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We have plenty monies owed to us but collecting it lately is harder than ever. Reliant came thru with out all the headaches and they kept their word since the first conversation! I would use them again in a heartbeat and I can relax knowing we have them by our side! They are friendly and very helpful in a moments notice!
Ben was a great representative for us.
I was surprised and excited with the professional attitude and concern that Reliant's people showed us. Their process is fair and not complex. I would recommend them to others in my industry and beyond. If you believe in your company and need a bridge to better times, they can help!
Easy way to work with. excellent assistance . i would defenaly recommend it .
Was fast and very helpful ! Thanks
Great Service , fast and friendly
Rep did work hard to get loan, but initially did not provide the info to make an informed decision about whether to apply or not. Once I did and then found out other info and documents that were needed, I would have waited, but rep said it would look worse to cancel application and reapply later. So felt forced into taking loan. Would have preferred to know what was required first to make an informed decision. Also, rep initially stated I would be eligible for around $20-25K, but ended up only approved for $8K. Again, would have waited to have credit better, but I did learn a lot about the business loan process.
Very smooth / fast transaction.
Excellent Service, Very Professional, Very Attentive, Very Understanding and I highly recommend using Reliant Funding.
great people fast did not hurt to much the only problem was interest was higher than I wanted but better than most
every small business needs a hand and reliant funding has always been there!
The process took to long to complete. There were gaps in communication for some days. Over all the funding was completed.
Great funding company
Matt, thank you very much for your support and honesty regarding my application to Relliant Funding. After dealing with 5 lenders defenetly yours it was the best bit. I'll send you some pictures after the remodeling and expansion of my business. Looking fiorward to continue a lasting relationship. One again thank you. Juan Luis Navarro/Sazon Peruvian Cuisine
Jeff Did great made the process easy and painless
I already borrowed money from this establishment but needed some more funds after contacting Reliant the funds i needed was in my account less than 24 hrs i am very satisfied and glad i choose them.
Reliant was fast, helpful, and better than any financial institution I've ever used.
Quick and to the point and to the rescue win funding
Reliant funding has been very accommodating in all of my loan needs! They have great rates with quality service, as well as low interest! I got my loan as quick as the next day! I highly recommend reliant funding to anyone in need of a loan! I personally have pulled out several loans from them for my business and it has help me increase my monthly sales numbers by double! I am now happy making the money that I desire because Reliant Funding was there to help me!
Fast easy and convenient. Christopher was very easy and pleasant to work with and I’ve never seen someone work as fast as he did. He funded our loan in less than two days. Thanks!
Excellent customer service! Fast and convenient process!
Very professional and easy process.. Great help for small businesses..
I am glad I was able to get funding with Reliant for my small manufacturing business because no Bank was willing to do it. I applied to 2 different banks and both turned me down after promising that they will work with me. The downside about this loan with Reliant is that the interest rates are way too high. They promised me that after good history of timely payments they will lower them for my next application request (if any). Their customer service is great.
The Funding process took very little time. The representatives were polite and informative. Funds were deposited immediately into our business operating account immediately after we were approved. We look forward to working with Reliant Funding in the future.
Robbie is who I have dealt with the most and he is awesome! He is very informative and polite, he answered ever question I had for him and if he did not know the answer he found out as soon as possible.
The cost of the loans are too high
I have had the pleasure of working with Reliant Funding two times. Both times they empathized with my situation and made every effort to make the experience painless. Robert Espino, Jennifer Young and Kelly Meyer went out of their way and made themselves readily available to me, no strings attached. Reliant helped when no one else would.
Excellent Customer Service. As promissed very expedited. Received almost the same day.
Bruce Pitts was extraordinary to work with: fast, professional, courteous, and experienced. Thank you again, this worked very well for our organization.
Great to work with, very patient and helpful!
These guys were great from start to finish... easiest loan process by far and quick approval
Awesome experience! They treated me like a customer not a number. I will use them going forward. Kiana the loan specialist was so concerned with the needs of my business
Brian from Reliant was very professional from the beginning. He said, I'm going to work for you, And get funding you need. He did exactly that. Very quick and responsive when I called or emailed him. I would recommend Reliant Funding.
The easiest to deal with, had no problems sumbittig documents and getting approval very fast.
Money was getting tight and Reliant Funding came to My Rescue. I would Highly Recommend Reliant Funding.
