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QuickerCash.com Online Loan Reviews

I tell you, I would recommend QuickerCash.com to anyone and everyone that need a little cash to get them over the hump so-to-speak. It's just as the name implies, it's quicker and easier than any other lenders out there: and the customer service rep was very informed, very thorough very professional. This small loan may have just saved my company, because now I can pay for the marketing and advertising that I so desperately needed. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you QuickerCash.com.
The process was great and very easy. Will definitely use again!
How easy and convenient it is to get cash fast without a credit check. No waiting in line no hassle. Just answer a few questions and presto your aprroved. How easy is that. Get the cash you need right away
As advertised, fees are always high for these things but if you have a need and are able to pay back I would use them again.
I think that it can be changed to be a bit faster and less drawn out. It should be more blunt and straight to the point I feel like I was filling stuff out for 2 days straight. Also all of the fine print should be made bigger, noone is going to look at all of that tinny little writing... with that being said, it was helpful, I got to pay my bill on time. Only problem now is paying back with such high intereest.
Fast simple and pretty cheap!
They are fast and when you need a loan thats what you need. You need money now not next week.
great experience, fast, efficient
I was instantly approved! This is a great service for days where you just cant seem to make ends meet! So conveinent.
Needed a little money to help my son get moved and they were easy and convenient.
Apr is a little high but if you pay it back right away it shouldnt be a problem
Basically I've been broke for a year and a half. I'm finally getting my disability check. I took out a loan through quickerCash.com so I had the money to pay some bills I have right now and it worked and was very easy.
I was very satisfied with the convenience of applying online and the quickness of getting approved for my loan!
I was pleased with the quick, no hassle way of getting money.
I was in a pinch & needed a quick loan to get by for a few days . Way to busy at work to go stand in line so I figured I'd give it a try . Surprisingly enough this service did deliver .
I was approved for a loan even though my credit isn't perfect thank you for approving me
Very easy and short application process. Easy to navigate site. If you need cash quick this is the place to go!
Easily navigated the online paperwork and receive verification on my loan amount immediately. Could not be happier with the service.
I found the person on the phone very helpful and knowledgable. It was so fast and easy to do!
This was great for me, I have not a lot of credit and was in a pinch and everyone was extremely nice and helpful. I was able to obtain a loan and get my funds extremely fast.
Hello, I had the most exciting thing happen alittle while ago, see i was short on money in my account to pay a dental bill i owe and it was to come out of my account tomorrow night so i panicked well i got online and filled out this really short and easy application to borrow some money, I tell you what it was the fastist loan I have ever recieved i just was shocked also everything about the application was short and to the point not one of those forms that go on and on no sir not with this company, i will use them again if and when i need them they were a life saver for me and with such a short notice the money will be in my account first thing in the morning i give them a 5 star rating and will spread the word, a good word about this company. and i thank them so much for helping me with this matter i was truely amazing
Got me to a lender very fast. I got approved for a loan in a matter of minutes. I will recommend quickercash to anyone in a bind and needed a loan the next day. I still cant believe how easy it was
Needed a fast cash loan, and found this company on google search. Really easy setup and info process, and I got approved for my loan really quickly. Try them out if your in a pinch like I was. :)
They where nice and answner all my questions.
I needed cash before my payheck and I went to QuickerCash.com. The process was very simple and fast, I was more than happy with the loan amount/ fees. If needed I would use them, again.
I needed a holiday loan. They were great and matched me with a lender and I got my loan approved the same day. Thanks
This is as good as it gets with a payday loan. Customer service was quick and extremely polite. I understand what I'm getting into... I had emergency dental work that drained my cash quite a bit and my car note is due... Buuuuttttt, I am saving my credit by not paying it late. Worth it.
This was a simple process, easy to do and a quick response. Would recommend to anyone.
I needed money quickly to pay for an emergency vet bill. I don't use credit cards, so I went online to research payday loans. QuickerCash took some basic information and within one minute my phone rang with a loan offer and flexible repayment (if I needed it). After I hung up, I received another call plus two emails. Surprisingly it was a very pleasant experience!
