listening to you request. You have to make sure you send this correspondence via U.S. certified mail and allow a few working days to get the matter resolved. Finally, remember that the pen is mightier than the sword.

I took a $600 loan from PLS as I needed to pay my house. I had run into a bad financial situation and I saw myself in the need to do this. I made a mistake. I did not read all the papers. I asked the manager how much I have to pay back and she said only $250 in interest or if pay $250 as I had stated $100 will go to interest and $150 to my principal. I was not very happy but could not afford to lose my house, so I trusted her. Big mistake. When I checked my paperwork, I saw that I had to pay $600 loan + $600 interest + $600 fees, a total of $1,800 for a $600 loan. I had made a mistake and I had to pay. I have been paying but on 11/29/2012, I had an emergency surgery and I was discharged from the hospital late the same day.

Today, 11/30/2012, I have to give my payment so PLS called and I told them I just had surgery. I cannot go to give my payment and to wait until Monday as I cannot drive. The PLS employee refused and said that if I did not pay, they will process my check and if it bounces, they will send it to the DA. I told her again, "I cannot drive as I just had surgery. Can you understand that?" She did not care and said that I had a contract and I needed to pay. So I will go to give my payment to these loan sharks. If something happens to me, I will sue them. There has to be justice in this world against these people.

I dropped my debit card at work. Someone found it and turned it in and my employer called and reported the card to Xpectations being that it was a temporary card and it did not have a name on it. Nevertheless they cancelled the card and told me I could come get a replacement. I did and my direct deposit was already IN my account but when I called customer service they told me it would take 24-48 hours for the money to be transferred to the new card. And 3 days later still no money... Every time I speak to someone they tell me that it should be on my card shortly, and I call back when it's not and they'll say it may be the next day. Whenever I get my money I will close that account and never use them EVER AGAIN IN LIFE...

I paid my loan off at the PLS Store in Schofield WI and never received my title back. I went to get a replacement title today and the DMV employee told me there was still a lien against my title. I was a loyal customer to them, paying on time and completely off. This is totally unacceptable. It is now causing me embarrassment as I have a buyer for my car that wants it today and I cannot give it to them because PLS did not release my title and there is no phone number anywhere to call to talk to someone about this predicament they have placed me in.

In a East Cleveland PLS on January 29 around 11:00 am, l was called a racial name by a worker who name was Ebony. She thought I did not hear her behind the glass window. After I finished my business, I casually ask her name. And two other customers hear it too. Very unprofessional. Will never go back!!

Got 2 title loans with PLS - never again. Why & who let these people charge this rate to the consumers? With the rate being so high I lost both of my vehicles to this company. Also called to get my personal property out of vehicle. I get told it will cost me $50 to do that, on top of the $325 he charged for the one time recovery fee, plus what's owed to PLS. This is terrible. I hope the person getting this message is for the consumers not the big companies. Something need to be done about this. My personal property was not in hock to PLS or the recovery company?! D&D towing & recovery is a joke this company need to be shut down. Really mad about my personal property!!!

I was approved for a loan. They first told me I needed to buy a Green Dot Card load 181.00. Did, then I was told for some other reason they needed a card with 250.00. I did then to finalize the loan I needed to get a card for 320.00. When I called telling them I had the card I was asked if it was for 320.00. I said yes he asked for the card's number then told me to call him back in 1/2 hr. He should have the loan on its way. When I called back, a different guy told me the card was suppose to be 360.00. I told him I didn't have it. I asked if I could get a 40.00 dollar card, he said the bank wouldn't do it. I asked for my money back. I was told it would take a month. What can I do?

I went in to get a loan. Since i didn't have the HR department number, they said it would be fine for me to give them my job number. I've been financially trapped, not being able to pay my bills on time. I did let them know that my checking account was closed, and they still let me take out another loan. They keep calling my job for their money, but I'm worried that I might lose my job because they keep harassing me at my job. Is it OK for them to call my job and not my cell phone?

