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I tend to ask a lot of questions as my files work their way through the pipeline. My rep, Matt Ferrigno, keeps me updated and never makes me feel like I'm wasting his time. The service I get us always been fast, friendly and consistent. RCN is an important lender for me to have access to and offer my clients a great product. Thank You, Jason Potrzeba w/ Acadia Advisory Group.
The 12% rate is a little painful, but Elaine and her team have been great to work with.. communicative and always doing what/when they say they will do it.
I have worked with the RCN Team of Mortgage Professionals for about three years now and have closed approximately 50 transactions with them. Communication is key when coordinating a REO/Bank Owned closing, and RCN rocks it out. Their staff works together as a team resulting in a smooth closing experience. I highly suggest that all investors contact them to discuss the financing needs for their investment properties.
Everything was very professional and transparent. Fully satisfied client. Thankyou
Working with Tiffany Walker and Steven Gonzalez is an absolute pleasure. These two and the company in general are very easy to work with, fast and reliable. I would recommend to anyone!
I have had great working relationship with RCN. They are very responsive to quick turnaround times on a nationwide basis and handle the stress calmly . I look forward to doing more business with RCN in the future.
I worked with Kevin on this deal and he was excellent all the way. Every time I called he answered the phone and also when ever I send an email he would respond immediately. I am very happy and I am recommending Kevin to a lot of my friends he is awesome, thank you.
In a very hurried and fast paced world, it is refreshing to find an organization that values their customers and still remains extremely courteous and professional. Eileen Mazza is the embodiment of professionalism and just an over all good person and for that I say thank you. I am grateful to the entire RCN Capital team for their hard work and dedication and look forward to a long lasting relationship moving forward. Best wishes always, you guy are the best! Ondre
RCN got my loan approved even though there was many hiccups!! They found a way to bypass things and get me approved because they know their is value in what I’m doing. As for my loan officer Eileen Mazza she was excellent!!! I honestly feel like if I had anyone else my loan would not have gotten approved because they would have stopped pushing for me early on. Eileen Mazza saw my potential for everyone to make money and convinced her company to give me a chance. She was also very punctual and quick to respond. This was for loan 28817
RCN is staffed with an expert team with great turn around times. Their broker program is excellent for anyone looking to fund deals with a reputable source. Their submission process is diligent and they get you approved and to the closing table immediately. I would recommend them to anyone looking for funding on 1-4 family investment loans and commercial financing.
I approached RCN Capital because I needed a loan for a fix and flip deal. The result was very successful as I got the deal to close on time. One thing I liked was their quick response to the urgency of my situation . I found the experience with RCN Capital To be very enlightening as I have learned a lot from this experience.I would recommend RCN Capital to anyone who needs a loan fortheir business and I would definitely use them again. Thank you Matt Ferrigno!!! Sonia Brown
I was on a tight schedule and Matt Ferrigno was awesome in telling me what I needed to get me through quickly.
it will help your business and people in that company very professional
Jeff Mallas and Devon Lee were outstanding in helping us through the process. They were readily available and always knowledgeable. Integrity and honesty were top notch. I look forward to using RCN again and again!
I am grateful to have a relationship with an outstanding company, such as RCN. They are definitely helping me build financial wealth through my real estate investing. Although my loan officer Chris McAuliffe is all about business, he is ranked at the top of my list, as one of the best loan officers I’ve ever encountered. Chris is very detailed and he will make sure that the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed. But in the end, it makes the entire loan process go a lot smoother while you achieve your real estate goals. I can’t wait to send my next real estate deal to RCN.
From application to closing less than two weeks. Was not a rush file they were just very efficient and did everything they said they would. I don't write many reviews but they deserve this for a job well done.
RCN Capital processed this file very professionally. My Account Manager, Eileen Mazza, is one of the best I have had the pleasure of working with in my past 28 years of mortgage origination. Thank you Eileen Mazza for all your help. Mike Robbins Quick Close Loans, LLC
One of the best lender I have ever worked with.
I have recommended RCN to all my colleagues and others in my network. They are fast getting you to the closing table, their products are great and their officers are always very helpful and professional. RCN has helped my business grow.
Great group to work with. Especially on short notice and for unconventional finance situations. RCN really helped us out with a creative short term capital solution.
Very accommodating and Professional group to work with. I look forward to doing more business in the future with this company Profession
Very cooperative responsive. Truly professional and quick. I would highly recommend RCN Capital. Look forward to working with you in the future!
RCN has a great team of people to get your loan done in the time frame needed to keep your deals going smoothly. We appreciate the one on one interaction during the loan process...you actually have a name, not just a loan number, and are able to talk to the same person each time you call! Thank you!
We've had two transactions with RCN. The rates seem fair and we enjoy working with this company, however we have had some delays in getting projects closed within the timeframes promised. Other than that the process has been fairly smooth and the communication is good throughout the entire process as well. Our only hope is that they could close transactions a little faster than what we've experienced. Hoping to work with them on future projects.
