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Try to pay your bill online, by phone or at a third party vendor and get hit with fees. I'm going good to refinance the moment I can.
Quick and easy... I was able to find a great car.
Excellent service. I recommend road loans to everyone.
The process was simple. I had no problem. I had a question so I called the customer service line. The lady I spoke with was very helpful.
Very easy process. It is important to first identify dealerships who will accept their specific financing.
No hassle...Fastest approval and helped me get a new car with bad credit
Road loans was awesome, had no issues . any questions I had were answered in an honest way. The people at CarMax in Cleveland were juse amazing. No pressure what so ever >>> Would I do this route again Yes I would.
Not happy with their lack of support and inability to listen.
This was the easiest vehicle purchase I've every experienced
It is a crime the rate I was offered. Nearly 12%. I had a much better rate offers, at 4% and less. I left this review only because I have has really bad experiences with unscrupulous lending companies. Santander is one of them (RoadLoans is part of Santander. Disgraceful.
Very efficient and through
This was the easiest most hassle free experience ever.
I absolutely love how fast and easy the whole process was.
It was a little drawn out. I did have to put $800 more down than the RoadLoans terms showed. I also had to choose a very specific vehicle based on years, mileage, price etc... However I ended up with a great vehicle and used a wonderful dealer of my choice! Love my new Elantra!
RoadLoans was very difficult to process at the CarMax dealership. A simple item such as the "application ID" required to be filled out on the RoadLoans software program at the dealership was not working. 3 different calls were made to RoadLoan by myself (the customer) and the CarMax staff, all negatively handled by RoadLoans. RoadLoan was difficult to deal with, provided discourteous customer service, and continuously said it was not "there problem" while offering no work around solution. RoadLoan was willing to lose a customer over a simple software glitch they were unwilling to take the time to help work out - or provide a work around. Horrible customer service in this regard. The customer spent 2 hours waiting for this to be resolved. Finally the CarMax Sales Manager convinced a Rep at RoadLoans to provide a work around solution. 2 hours later.
Awesome... made it so easy and a pleasure
I had such a bad experience with my current finance company so I was a little scarred from the experience however while shopping for a new finance company I was approached by Road Loans to refinance my car they made the experience so easy the customer service has been outstanding thus far which made my transition successful in this day in time customer service skills are so obsolete it is refreshing when you experience good customer service and I must say so far Road Loans has exhibited that they take their time to make sure that your loan experience with them is successful and most of all comfortable the transactions are handled which such care they really make you feel like they appreciate your business thank you Road Loans for embracing me as a new customer and lowering my payments I would recommend this company
No hassles pick my car filled out a few forms and was gone . The best thing was not there all day thxs.
They helped me at a time, when no one else would. The experience was painless, quick and easy. The customer service rep was very patient, understanding and extremely helpful.
The best ! I wish to know how to thank you guys.Your amazing people who had my
Quick & easy financing @
Overall experience was very good. Reps were helpful and friendly.
I just took a chance to apply and bam, your approved. My story is that I've been driving a 97 dodge intrepid for seven years, and when they told me I was approve I could not believe it. Once I got approved instantly a customer service representative called me and congratulated me, on my approval. Now I working with a rep from carmax. I can't believe it I'm excited. Update I act on my loan at carmax Irvine. I work with sales person Tobey he was fast and efficient, not only that he made my first buying experience amazing. I was so excited to drive away with my new Jeep. Roadloans is legit, and real no scams. Thanks Carmax, and roadloans for making my dream come true. This is better than Winning the lottery.
I needed help and they were there.
Have already made my first payment on my loan and I do not have confirmation the automobile has actually been transferred into my name from the leasing company. I spoke with Road Loans/Santander personnel a few weeks ago and I had to speak to four individuals until I finally had someone on the other end of the phone who understood my question regarding the issuance of a new registration and title.
You Guys are awesome. Ms. Betsy, was the most encouraging of all the reps I spoke with. She told me what to do and some would have taken offense to her but to me ...she just reminded me of my mother, and I just appreciated that so much. I did what she said and I'm driving my car. After other dealers had turned me down . Thanks guys are just awesome.