I ran into a financial roadblock and needed some extra cash to hold me over until payday. It took less than five minutes to get the approval for the amount I needed. I am so greatful and the interest rate is good. They made it easy to repay the loan with payments I can afford. I highly recommend this business
I was away on business and I had unauthorized charges that wiped out my funding. I applied at quickercash and was approved immediately. The customer service representative was friendly and helpful. I really appreciated their prompt assistance.
It was quick and easy for a small loan, interest rate is a little high 15.45 on a $100 loan but money is deposited next day and u have 2 paychecks to repay.
Although the interest rates are extremely high, the loan process is really quick and easy. The lenders also offer customers a chance to pay off the principal before the end of term - WITHOUT a prepayment penalty. That is a big deal. When you're in a bind and need a quick fix, this service will get the job done as long as you know what you are committing to. It is best to get the loan only if you are able to pay back the full amount as soon as possible to avoid the high fees, but overall, the service can be a great help.
I didn't realize quick cash found someone to offer you a short term loan - I thought they offered it. But as soon as I finished my application a lender called me within minutes. And I answered some questions that I new I was going to have to answer - and they approved the loan. It was easy. Really, that easy.
It was very easy and worry free process, they got me money fast and on time.
Needed help with a short term loan. Filled out the application and was approved in no time. Spoke with Mark on the phone to complete the process. It was quick and easy. I would recommend Quicker Cash to anyone that needs cash in a hurry.
Was out of town for work,in need of some money quickly to take care of things back home. Was able to get a loan of $500 and take care of things ,very appreciative of their services.
I do not feel that my application is complete. I did not receive a confirmation. Resulting to having to contact your support desk.
This lender sure was very helpful
QuickerCash is a smooth easy to follow application process to get fast cash quickly. The process is easy to understand and application can be completed within 5 minutes and a decision within seconds. Would highly recommend.
I realized I needed a small loan before payday and I logged into this site. I was approved in less than 5 minutes. The associate that I spoke to on the phone was very nice and helpful. Thank you! I recommend to anyone that is in a quick pinch.
The application with Quickercash was simple and to the point, and entirely online...until I got handed off to a loan company, who wants a phone call, and to give more information out. It would have been helpful to note this exception clearer up front. Further, the company I was matched up with is not a federally licensed business, which is a huge red flag.
this service is awesome, you have to check it out! Trust me you will not be disappointed!!
Very quick and painless process. I was approved witting 5 mins and got a better deal than I would've imagined.
Quick, friendly staff. Process was painless
The website was easy to navigate and to understand. I was able to do my application quickly and be connected to the right place to get the help I needed. I would highly recommend.
I was out of town working when my car broke down. Being 4 hours from home I didn't know what to do. They helped me get in touch with people who could get me money to get my car fixed so I could get home
I was at the end of my rope and was able to get a same day cash advance in less than 10 minutes. The online convenience is great and discreet!
I was in desperate need of some quick cash and when I searched on-line I found you. Thank goodness for a quick and easy way to get some money in my bank account.
quicker cash was very helpful in my time of need
My experience with QuickerCash was great. I had an unexpected emergency come up and I needed assistance between pay days. The application process was quick and easy and really helped me feel at ease over my recent emergency.
Rapital capital got me connected with the best customer service representative I ever had 'Nadina and got me approved smoothly thank you so much
I was able to ask questions, and got expert answers in a quick and honest matters. they were able to help with there expertice
Great lender easy to follow application !!
super fast and easy application with unlimited lenders that seem reasonably fair on interest
I needed money for my sons wedding and I was approved with no hassle. The customer service I received was wonderful.
I didn't really believe it could work like it says it does-but it does!! And the customer service was exceptional.
Approved for a loan in less than 5 minutes.!!!!
need money quick and they help me out very fast nice
Very quick and clear cut.
This company made it easy for my first time
I thought it was just another site, that will get me no where but I was surprise that it actually works. It found me a lender in two minutes... This was a stress free site with no long application. Love it!
The entire process was absolutely painless - I had more trouble trying to post my review than I did acquiring the loan!!
You need Cash fast Go To QuickerCash.com now
QuickerCash.com provided a swift and satisfactory search of its lending database, and I was approved for a loan immediately. Thanks QuickerCash
Great mobile site. Very easy to use. Clear terms and conditions. I'm glad I came across this site!
Interest charged makes this loan inconsiderable. Then you pay a penalty for paying loan off early....No encouragement for good client. Even with bad credit, there are better options out there.