Jesse did and outstanding job!!!
Yes I will recommend to everyone, appreciate your professional service!
Great Experience! Fast and Reliable
The people are friendly and covered all the rules clearly, the payments are easy to make and I had the funds in my bank just hours after i was approved. 5 star company all the way and I have already recommended Reliant Funding to my friends!
We recently started working with Reliant group. They helped our Small Business when we needed it. So far very happy with them. Justin was Great!
They were very responsive initially. Didn't even get the chance to close my laptop before my phone rang. Had an issue with one salesperson (Lending manager) just falling off after he had asked for bank statements. Sent the bank statements and completed the docusign application accordingly. All of a sudden, there was no contact anymore from him. Emailed him to no response and also called and left messages. Again, no response. Called the main number and got a hold of another salesperson. Told him what was going on and he assured me, he would get me taken care of. He also asked for my bank statements and to sign another application through docusign. Got a message back from his saying thank you for the needed documentation and that they will be in contact. On their website, it states that there is an approval or otherwise within hours basically. If I remember correctly, they say within 48 hours. Fastforward a couple days and there is no response. I start emailing Paul to no avail. I then call numerous times and leave messages to return my call and at least let me know what the status is of my loan application. I finally received an email back almost a month or possibly longer. This company is an extreme waste of time and was told that as long as i had a certain range of monthly income, they would make a loan offer within a range and that did not happen either. Try another company. This one is not the one to help you small business owners out there trying to actually make it in this world!
Perfectly executed from start to finish. Reliant has a great support team. Took care of my needs within days!
The form letter they sent to our business indicates they are a BBB Accredited business but they are not, according to the BBB website.
easier than I thought
Easy process, no complaints.
You did everything that you said you would do. I was very hesitant at first and scared but wow, you have really helped me in a huge way and I am hoping to continue with your business. Your payments are very affordable. Thank you again, Cindy Atwood I needed to add that John Neely was who helped me and was very thoughtful and professional through the whole process.
Great service, very helpful.
This is my first time using Reliant and so far it has been a good experience. The Exec's seem to be on top of their game with follow ups and searching for the best way to accommodate their customers. I do believe the interest rate (even though they do not call it interest) is very high. almost 40% within a 9 month loan...a bit excessive.
I began working with Andrew at Reliant from the first contact with the company. Andrew stepped me through the approval process, maintained contact while the simple paperwork required was gathered, and followed up after the approval was complete. The customer service was excellent. The funds are pulled directly from checking and there was no need to change or modify credit card processing just to get a loan. Reliant is an excellent source of funding and helped me keep my business moving in the right direction.
Helped my company in a time of need. They really came throught, not once but twice. Granted it cost a bit more, but when time is of the essence, I did what I had to. People are professional and easy to work with.
Working with Mr. Todd Nichols, establishing a relationship that will help my Business move forward in the near future is the Help I needed. Very grateful and look forward to continue on. I appreciate the time and your Patience.
Fast and quick. Alot to pay back but at least they were there when needed.
Quick response and straight forward. Will do business with them in the future.
They were easy to work with and quick . Dori
Very helpful and friendly. Easy to get a hold of every time I called.
Absolutely, easy, to the point and quick. Costly but gets us through th he humps
Jackie was great, helpful and knowledgeable.
They were very helpful and easy to work with. They helped my business out when the banks would not. I am very appreciative that Relian Funding helped me out when I needed it more than ever.
Very nice people, professional and secure
Honest and wanted what was best for my company.
Reliant funding was one of the best experience I’ve had with funding , I couldn’t be any more happier . Carl
Quick response and honest upfront advice!!
They are very professional, prompt and sincere in helping us their customer. Thanks a lot, Mr. Faust.
I'm not much for testimonials but I have to give credit to Reliant Funding. We were looking for a working capital loan and had met with our "personal business banker" but he turned us down flat, even after years of doing business with them! Reliant approved us and funded us in less then a week. Thanks, Mark P
Great to work with - very professional & responsive. Fast Funding!
Sara West was great, very helpful ,knowledgeable and friendly. The backend is a little high on this first deal but was told in time my rate will go down. Perfect. Thank You
Very easy to work with. Payments come out daily so it is very easy to manage. I am not sure about the % cost of the $ compared to other lenders but the ease of dealing with them makes it worth it to me. YES I would recommend
I have had several cash advance loans. However, my experience with Reliant Funding has been exceptional. In the past, I felt like I was dealing with questionable companies that really were not in the business to help me, but to help only themselves. Reliant Funding has a level of professionalism that really made me feel comfortable in my decision to do business with the. Dana McMillan is amazing!