My wife and I took out a title loan on our car from Payday Loan Store. The loan was for $625 which included a title lien fee of $65 payable to the title company, and the balance of $560 was ours. We paid off the loan after making 4 bi-weekly payments at the beginning of April 2010. I asked when we would receive the title back for our car, and we were shocked to hear that it would take 8-10 weeks for the title company to release our title.

My wife called Payday Loan Store around the first week of June 2010 to inquire about our title, and she was told that there was a mistake in the original loan agreement. The title lien fee was supposed to be $95 instead of $65 and that the check that was sent to the title company by PLS was returned and that we would have to wait another 8-10 weeks to receive our title. We think that PLS is lying to us. What can we do to speed up the process to get our car's title returned to us? We can't sell the car without the title. We completed our obligation to PLS by paying off our loan.

Went twice and called both times! Was told to bring my most recent check stub and bank statement!! My first experience... ** and her manager ** said I didn't have enough activity on my bank statement after driving a hr. away! 2nd experience... I was told to bring my most recent bank statement... Again!!! I did exactly what I was told to do! Well.. I drive again a hour away! Get there and was told they couldn't take the bank statement because the last date ended on Feb. 12! I can't help the fact that my bank hasn't sent me a new one.. YET! Well... Long story short I get refused, attitude, and the middle finger as ** walks off!!! I would NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO MY WORST ENEMY!!!

On Thursday July 18, 2013, I went to the PLS location on Lancaster Ave in Fort Worth, Texas to cash two checks. On Thursday July 25, 2013 I sent my daughter and step son to Wal-Mart on East Berry in Fort Worth, Texas to purchase and microwave and the teller informed my daughter that the 100 dollar bill she had was fake and they were about to put the two in custody. "The police was called!!!" I went to PLS and confronted the shift manager on duty and she phoned the store manager, whom is Cynthia and Cynthia told the store manager to tell me that once the money reaches the consumer's hands it is no longer their concern. So I had the teller to "mark" the other money I received from the store to see if it was counterfeit as well, since I noticed that none of the bills I received had been marked with the counterfeit marker; "Thank you Wal-Mart teller for that heads up"!!!

Nothing is resolved at this moment and I am an unhappy camper as we speak! I have left messages with the district manager, Maria, but to no avail. Everything is on camera. Does PLS not keep track of all serial numbers of the currency that comes through those doors? Why wasn't any of the currency marked? How did counterfeit money get pass the managers and the teller? THEY ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOBS APPROPRIATELY!!! This is not the end. Thank you all.

I feel like I'm being rip off. I went in this month to pay on my loan but I didn't have but half of the payment because my water and gas got cut off. And they were going to cut my lights off too if I didn't pay nothing on it. So I took half of that money and put it on the bill, so they wouldn't cut them off. Now they are trying to take my car - but I haven't miss a payment. Now they have already overcharged me. I didn't get but $1800 from them. And have already paid them $6,000 and some. They have overcharged me, will someone stop them? Please from ripping me off! They are located at: 847 B E Sibley BLVD, Dolton, IL. 60419. (708) 841-5500.

My Xpectations prepaid Visa card wouldn't go through at the grocery store so when I called # on card, history said transaction cleared. Called PLS card serv who issued card and they gave me run around, on hold for hours, no help, supervisor rude, employees say anything, lies just to get you off phone. It's been a month and my refund is still not on card, in spite of merchant even giving them refund transaction number. They are definitely scam! Don't buy "xpectations" prepaid visa card. They steal your money!! That's a fact!

I purchased a money order $710 on March of 2017 for my rent. Got a letter from my landlord saying they never received the payment. Went back to the location where I purchased it in Jerome Ave, Bronx, NYC. Well it was cashed by someone else even got a copy of my landlords info deleted and the other persons info written on it instead and it was cashed. I even went to and did a police report. Well it's been a year now and it's supposedly still being HANDLED. I'm very upset because when I call or go in to ask I get told by the manager to just be patient and wait. It's been a year and I'm a single mom, I had to pay rent twice because of this. The customer service is horrible. I really need this ASAP. Thank you.

