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Very easy to work with very polite and professional
Accommodating throughout the process
Thoughtful, helpful people guided me through every step of the process. It was fast, it was easy and I never felt pressured by anyone or anything. A great experience!
Outstanding process with polite, knowledgeble and prompt staff to make it a very simple and safe process. The best Mortgage experience we have ever completed (and have been thru several!). Many thanks and highly recommend Quicken Loan!
Great communication from start to finish
Best mortgage experience we’ve ever had....thank you Quicken! Jason, our loan officer, was terrific!
Great working with Quicken, Everyone was very helpful and friendly.
Everything went very well until the day of the disbursement....there were forms that were asked for that should have been taken care of weeks ahead of time. This caused a delay and much anxiety for our family. Overall, I highly recommend Quicken Loans! Megan Bentley and Delmeir Alexander were wonderful to work with!!
The process of obtaining the refinancing was easy.you consistently kept me up to date on everything.Your agents were professional and well educated in responding to my questions promptly.I would gladly refer others to you for a mortgage ,and refinancing.
I will make the first payment on my new Quicken Loan on July 1st. I could not be happier with the way things have worked out every step of the way. From day one, Devin Turner was there to lead me through the process and insure that I was taken care of in a courteous, respectful and professional manner. I believe I just got a really good deal thanks to a really great Mortgage Banker. Thanks Devin!!
Very easy and fast process! I recommend Quicken to anyone looking to purchase or refinance.
@ initially I was skeptical , but quicken loans convinced me that I had a good chance to consolidate alot of debt and refinance without alit of headache. The refinance process was much easier than i ever expected. I have a mortgage payment now, but it's less than the debt I was paying monthly.
Max was wonderful!! I give them a four only because I was frustrated with Hector. He kept asking for papers to be sent, then he’d suddenly find them. One set was over 40 pages! Would I recommend Quicken Loans, absolutely!
Quicken guided me through the entire process. Questions were answered quickly and completely. The whole process was detailed on the website. I could tell at a glance where we were in the process and if anything was required from me. The whole process was wrapped up in less than 3 weeks. I have dealt with other Mortgage Companies and Brokers in the past. None can match Quickens Efficiency, Professionalism or Communication.
Quicken Loans is a company that has the customer’s best interest at heart. they are thoroughly professional and informative. Each step along the way was handled perfectly with our banker Abe conducting the orchestra. They are perfect!
Excellent customer service. Very efficient with excellent follow through on every contact made with me. They made sure that I understood every step of the process throughout the application.
From the initial call until the end of the process I was 100% satisfied. Great customer services and follow through. I will definitely recommend QL.
Great customer service and follow through
They were very helpful and knowledgeable throughout the entire process.
Excellent process from broker info to signing.
Moe and Ivan were very helpful and patient throughout the entire process
From the start with Julian Brodersen, Brandon Wessler, and Larry Piper not to forget Victoria Meadows, the home mortgage buying experience is exactly what Quicken states..user friendly and the customer service is amazing, I would recommend them to anyone, and look forward to more business with them.
Our experience with Quicken Loans was GREAT!! The people who worked on our loan approval were extremely professional and helpful. They were always there for us and returned calls in timely manner and answered any questions we had. They all worked closely with us and provided professional advise through the entire loan process. I would most definitely recommend Quicken Loans to anyone needing a mortgage. THANK YOU so very much for all your assistance !!!!
I have been with Quicken Loans (Maya Atkinson) a long time. I would never consider using anybody else. Maya has always been straight with me, letting me know what is best for my overall goal. She has a wonderful and efficient team (Sara Johnson & Amanda Watts). I am sure that there is more people behind the scenes that make the loan process so easy. I referred my sister and she also had an outstanding experience. Her refinance actually closed in a week!
Everything went smooth from start to finish. The communication with all those involved in the loan process was second to none !
I was delighted by the caring and dart staff that I worked with....they kept me informed along the way. I felt comfortable throughout the process
Looking for a house was the hard part. I'm glad I was helped by fast moving individuals in each department. Once I found my home it was a straight shot with wonderful service.