Christopher Owen, did an Great Job from start to finish
It is kind of expensive but you need the money they will work with you
I learned about Reliant via direct mail, which I am flooded with on a regular basis. Something stood out to me about their claims, backed by testimonials as they were, that prompted me to start a conversation with them. Andrew Moore proved himself to be a dedicated account manager and a clear communicator. He was able to accommodate my full schedule and explain the various programs that are available. I found the application and approval process to be non-invasive and professionally managed. This is not the least expensive way to obtain funding, but it is affordable, and again the timing is just right. Call Andrew.
Very easy to work with, terms are a little high but easy to work with and I received my money in 1 day after being approved
Great customer service and follow through. Simple process and immediate results with short approval time. Will hope to use them again in the future. A friend to small business when no one else wants to help, they will.
Jimmy reliant is a great company to give you some extra capital for you barbershop. I think they work with whatever amount you need. You need $5000 yes they can help. I loved the experience so far it's been great.
I enjoyed working with Mike Fortson and Teya . They were efficient and seemed knowledgeable. I deffinetly would work with them again if our company ever needed additional funds.
was very impressed with the service that I received Nehemiah was very responsive to my needs for my business will be using them again
Christian Gomez was great! Looking to building a great relationship with them....
These guys try hard to get the way to help you! Thanks Reliant!
Stephen was the utmost professional. Easy to talk to and very helpful when assessing which company to go with. I am glad that I went with Reliant Funding!!
Very good company & very easy to get fund. I’m very very happy
I highly reccomend any business owner to get working capital with reliant. great friendly people and very helpful to work with .
To high pay back and every day payment it wrong way to work with business who need working capital
In terms of initial professionalism by the rep, it was pretty good. We didn't go with them due to their very high rates, which I understand are very high because they're unsecured. The reason I felt obligated to write a review is that when I told them we would not be going with them, I responded to at least 3 emails asking them to please remove us from their list, and they kept emailing. I eventually told them in CAPS LOCK to please stop emailing, which I hate to do, but I had stated very clearly before to unsubscribe us, and they ignored it.
Okay service
My main man Ben, I am so thankful to be able to meet Ben through phone conversation. He was very helpful in the process even speaking up for me when it didn't even look good on paper now I am able to get the equipment needed for my business to expand. Appreciate the partnership
I worked with Robert. He was amazing. He worked with me to get funding that I needed for my business. He was professional and reliable. I will definitely be using them again in a few months when I am eligible for more capital.
Matt Vernon was very helpful and quick to respond to any questions that I had . I would do business with again
Brian and Tiffany were excellent. Brian always answered my emails and phone calls with specific answers, very satisfied. Ron Adamowicz
It was done in a timely manner. The process was very direct and the staff were easy going.
Your personal credit plays a major part in the decision even though it says otherwise. Have a plan b when applying.
Simply disappointed! The terms are gruesome. I stated from the beginning that I wasn’t comfortable with making the payments everyday. Considering it’s my second year in business and I pay for everything out of pocket, Joel advised me that if I was in a tight they have plenty options to help. Needless to say I needed them to hold payments for a week. When I reached out to my advisor I was forwarded to someone else. Who was rude and hung up in my face. I borrowed $7000 paid back $1000 and just needed a week. (5days) Play at your own risk.
Quick & Reliable !!!
Meah, they are there.
They were willing to help when others were not. The repayment is kind of high but when you figure that into the long term picture I believe it's worth it.
I had a really great experience with Reliant Funding. My contact Andrew was very helpful and very patience with my busy schedule. He explained the program in great detail which made me feel very comfortable using Reliant vs one of their competitors. I would highly recommend Andrew and Reliant to anyone looking into or in the need of funds to meet payroll, hire additional staff, purchase additional marketing & etc. for their business needs.
A Sales Executive is only as good as the company that stands behind him. But, in my case, Robert Espino and Reliant are one in the same. There was a level of professionalism you don't experience too often. The kind that comes from a great work ethic. Thank you Reliant, for helping us grow our business and having the ability to hire people like Robert.