Starting out at PLS, Inc. was not too bad. Their PLS University was very informative and helpful in better understanding this type of business. Management seemed a little worrisome at first, and I soon picked up on some of the patterns and behaviors of employees that had been there a while. Going into the job, I made double sure I was performing at my best and doing everything in my power to provide "Superior Customer Service".

During my 60 day training period, I made a few errors which can be attributed to a health condition. This is when the problems started. Management was constantly changing procedures and if those weren't followed to the 'letter', then they would quickly turn to "Corrective Action". The schedules require a lot of flexibility, and getting a day off required some "brown nosing". CSRs marketed door-to-door in the dead of summer in Southern Mississippi. Although some days, we'd get a free lunch out of it.

Management suddenly required CSRs to begin using their own vehicles to market the business, which is not in the job description. Management also refused to pay anything over 75 hours, time keeping/payroll was riddled with fraud/inaccuracies. My paycheck was wrong my last 3 pay cycles. I was suspended, told to bring a doctor's excuse back in order to return to work. I did, then was terminated the same day. The District Manager that requested my medical records never once read them. I do not recommend this company to anyone.

I went into PLS to cash my paycheck because my bank was closed. They took out $1000 as they told me it was from defaulting on a payday loan of $750 months prior. I told them I wanted my check back and they refused to give me the check back as they insist that they had already cashed it and took the money. I asked for paperwork and they said they did not have it in store. I called the police and they said it was a civil matter and I would have to file a civil suit against them. Do not go to this store that charges 508% interest on their payday loans. Worse experience!

PLS Expectation card is a scam!!! Beware I had one for years. I was being charged a dollar for every transaction I did with my card and also I was being charged seven dollars a month to use my card. Supervisor of PLS Put money back on my card because they wrongfully took money off my card and was caught. And this been going on for years without me knowing. They was Stealing low amounts of money out of my account. And when the lady supervisor knew there was no where to run that she was called. She said, "Well we will refund your account." They been stealing money from my account for years but she only refund it one month $8. What a slap in the face. So I just stop using the card and checked on the eight dollars every once in a while. Well guess what they stole the $8 dollars back. I never use the card one time either. Scam scam scam. Manage your own money or go to a real bank. They will rip you off.

I went into PLS on 3/19 around 7:40 am. I was coming to receive funds from Western Union money gram. The lady who assisted me was Elvra ** and she was very unprofessional and rude. I had my photo ID and Elvra told me I had to answer the security question. Well, while in the process of answering the question, I asked her a question and she got really rude stating, "You people think you know about Western Union but you don't and I need to learn how it works before I come in there." I asked her name and informed her I was making a complaint. She stated, "Go ahead because nothing will be done anyways." She wrote down her info and stated she was not worried about any complaint because she will do what she wants. With that being said, I will no longer be visiting that store again as a customer. Please address this matter.

Lied to me. Put me in a bad position. Did not even notify of what has accrued. Took money without my approval. They play tricks, would not give me names. Made me pay for their mistakes. Put me in default with loan. The list go on and on. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.

I work for a school district, and am off for three months in the summer. I applied for a loan at PLS to help me pay rent through the summer. I wanted and asked for loan that I could make small payments (I do a little vending in the summer), then pay back the remainder when school resumed. I applied for a loan that you pay back once a month. I said this several times throughout the interview, "I am off work in summer." Next thing I knew, I was getting a call saying I had a payment due of $200+. Then I found out I was expected to pay this amount bi-monthly! It really set me back. Now I have another debt.

They will harass the hell out of you for payment calls 3 to 5 days in advance and IF you don't answer, they will continue to call you UNTIL and please do not be 5 minutes late of your promise appointment. They will call you and harass you until you come in. ANYONE can get a loan - employed, unemployed, blind, etc, etc. They are open 7 days a week ONLY holiday they close/will close is Christmas. GREEDY. They don't give a damn about their employees or their families. Management is a damn joke. The regular employees solves the issues MANAGEMENT doesn't do nothing but try to make themselves look good especially in front of the owners. The regular employees are the WORKERS at least the ones that isn't stabbing each other in the back to get ahead.