It was a pleasant experience being able to get the cash I needed. After filling out a application online I spoke for a few minutes with a assistant. He was very nice and helped me with all my questions. I felt like he truly cared about me as a person and a customer. The next day the money was in my checking account. So simple! Kenny from Ohio
My experience was great. The application process was easy, and the representative was prompt and called before I completed the application. She was great in explaining how the whole process worked. I feel I was put in touch with a reliable, and creditable personal loaning source. I was even given the opportunity to pay off the loan at once without an outrageous fee. Take it from me, I've dealt with payday loan sources that refuse to give you different options. They are more interested in taking the most they can get from you. Blue trust loans seems to not only try to help when you're in a financial crunch but they help you find the best way to lower the interest rate. Thanks to quickcash.com, they referred me to one of the best lenders I have ever had the opportunity to work with.
I really needed money to purchase books for my upcoming college semester, and this service helped me within minutes. The fees were not as outrageous as most loan companies, and the money is in my account the next day.
The email response was fast...The representative was pleasant and helpful.
It is a very easy processand I am satisfied with the speed of my approval
It took only a few minutes to fill out the application and get an approval!! To finalize I spoke with Stephanie!! She was the most pleasant customer service representative I've ever spoken to and she was very helpful!!
All you have to do is write down some basic information (your income, when you get paid and from which employer, where you live, your phone number, etc.), and then you get set up with money lenders that meet your criteria. The whole process takes 10 minutes and, depending on which lender and loan package you choose, you can get your money in anywhere from half an hour to two days. It's the best service I've seen for times when I need money in a pinch.
i this is a good site, helps you get to what you need and very fast
thank you for the help now be I can go see my moms grave .she died 2 years ago I live in branson mo..and she is buried in blue springs mo, 300 miles away and I just don't have the money to go see her I bought a angel for her grave .hope I put there so she can have some lite at night so thank you. Jackie bowman
Fast application and matching to a lender -- great service.
Provide options very quickly!
Well I needed a small boost in funds to pay my rent, and I came upon CashNetUSA's page. It was so simple to apply and my loan was approved almost instantly. Will really be happy to use them again!
I was worried sick about being able to get my daughter back to college on time. Best experience ever as I was very worried about how all this would work.
I appreciate your company's quick, easy and efficient loan referral process. I was able to secure a great loan with no hassle, problems or surprises. Thank you for making this a stress free process. I will use you again in the future.
I had a good experience. I would recommend them. They made the process quick and easy.
went online and it was super easy to fill out. took me 5 mintues and I was done!
It was easy and quick.I hope to get the loan
Though the cost of taking a loan through Quicker Cash is out of line with reality, you do go in knowing this ahead of time. I found the procedure easy and was able to get the funds I needed fast. My only advice is to pay it back in full as swiftly as possible.
It was really fast and easy. Way easier than going to a store to do it.
Site was user friendly, information collected quickly and accurately. I would recommend to a friend for use.
I think this is one good website to get cash from. It is very quick and easy!!
This was one of the most simple financial transactions of my life. Do business with this company for any of your financial needs!
Within seconds of submitting my application, I was quickly directed to an approved lender for my loan request. Quick and easy!
The application was fast and easy to use .
Easy to use service. Took me 5 mins to fill out information and I was I contact with a lender in only a couple minutes. I'm happy with the ease of use and the reputable lender I was connected with.
The process was so fast and easy!
I was in a buns and your service was very fast and easy to use.
They honestly work as fast as they say. Follow up is fast and they are quicker than most of the other payday loan places. I would recommend to anyone that needs money fast!
quick and easy when i was in a bind. thanks so much.
I needed quick cash for an auto repair, and was impressed at how quick I was approved and got my loan processed. It was fast and easy. Recommend to anyone.
In need of a quick loan to pay some educational expenses, I found QuickerCash.com and was able to quickly and easily apply. Within a minute I had a loan offer. The information needed was basic and not time consuming or difficult. Because the application did not require too much personal information, I felt safe with entering the required info online. I would recommend the website as a way to find offers for cash advance loans.
This process to get the loan was fantastic. The website that you providing was easy to navigate and made the process so much easier. Then to top it off the funds where in my account on the same day. I was blown away by your customer care!
It was easy and quick to get approved for much needed cash