The response to my application was quick. I had no problems when I went to the dealership to purchase my car. I was very pleased with my experience with RoadLoans. As a matter of face, a representative called me soon after my approval to Congratulate me and gave me a few tips on how the loan works.
very much fast on application, very much knowledge, and very much of excellent service
The rates are to high. But when you mess up your credit Roadloans will give you a chance to get back on your feet. Thank you Road loans!!! No one else was willing to give me a second chance!!!
This process was soooo easy.. I was so nervous because my credit was not .. is not the best . I literally walked in the car lot with the terms from my roadloan and got the car I wanted .. I just got my payment start date and I Am very excited to drive my new 2017
Would definitely use this company again!
Excellent service. No complaints.
Road loans gave me the opportunity to pick the car I wanted and the amount I wanted to pay.
I had a great experiences with roadloan. Once I got my loan I pick out my car from Carmax, and the sales person was great. Thanks Roadloans for giving me a second chance to have a new car.
All you need to do is follow , what they tell you to do . I will deal with road loans from now on! The people at road loans were very helpful with all my questions
Excellent selection with CarMax. I will do it again, and recommend them to anyone
My experience was very professional and I didn't have any problems getting my car finance
I had no problems using them. They were easy and no hassles. I got my car at Carmax and I they were great!
I am completely satisfy with Roadloan
Everyone made this experience very easy and i am highly satisfied with my new car .
I received an offer one day and I applied and within two days I was driving of the lot with a new car. It was amazing. Thank you RoadLoans.
Always easy, always exactly what they say it will be
I have very poor crdeit and road loan approve my request for a lone within 24 hours. I was able to walk in to the car dealer and walk out with a car. Thank you so much road loan!
The process from beginning to end was seamless. Although I must admit that I was nervous based on all the bad reviews. Well, not anymore it was the total opposite. This company is awesome!
Denise Espinosa was excellent throughout the process.
RoadLoans was awesome throughout the process and it was a breeze purchasing a car. I would recommend them to anyone.
I was very pleased with my first experience so decided to use them again. There is an issue with the terms of my loan. I had asked for 48 months and they ended up producing it with a 72 month term. I will double pay to bring the term to what I was expecting.
Very quick and professional approval process
Great company,I would recommend them to anyone who needs a loan.They did everything they said they would.
Road Loaner is a good company to deal with. I enjoy my experience with them. They was very helpful for me and my family. I would recommend family and friends to them.
I am thankful to Roadloans for giving me a chance to be a better person as far as credit goes. They approved me for a car loan yes at a high percent 22.44% to be exact. I know with my credit rate in the bottom 500 mark, I will have to prove myself capable of being a good paying custoner and build a better rate. The monthly payments are very high but I am determine to make my payments on time and be able to be considered by others credit worthy for credit as well. The dealership Roadloans sent me to was Carmax and they are the best also. i was treated with dignity and respect. I will do business with them every and any time I need a car. I plan to recommend others to them also. Thank you Roadloans for giving me a chance
I had the Pleasure of working with Lyra Hewett during my application Process. all of my questions or concerns were answered with in minutes. I highly suggest using this Company for your Loan Needs... Thank you!!!
I did my shopping for rates and loan amounts, and RoadLoans was the best by far. I got approved for a better rate and more than anyone else offered.
Great,fast, productive.
Good experience. A small dispute over document requirements.
It was easy as 123, Thank you guys for putting me behind the wheel once again
No nonsence. Very quick on evaluation, approval and information. Extremely efficient. Thnks guys. I am enjoying my Toyota 2014 Hybrid.
I had done this to lower my payments on my car, and RoadLoans made the process very easy. I was approved and the transition period was under two weeks. This was one of the best decisions I could make recently.