I am very happy with the service that RCN provides. Chris Dorin and his team are true professionals and committed to providing exceptional service. I would recommending RCN to anyone looking for fast funding.
RCN is a good company to work with. I would advise anyone looking to do business with RCN to go foward.
RCN was very responsive and easy to work with. Great customer service attitude and performance for our first transaction. Matt Ferringo and team, Thank you
I would recommend RCN to any of my real estate clients
Eileen Mazza, is one of the most amazing loan officers I have ever met in my life. Her communication skill set is incredible. I have closed many loans with various loan officers around the country, but loans closed with Eileen Mazza, has been nothing short of impressive, and professional at every turn. Eileen, I just want to say from the heart, thank you!
Easy to work with! Our representative, Jeff Mallas was great! He was always there when I had questions. He made the process easy being our first time working with a HML. They assist us with closing on time! : )
Chris and Kim have been fantastic in making our home purchases happen in an efficient and timely matter. They have been flexible and able to overcome any obstacle. Thank you both for being there......
Matt Ferrigno of RCN made my borrower's experience excellent. Start to finish was very professional. My client borrowed $1.5 m closed in timely manner. Highly recommend RCN and I am doing more deals with them now.
Initial rep was awesome...very attentive and quick to respond to any questions or concerns. But later in the process, there has been a problem with incorrect inspection report and wiring money which has been very frustrating. I don’t feel these reps are as attentive. I should have received my first draw last week, but still nothing.
I was really disturbed at how this company runs their business. This company never returns calls or follow through on your loan. You have to call over and over to get ambiguous answers. I would tell anyone who needs a loan to close in an expeditious manner to never use this company or you will be greatly disappointed! If I were you and you use this company I would really advise you to have the time to baby sit the loan or run away from this company for sure!!!
Quick response to many questions.. Out of the box thinkers. They spend more time trying to make deals work rather than killing them. Only downside was the closing process. Attorney was very slow in providing a time table which caused multiple extensions. Maybe first time fluke?
Eileen Mazza is excellent!! I'm an agent in Northwest Louisiana that works with a loyal buyer that does a lot of business with RCN. We're in different time zones and I can always call Eileen up on her cell phone and get the needed pre-approval letter for our REO type offers in a snap of a finger. Eileen, continues to go above and beyond for my client and helps make the process of him acquiring foreclosure type properties easy! If your considering working with RCN definitely work with Eileen!
Eileen goes above and beyond to listen, and go to battle to get what I need to insure I can be successful in all areas of my Investments. Thanks Eileen!
This was our first opportunity to work with this company that we rate them one of the best. We had a few credit issues but that wasn't their center of focus. They walked us through every process imaginable and remained in contact with us until we closed on the loan. After the closing, we still received emails and calls just to say thank you and they assisted us even more by being there whenever we needed them. We would highly recommend them to anyone whom requires a loan in a short period of time. Working with RCN was just the beginning of an awesome journey with minimal stress, which most banks can cause. We experienced a great working relationship from the loan officer Matt to the funding associate Susan which were phenomenal. Whenever we didn't understand certain things they were always available to speak with us and helped us understand the requirements. Couldn't be more satisfied, we would use them again, thanks RCN!
Great service with Matt Ferrigno. Everything went smoothly and in the process of a second deal with RCN. Thanks to everyone involved.
My Sales Executive Jeff Mallas truly cares about his clients. He makes the process easy to navigate through and is a pleasure to work with. RCN, unlike many lenders, fits their products to the client's needs rather than fit the client needs into their product. That is the biggest difference between RCN and other lending institutions. I will be working with them for a long time!
Eileen Mazza is an amazing loan officer that consistently exceeds my expectations. Eileen is always there when I need her and even works weekends to help expedite the necessary paperwork to close on my real estate investments. Thank you, Eileen and RCN Capital for helping me grow my business.
Working with RNC Capital was very pleasant to work with and they help you every step of the way,Definitely would recommend this company.Bennet is the best.
Great working with Chris he is always there to answer any questions
Chris Dorin is a great guy. Always responsive and pretty fast.
My experience with RCN Capital was so bad that it's hard to keep it brief. In summary, everything they claim is complete BS. 1. "We can close loans in 10 days" - after a month of not returning phone calls and emails I gave up. RCN nearly cost me the purchase of my home. I had to scramble to get other funding two days before closing because of their lack of attention 2. "We offer competitive rates and fees" - After telling me all along that they typically charge 2-3 points at closing, they tried charging me 5 POINTS!!! 3. "Our professional team will work with you..." - After raising concerns about their rates/fees and their poor customer service, this is the email response I got from their loan officer: "If you've had difficulty with multiple RCN employees, maybe it's time to look in the mirror" Seriously the worst company I've ever dealt with!!!
