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The main reason a person asks for a loan is to fulfill some type of financial obligation, with "PROSPER" it's as easy as 1 thru 7 6 or 7 days that's all it takes to get the money into your bank account as long as you provide the documents they request from you after you get approved for the loan. Traditional banks make you go through hell to get a loan as little as $5000, with Prosper I was able to get a $ 20000.00 loan just like that. My only concern however is the rates they stuck me with which was in my opinion a little high with my credit score being at the time of the approval 778 other than that if you have decent credit and in a hurry to get approve for a loan I highly RECOMMEND Prosper because you shouldn't have to walk on coal just to get a small personal loan. PS: the rate I got at the time was 16%
The online application process was very easy. The followup item equally easy to forward. Front of process went very smoothly.
The process for the loan was very easy, however, getting answers to questions afterwards is not. There has to be a way to get some simple questions answered.
The initial application and submitting the requires supporting documents, was very easy. St no point was it anything like the traditional bank-funded loan process, where one has to go to a specific physical location, talk to a human, get paper documents, and/or sign things after the anxiety of waiting through a decision process; or, at best, going home and coming back whilst awaiting the decision. No, the loan was approved very quickly and funded within a day, and the money deposited directly to our checking account, all without having to talk to a human directly, other than answering the phone and providing some verifying some details with the caller. I cannot emphasize the value of that to us. My wife is autistic, and neither of us drive (we do not even have a car), so having the whole process online and effectively automated is invaluable to us! :)
My credit score was marginal due to our overload of credit accumulated to assist family in various matters.
Prosper is a wonderful way to invest in the asset class of consumer credit. I see negative reviews by people who couldn't make the cut for getting a loan. This makes me happy from an investor's perspective. Prosper wants people who will stay employed, pay their loans back, and act somewhat professionally. This asset class of consumer credit continues to grow and I recommend this powerful platform of peer-to-peer lending for anyone looking to diversify their portfolio. I continue to make profit by investing in dozens of upstanding citizens who pass through my stringent filters to get a loan at Prosper.
Prosper has helped me consolidate my high interest credit cards and to make my payments easier for me. It will save me hundreds of dollars and be paid off in shorter amount of time.
High interest rates, harass you when you never missed a payment. I paid my loan off with a credit card from Wells Fargo that had zero percent interest for 15 months. It's been paid and now I enjoy the rewards having a rewards card. I will never do business with them again.
As a returning customer it was even better than the first time in that they updated their information and did not have to ask for all of the original information that had not changed. Makes you feel like they care about continuing business relationships.
I was hesitant to apply; however, in need of some assistance and not wanting to reach out to family members, decided to give Prosper a try. My loan was funded within the week and I am awaiting my first payment draft to ensure all goes off without any unexpected surprises. I am hopeful that the interest rate improves over time; if so, I will be a long term Prosper borrower. Thank you!
With Prosper you know upfront what you will be paying for a loan so won't be in the dark and that that's something I personally appreciate and the terms are reasonable
I have been able to pay off credit cards and taxes. I am pleased to been able to receive a loan. I would like however to have my payment date changed to the 1st of each month if possible. I receive a retirement check on this date and it would be easier for me to manage the payment. I have suggested your services to several friends of mine. Lana Ball
Good overall simple process convenient. Only thing didn't like so much is rate and upfront fee
I was a bit surprised of such a high monthly payment. I truly needed more to help me pay off the credit card debt I had but because I was unable to get the amount I really needed, I was only able to pay of 2 specific loans and some on others. I almost defeated my purpose because I now still have payment on two credit cards and have this high monthly payment back to Prosper. I am thankful for the loan but this is my situation.
I was slightly hesitant to apply for this loan, so I did my online research first, which allayed my fears. The application process itself was slightly confusing--I thought that I had done everything necessary, and was waiting for some sort of reply. After a couple of weeks I telephoned to find the status of my application, and was told that I had not submitted all the necessary information. I was not told, however, where on the website I should submit this additional information. Once I figure this out, my loan came through quickly and without a hitch. I am extremely glad that I have a financial relationship with Prosper.
Prosper gave me the loan I needed, and at a better rate, and without collateral, as compared to another company that I have done business with for years. They didn't even come close in rate, and wanted my car for collateral. My one suggestion is that the process for providing documentation to Prosper wasn't super user friendly, but I did finally get it to work. I had to send them a few times. Fix that and the process would be seamless. My loan was funded very quickly and the funds were in the bank in under a week. My first payment won't post until next week, but I don't anticipate any problems. So far, I would say I'd use them again.
It was a nice experience to talk with the representative.She really helped me to go the loan process very smooth.I am happy that i became one among the prosper family.
Was the easiest experience I've ever had in getting a loan, Prosper is awesome and would recommend them to anyone that asked!
Great experience, would highly recommend!
I must admit at first I was a little apprehensive at even taking a chance at applying for a personal loan. I had recently looked into one of the many offers that I kept receiving from such companies. But much to my surprise and delight I found Prosper to be nothing like the others, who offered me outrageous interest rates. The application process was very easy and handled with speed and efficiency. I received the funds in my account just as promised within 72 hours. The payment plan is affordable and convenient. I am very pleased with the opportunity Prosper has afforded me. I have paid off my high interest cards and consolidated my payments, thus saving me money every month. I am 100% satisfied and very thankful for the opportunity to save money by being given a much lower interest rate and repayment plan. Thank you Prosper.
My experience with Prosper has been great. I only recently found out about them and decided to give them a try. I had accumulated quite a sum of high interest debt, along with one account that I had started with zero interest. I found myself nearing the end of the promotional period. That would mean that interest would accrue from the initiation of that loan, unless it was paid in full. I would have been very difficult without the help I received from Prosper. Prosper has helped me save hundreds of dollars every month, and thousands in the long run. I have acquired a better peace of mind and improved my financial future. I would personally recommend Prosper to anyone with high interest debt. I was worried about attempting to get a personal loan, would I qualify, could it actually help me, or how much effort and time would be involved. I can’t believe how easy and fast it actually was. I just went to their website and everything I needed was right there. It only took a few days to get approved. I never even spoke to anyone. Communication was very simple and I never felt like my time was being wasted. I still have not spoken with anyone, but I know that I can. You can go to Prosper online, or just give them a call. Sincerely, Kenneth E. Garton
I did not get the amount needed to pay of CC debt but took what they allowed me. Interest still pretty high but less than CC rates.
refused to adjust due date even by a few days to help me organize my repayment schedule. I even agreed to pay lost days interest up front to accomodate this adjustment. wasn't very customer friendly in this matter. everything else was very good.
If I could give Prosper 10 stars I would. I have borrowed $3K on two separate occasions and had the money within 2-3 days deposited into my checking account. How easy could that be? The first time I borrowed, of course, I had to produce the required documentation but the second time because nothing had changed, the loan went through and was deposited directly into my account without me having to jump through any additional hoops. The fact they take the payment out of my checking each month by direct withdrawal makes it great for me because my payments are always on time and I do not have to bother with a coupon, mailing a check, etc. Again, I cannot say enough good things about Prosper.
This company does not have a low interest rate as advertised. My local back gave me 3.5% fixed interest rate for 5 years.
I would highly recommend this for a loan option. Within just a few days and only sending a paystub, tax return and bank statement, had my funds in 4 days.