First and foremost the 10-15 days, is a lie. I got my private seller loan around 6/28, found my seller and car 7/2, and I still don't have the car. I dealt with the seller trying to resell the car behind my back because Roadloans was taking so long (I don't blame him). But this whole process was an absolute nightmare! My insurance is currently threatening to cancel my policy because I still don't have the registration forms to register it, they require you to buy a policy before they fund you (which is normal - but not taking weeks after to square things away and send you your registration forms). They don't seem to care how slow they take, and customer service offers little to no help at times. An agent at the registration company that they use, VINTEK, told me how Roadloans process works A-Z, since a Roadloans agents couldn't do that theirselves. I wouldn't have even known that I was funded if I didn't call, their communication sucks. So as of today 8/7, I still do not have my car, but my insurance is due to be either paid or cancelled if my car isn't registered in 12 days, and my first car payment is due in 20 days... AND I STILL DO NOT HAVE THE CAR. There is something very wrong with that. Stay farrrrrr away from Roadloans if you can. It sounds too good to be true for a reason.
Jennifer Merriman kept me on top of things. It's a process though and paperwork wasn't a great deal. However I don't have my payment plan set up yet and Chrysler Corp was trying to set up an appointment to come and inspect the car. Although I did let them know I was purchasing it and she stated she would update their record. Not sure if they will take that final payment out or not nor if I have to purchase another license plate.
We only used this company because we were assuming payments from a private seller and it was an excellent deal on the vehicle. No problems getting approved but from there it took greater than a month to complete the transaction. When we would call to find out where we were in the process too often our primary contact was not available and no one else could give us up to date information. We were given conflicting information when it was finalized and the transfer of the vehicle from the seller was delayed because he was unable to get verification that his loan was indeed paid off. At one point they showed two loans outstanding on the same vehicle. I will be going to my bank to refinance.
Easy process and the perfect choice when rebuilding your credit
Got me a new car that I needed very much thank u roadloans
They tell you the need one thing and when it's not what they want you try to provide them the correct thing they take your car away! They gave me the run around about my income. I input my income as 2000 then bought a car. The car had issues took it back did the return paperwork and the dealership looked at my check stub gave them a different income amount and they then wanted 30days worth of check stubs. No problem! Well that didnt add up to what the dealership told them so they took my car away. This loan company and carmax dealerships are a f***ing joke!!! Do NOT buy from this company!!! They suck!!!
Beware of their privacy policies. They will use your credit score without your permissions and store your information without an option to delete your account if you wanted to.
I would recommend this company to everyone. They always kept in close contact with me and made the process easy.
I can't lie I was scared to trust road loans because I never heard of them but on the second approval I went all in. I found a car and the process was fairly easy and safe !!!! Road loans really made this easy and they were very patient as well.
I was trying to rebuild my credit and knew I could never get a newer car then from what I already had. I came across RoadLoans I applied however got a denial letter via email (I expected it) however I kept getting calls to take advantage of my loan. You know that one type look you give like yea right. So I called back. By his grace I was approved I was able to get my car from Carmax 2011 Altima... Newest car I ever had I love it. It was very easy to get and I thank you RoadLoans for giving my family a better vehicle
RoadLoans is the absolute BEST! I got an excellent APR and walked into the dealership with confidence and walked out with my "new" Mercedes. Thanks for empowering me
I had to fill out and send paperwork twice due to a clerical error on their part.
I applied online and within minutes I was approved and was contacted immediately by an agent to go over my options. They referred me to CarMax and within a few days I was driving away in a car I love. I highly recommend RoadLoans.
At first, I did not believe the offer that was presented to me. I visited the dealership out of couriosity. I am thankful for RoadLoans. I did not experience and problems. The process was easy.
Quick and easy. all SMILES!
Good. Company to deal with
Roadloans mean business, they respond quick as they advertised. They also present options depending on your needs and standing. I got what I was hoping for.
I applied from my cell phone and was approved instantly. I then started searching for vehicle on I found the vehicle that perfectly fit my criteria. Carmax had it shipped to my location, I went in the dealership, and within an hour, I was on the road. The entire process was empowering. RoadLoans made it super easy to buy a vehicle, and their partnership with Carmax, made the entire transaction, a special event for me. They even placed a big yellow bow on the hood of my car when I went to drive it off. I have already recommended RoadLoans to family members, who are on their way to purchasing their vehicle as well. Thank you RoadLoans!