Communication zero to none on how the draw of funds will be handled. Inspector unreliable. Unable to draw on money appropriately to complete the rehab for a smooth process. Project on temporary hold to complete the rehab as RCN will not release the funds that we have paid out of pocket to the contractors.......
RCN is best, I hv been working with RCN for more than 10 years, since it's name was Tickets (similar). Jeff is great. Love working with him. Manu Kapoor
This company is a pleasure to work with, very professional.
Lending Heights has a great experience with RCN, The products were explained well and the loan closed quickly.
I have been working in the real estate field for more than 15 years dealing with top tier banks and financial institutions. My company is based in Italy and I moved and opened a branch in NYC one year ago. I got in touch with different private money lenders throughout the country to refinance my projects and RCN was definitely the most professional end efficient one. All the people I dealt with were very professional and made the process from the application to the closing very easy and straightforward. I think I will do more projects with them in the proximate future.
Everyone I have worked with at RCN have been extremely professional and helpful. Everyone has responded to my questions and needs in a timely fashion. I have and will suggest other investors to used RCN for their financial needs.
Dealing with Chris & Kim made the entire process simple and quick. They provided support and directions to bring the deal to closing. They also shared in the work involved from application until closing. Very unusual in todays Commercial Loan industry. Already sent 2 new loans to them! Joseph Abatemarco Deerfield Consulting, LLC
Eileen was great , process was fast and she was on top of our loan from start to finish. I’m very happy and I would work with her again !
Jeffery Mallas with RCN Capital is an true asset for anyone making a financial decision in today's world of creative lending. Jeff's no pressure approach in assisting us has earned our respect and admiration for his integrity and professionalism. Lee & Diane Williams
From initial phone call to funding, dealing with RCN was simple. RCN employees pick up the phone when you call and will work thru any issues encountered in the process. Have used RCN 2 times and will continue to use them. Terms are good and dealing with RCN is easy.
Grew fond of Chris and Isabella, and look forward to working with them again on future deals. However, the experience was far from smooth. All parties to the transaction--from seller, borrower, title agent, 1031 Exchange agent--were bitterly disappointment in the way we handled matters. The timing of the appraisal process--more so than the appraisal itself--delayed matters considerably. There were a couple of occasions where I truly thought we were going to lose the deal, as both seller and borrower seriously contemplated taking the deal to another lender. (I was asked on two occasions to do that very thing.) There came a time when the abuse I was taking from the parties to the transaction for what seemed to be interminable delays greatly outweighed the most fee I received from the transaction. Fortunately, through it all, my relationship with the borrower was not damaged irreparably; however, he will not want me to refer future deals to the RCN. Perhaps, in retrospect, the problem was exacerbated by my inexperience and failure to manage expectations conservatively. From that lesson learned, I will be better, which will enable RCN to perform better.
This is my first transaction with RCN and I would definitely recommend them. Reasonable rates, professional, communicative and responsive. What more could you want in a lender? I look forward to working with them on many more deals in the future.
Very professional and efficient, looking forward to working with them again.
Very knowledgeable Excellent work with An absolute great experience
RcN will be getting more of my business they are extremely hands on very professional and very easy to work with compared to other lenders I've dealt with in the past few years
Easy process and Chris Dorin was great to work with!!
Without, rcn I would not be making my dream come true in real estate.
We work with Chris Dorin there and he is amazing with his customer service and quick quotes!
RCN did a great job closing my loan. I was under the impression the process would be less stringent than a regular bank, but not so much. However, the timeframe was quick, esp considering renovation costs are built into the loan. Chris was great. Very attentive, thorough, and pretty spot on with information, timeframes, etc. I can't speak for the full experience until i request draws, and repay the loan. But so far, so good.
Ok. In todays world, it's a rare occurrence when you find a person, company, or institution that will keep it's word if it means they may lose some material gain by keeping it I'm a Broker that uses RCN's services. Just recently,a potential client that I introduced to RCN tried to circumvent me.(That means sneak behind my back and go directly to RCN to avoid my fee) The young lady there,Anastasia immediately contacted me and, along with Chris Dorin, stopped that person in their tracks and basically told them that either they work thru me, or no deal at all They could have easily took that persons deal, gave them the loan without my knowing..."for a few dollars more" as Clint Eastwood would say So, yes, "We love our Brokers" may be their slogan But it's also the TRUTH! It's been tested and passed.... with flying colors in my book
This company was very good to work with. The were able to keep the process moving forward. They also were able to compromise tot keep the project alive. Everyone at this company clearly stated what the would do and they did what they said they would. There was a significant amount of documentation that was required. Once the docs were provided it was all up to the league teams. I would definitely use this company again and recommend then to others
Great service on a tight dealing helping close a major sale. Professional, responsive, helpful and more. Thanks
The team was awesome from the beginning to the end. A wonderful experience