Quick and easy to do everything! Thanks
Went Smooth as silk, From my initial inquiry to the closing. Very Happy. Under 30 days total.
I will definitely recommend Quicken Loans to any one who wishes to purchase or refinance a home. I had a wonderful experience with my loan refinancing .
Very easy to work with this company. Always available to answer questions and keep me informed step by step how my loan was going. I give 5 stars
Very satisfied with the experience. People were friendly and helpful and very professional.
Loved quicken loans they helped me the whole way thank you so much
Quick and easy closing
Everyone was great, very prompt, courteous and attentive. The online experience was both good and bad. Good in that getting documents to each side was very easy. Not great in that it seems my list of to do's kept growing when I felt like many tasks could have been asked for and sent together. Justine and tia were great to work with!
All Quicken Loans/Rocket Mortgage were outstanding. The salesman said it would close in early May and it did indeed close on May 8. Bravo!
This was the best, most efficient loan process that we have ever experienced. Everyone from the beginning to the end were very professional and attentive to our every need or concern.
Second experience with Quicken and extremely happy again. I will recommend (whether asked or not!).
The quicken team offered an excellent experience. From my initial contact with Charlene my mortgage banker to my customer care specialist Alaina. They are always there to answer any questions that I had, it a timely manner.
The process was expediently executed and the staff I had to deal with was friendly and quick to answer any and all pertinent questions.
Super fast & easy!
They worked with us during odd hours since my husband and I work different shifts. Patrick walked us through the paperwork and was always available for questions
My experience with Quicken Loans was amazing! I would like to give a special thanks to Steven Skorupski and Yasi Motamedi for providing nothing less than SUPERIOR customer service. I was under a special scenario where I had to close in 18 days and they helped me met that goal! Highly recommend them and would absolutely use this service again!
this was the second time I did business with Quicken Loans. Both times everything went smooth and without any problems. The people I worked with were very pleasant, knowledgeable, and friendly. When I decide to buy a new home, I will definitely call them, and refer other people to them.
I really appreciated the website opportunity "To Work on My Loan", so that I could help speed things along. As part of that I could communicate daily with various Departments that were working on the loan. Overall, it was the fastest, smoothest, easiest closing I've ever encountered. Very Good !
All of the staff that I dealt with were pleasant, compassionate and professional. They returned every call, answered every email and truly guided me through every step of the process! Dennis and Ryan were excellent ! Emily was amazing as well! Thank you for all of your guidance and support ...you kept this single mom and her children in their home!!!!
Terriffic and speedy to work with and so happy that we did!
went smoothly, Lady was very nice the whole process was easy, I would like copies of final papers I signed, I'm old school. Thanks will use again and would pass on this information to anyone who asked at least so far in this process. Laurie
Best experience I've ever had for refinancing a home mortgage.
Things were smooth from the first contact with Nick and continued throughout the complete process. Kept me update constantly either by e-mail or by phone call. Would recommend to anyone who is going to refinance. Thanks Quicken Loans.
The quicken loan is recommended for new home owner for buying the house. Everything is quick and on time with the dead line to purchase my house. Thank you for quicken loan to help me to buying the house in North Carolina.
This was so fast and easy. Very surprised. Wish I would have done this sooner.
everything was ok except for an error in payouts that needed to be corrected and added more time. The extra time caused a slight increase in our interest rate which was not our fault.
The staff was very helpful. The process was easier than I thought it would be. We went from a 30 yr mortgage to a 15 year mortgage at a much better interest rate. They even came to our home to complete the closing paperwork.
Five stars. Great service.
My wife and I had a great experience with Quicken Loans and their representatives!! Having gone through the refi process several times, I would highly recommend the Quicken Loans experience.