This company pulled a hard credit report for a "dealer voucher" which lowered my credit score, after I applied for a private purchase vehicle loan on the Lending Tree website. I didn't even realize they could do a hard pull without a complete SSN. How do they even know it's me??? Then, of course, you can't even use this voucher anywhere but at a dealership. This is not what I authorized and when I contacted them, they simply refuse to remove the credit inquiry from my credit report. They tell me to contact Lending Tree, but Lending Tree did not pull my credit and cannot have it removed. Now I have to waste all this time and effort to file a complaint through the credit bureau. BTW, the Roadloan voucher was for a minimum with an insane interest rate. Two major banks offered me less than 1/2 the interest rate, even after I added my young adult daughter with no credit on the title. These people are a TOTAL RIPOFF, there are better rates out there, even for iffy credit. By the way, a hard credit pull is not necessary for a pre-approval, Capitol One somehow manages to do it without. Of course low scores are very profitable in this industry. Keep in mind that Roadloans reported this complaint, because it included my own confidential business info, in order to try and have it removed; rather than fix the problem, this is the route they took.
I was happy with the treatment I received.
Quick and easy, thank you! Great rate!
Scott was absolutely amazing! Just seamless!
Just wanted to say thank you to road loans.The process was very easy and understanding. I really didn't have to do anything except read and sign my paperwork then look for my truck.Carmax did everything for me an I got a beautiful truck. Thank You
It all went relatively smoothly.
I personally had a very good experience. I knew that because of poor credit that my interest rate would be high, what I liked about them was that once I was approved it was very easy to pick a car. I walked into carmax and drove out with a beautiful sedan. I loved the way I received a phone call a week after my purchase from customer service to explain all of the terms and conditions, payment options, and how to navigate the Santander website. I am very pleased, although after my credit is repaired I am definitely financing through my local credit union.
I'm love that they worked with me and gave me detailed information during the process. Awesome experience!
I would recommend this company to anyone!! They made my car buying experience super easy and affordable!!!!
i applied for a loan -received 3 type of approvals - one with normal amount put down - and two with 0 down - i took this to salisbury maryland and newark delaware facilites and they said that approval means nothing - they have to run their own financing with other vendors. well all their preferred vendor said no to 0 down even for a 6.000 car - so what is the roadloan approval good for - absolutely nothing - it does not mean you found financing - i wasted a lot of time and will not recommend roadloans to anyone because it is a bait and switch (tickler) tool for facilities that say they accept road loans. one day one - i asked salisbury if they can get 0 down what do i do and they promised that i would still get the roadloan 0 down and get a car - NOT - dont be suckered
I cant even tell you how much I appreciate the fast approval when I was in a bind and in need of a new vehicle. I had the approval, purchased a great car from Car Max all with in four hours and drove off the lot with my car.
It was easy and was the easest car loan to fill out and get approved
Great turnaround on approval
Every step of the way was fantastic
Fast, easy, and lowered my payments by over $100 per month. I would recommend to anyone wanting to refinance their vehicle.
Everything was good eccept the approval amount changed once I got at the dealer ship so I had to get another car and not the one I had chosen over the phone and that kind of upset me because I was looking forward to that car but I still got a car so can't complain to much thanks
The experience was very quick and hassle free! Loved my experience at the delarship,it was simple and required very little paperwork to complete. Everything that was needed was provided in the package provided by Roadloans. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
Refinancing my car was quick and easy. I downloaded the paperwork, printed it out, signed it and sent it back via FedEx with the prepaid lable. In less than a week my car was refinanced.
After listening to a friend rave about the company, I decided to try and get an auto loan. I applied with ROAD LOANS and Was completely denied with a good credit score. My feelings are truly hurt. I've tried so hard to work and fix my credit only to still be denied over and over again. What else to do?
They gave me a loan when no one else would. This is after a repossession less then a year ago.
It just seems like you only want to deal with carmax, need to give other dealers the same as you do carmax