Quicken met every expectation and deadline. All involved were polite and professional. I would use Quicken again
Had we known it was this easy to refinance we would have done it years ago!!! Everyone was great and so accommodating! Couldn't have been a better experience.
easy to work with
Our refinance experience with Quicken went very smoothly. I was impressed with the efficiency in which everything got done and most importantly, with the speed with which representatives responded to questions and requests for information. We will definitely stick with Quicken Loans for our mortgage needs.
Everybody who helped me was very professional and had a lot of knowledge to all the questions I had
We begin the process of re-doing our mortgage loan with QL - our current loan was also with QL and had a couple of issues. We initially were told that we would only have to pay around $200 at the closing. When closing time came.. our payment total was approximately $750 - this is not what we were told or promised. This was a major issue for us. The week before the closing.. we made a point to call and ask if we needed to get a money order or if a personal check would be sufficient. We received a written reply back that said we could submit a personal check. After closing - we were informed that the personal check was not okay and we had to stop payment on the check and go and get a money order. This was not convenient. We are still waiting for our "escrow" from our initial mortgage loan with QL. We called and inquired why those funds could not be refunded to us initially since the old loan and the new load were both with QL. We never received an answer.. except they couldn't be.
Everyone at quicken are a pleasure to work with. I would recommend quicken to anyone that is looking to get a mortgage or refinance
Quicken Loans Team, we thank you for excellent service! Your professionalism was outstanding! We especially appreciated the attention that was given to minute details and timely answers given to all questions. Your follow-up and follow through was well beyond our expectations!
Quick, professional, organized. Simply amazing!
Over the years I have bought and sold many homes. The Quicken team was the most responsive, knowledgeable, prompt, caring team I have experienced. Thank you for making the process flawless. Will definitely (and already have) recommend you to others!
The agents at Quicken Loans provided excellent customer service. They keep you informed throughout ever step of the process. Also, it is very easy and convenient to maneuver the myql website, and there is always someone available to help you if you need it.
Made refinancing quick and easy and got a great deal.
The loan process was quick and very streamlined. Most everything was done online which is very practical and easy but at the same time I was in contact with reps when needed. The closing documents were mailed to my home where I scheduled the closing meeting as well. Never had to leave my house. Can't beat the convenience. Received a fantastic rate as well.
I would recommend this company to anyone. The process was quick, smooth and easy. The loan people were great to work with.
Throughout each step of our mortgage experience, we had courteous, helpful and knowledgeable people to guide us along in the process. We were able to achieve our goals, get the mortgage package best for our needs and be finished with the process in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend QuikenLoans services to everyone from first time home buyers to those who have had multiple experiences. As they say, "QuickenLoans is engineered to amaze."
Very positive experience. All personnel was professional and very helpful. Yes, I would recommend this company.
You have really improved from the first time we worked with you. I am a real estate broker and I expect to get the same type of service that I give to my buyers and sellers. When I do I'm impressed and I'm very impressed!!
From the beginning the whole process has been great. The communication was wonderful, they were always calling to walk us through every step. It was fast too.
Complete & thorough explanation of process!
Constant phone help, one of the greatest and efficient things accomplished
Quicken Loans had me covered every step of the way. I went to Quicken after another lender was having trouble getting me approved and having me send all sorts of paperwork. Once I made the change, the process became very easy. I don't know how I would have done this on my own. Thank you Quicken, you guys really came through for me!
Made Contact All information required made known. Response to needs was quick. Agents of all levels responsive.
Quick, easy and painless process.
This was a very easy process and I feel QL is one of the better ones around.
It's our second mortgage loan with Quicken Loans and every time it's been a breeze and so awesome to work with all of the people at Quicken Loans. You are so fast and efficient and right on task the whole way!
I first worked with Quicken on refinancing a mortgage in summer 2014. It was extremely positive start to finish and I ended up much better off financially. Therefore, I was quite surprised to receive an 8:00 am call (on a Saturday, no less, and which I let go to voicemail) in late December, 2015, with an offer to "streamline" my loan which would also reduce my monthly payment by around $60. I returned the call, taking careful notes. I was told I would have to make a final manual mortgage payment near closing; I was NOT told I would also be responsible to have nearly $2,000 available for closing costs. I believe this was a simple omission or miscommunication, and was not intentionally done. However, had I known, I would not have proceeded simply because I did not have those funds available. I did not find out about that until things were near finalization; because I simply could not afford to do it, it had to be reworked as a regular refinance. From experience of being a homeowner for many years, with a few companies, I know that once you start the process you are responsible for costs incurred, but I have always had the option to "roll over" those costs into your loan. That roll over isn't possible when streamlining, I found out, too late. Although I was subsequently quoted (by a different mortgage banker working on the conventional refinance) a mortgage payment with a savings of $90 monthly, it ended up being only a $30 savings, AND, my mortgage total is now $5,000 more than it was. So obviously, the process did not turn out particularly in my favor. The representatives were pleasant throughout, Quicken does an excellent job of keeping in touch, the e-documents are easy ... I would simply recommend taking thorough notes and clarify continually what is expected from you. After my initial experience with Quicken, I readily recommended them to friends and family. This last experience has made me more cautious.
The entire process went like clockwork. From my initial phone call to the closing, it only took a month and I had to postpone the appraisal for a couple of weeks due to my schedule so it could have happened even sooner. Every step was thoroughly explained and fully supported by the knowledgeable and patient agents at Quicken. And the online interface, where you can upload documents and check status any time, was user friendly and super convenient. I often work late shifts so it was terrific to be able to come home late, gather my documents together, and upload them from the comfort of my couch. I had complete confidence in the agents involved in my process and they were always available when I had questions. The closing was short and sweet, the notary came to our house for the signing, and within about a half hour it was done. In addition to having Quicken/Rocket Mortgage as my first rate mortgage company, a possible future benefit of going with Quicken is that should interest rates decrease in the future, I can easily refinance again to get an even better rate. Partnering with Quicken is a win-win situation and I would recommend Quicken/Rocket Mortgage to anyone who wants to refinance their home..
I you are thinking of a mortgage or refinance look no further! with Quicken you are treated like you are there only client. Knowledgeable efficient, and personalable. your satisfaction is their ultimate goal. would strongly recommend them to anyone.
Jeff Jones made my experience pleasant, he always returned my phone calls. My only concern was overkill on documentation. I understand why, but it was a hassle all the same. They do work to help your financial situation and make sure you are happy. Over all, the experience was a good one.
Quicken was very responsive through every step of the loan process and easy to work with. The loan process was simple, easy to use, and very efficient. Quicken had a vast number of options available for me to choose from. They also service their own loans instead of selling them like most companies.
From the first inquiry to the closing the staff at QuickenLoans was very helpful and available to answer any questions we had regaeding our loan. I would recommend Quicken Loans to anyone interested in financing.
The people at Quicken Loans are very hard working, very Nice , Dependable. I will recommend them to anyone looking for a Loan . Any time I had any Questions I was able to reach them or they called back every time and answered my Questions . So Helpful and I like it that we were able to close the loan right at home at my table. Great company and the greatest employees!! Just like family to us! Thank You so much
My experience was great with your company.
Great service.Simple process.Better rates and terms.
We had no problems. Everyone was awesome.
it work so nice and accuracy, especially, whole team Thank you very much.
Quicken was on the ball from day 1! Everyone I worked with was so helpful and made the process easy. Will definitely use Quicken again.
Best ever! It was the fastest and the best
I love this company. We had a loan with quicken loans before and we loved the experience so much that we just refinanced a new mortgage just so that we could be back with quicken loans. Excellent customer service. They get back to you quickly and their website is a breeze to use. Highly recommend to anyone!
The process was very drawn out, and at times quite frustrating, however, once finished, it was smooth without any problems.
You have made it so easy to upload needed documents and post questions along the way! I enjoyed working with all of your teams and felt that they were truly invested in getting our refinance completed as quickly as possible. Kudos!
We are very pleased , there were a lot of things to do but very good help from everyone thank you
Minimal effort on my end for a quick and easy refinance. Would recommend to anyone.