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Trusted source for financial needs. Get your home improvements completed!!
The very best experience I've ever had dealing with a financial institution.
I love working with Quicken Loans. They are so helpful and make it so easy. I would recommend them to everyone I know. It was also very fast and they answered allo my questions. I worked with Anthony and Bryon and they were both fantastic. Thanks so much. Darlene Aymerich
Amazing experience. Thought this was a process that would take days to complete....Done in mere hours.....Amazing. Thank You Rocket Loans
The people at Rocketloans, are great they follow through with what they say and do. They are very knowledgeable about their company and they extend themselves throughout the process. Sincerely Leslie
Rocket Loans is in the same family of company as Quicken Loans, as the service is just as good!
This was perfect as I needed a new roof and I needed it now. Traditional lending institutions take too long!
I love rocket loans. Easiest straight forward loan process even with mortgages.
I had a pipe break in my home and while insurance will cover most it doesn't cover all. I applied online and quickly got approved with the money in my bank in a day! The stress of not knowing how I would cover such costs was mind blowing. I really appreciate the stress free way I received my loan! I would recommend them to anyone! I will also refinance my house with them after all the work is done due to the great customer service I received!!!
Very easy & direct. Kevin was great to work with & definitely look forward to being a rocket loan/quicken loans customer for life.
worked with Rocket Loans since I have had excellent experiences with Quicken Loans. I am equally pleased with Rocket Loans.
Very fast and easy! On line chats were very helpful also.
Quick, simple and excellent customer service
All of the loan representatives that I worked with to secure this loan, were efficient, polite, helpful and knowledgeable. I had a couple of bumps with my limited computer abilities and they walked me through them. Thanks All, Pamela
Overall everything was great. I ran into a slight issue when attempting to upload my driver's license. Every time I uploaded the font-side of my driver's license, it would auto-upload as the back-side, when the back-side was already uploaded. It was successfully uploaded after the 3rd attempt.
No problems at all. Quick and simple
We have recieved loans from other institutions, some made it difficult in the process, others made us feel like we didn't meet their standards, most san francisco based " but rocket loans gets it !!! Easy process there were "GREAT "THANK YOU " rocket loans
I am still in shock how quick and easy this loan process was. I was approved within seconds. I called to ask a couple of questions. Alaina helped me. She was so nice, professional and answered all of my questions. Thank you!
Easy to do. Quick and paperless. I loved that.
I recommend this company without reservations! They are straightforward, willingly assist you in turning in your documents, and very quick to say yea or nay (they don't needlessly string out the process). They reached out to me and were extremely polite and helpful. I was approved the same day for far more than I needed and I received the funds the same day all the documents were turned in. I appreciate the process and especially the lady that assisted me throughout, Danielle - thanks so much! I give them all five stars and they deserve more.
Thanks Hawk for the outstanding service! Gordon Phipps
Speaking with the Representative helped immediately and I was very pleased with the quick turnaround.
Fastest way to get a loan without any regrets. I have a mortgage with Quicken and now a partnered with Rocketloans, they are the best.
Wow! Quick and easy. Plus this place saved my dogs life. Needed money for surgery for him and they were there
I am a first time users and found that the web site was very easy to understand and follow
It took us a while but Mo was very helpful and we got everything right and the loan went through.
We were consolidating a bit of negative equity in two vehicles. The process of applying for the loan was stupid easy, the customer service was insanely prompt and helpful. Only issue we encountered was a technical glitch with our log in that took a few days to handle on their end. That aside, a great experience, money was in the account within two business days, great service, and pleasant experience! Thanks!
The process was easy, fast and simple.
Great service and really lives up to the name Rocket. The experience was so quick and so easy I had some reservations about completing it. I called my Quickens mortgage lender to find out if the site was really legit. She assured me that it was and was also a part of their Quickens organization so I completed the process. Service was great, application was easy, rates are unbeliever and money was Rocketed, I mean really fast to my account. Thanks
Easiest process ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is my third transaction with the QuickenLoans family of services. Each has been extremely smooth. My experience with RocketLoans in particular has been especially efficient with an excellent online process.
The customer service person that helped us was wonderful! Thank you
The process was fast and efficient! I definitely would recommend them.
I was not only able to get approved quickly but I received my money quickly as well. I highly recommend Rocket Loans! I'd also like to add when I called their customer service with some questions they were friendly and professional.
The Rocket loan part was good, just had trouble with bank part
Got a personal rocket loan. This was the fastest, most efficient process. Danielle initially helped me and recommended an alternate to a home equity loan. Carrie walked me through the process. Both women were friendly, knowledgable and professional. Way to go!!
When you apply for a $10,000 loan on Monday, and it's in your account on Friday, that's pretty tough to beat.
Quick,fast and easy!
William Hawkins got me thru this in record time and I will have the funds in my account today-- great service, easy online tools with Rocket Loans. I love this company!
I decided to consolidate my wife's and my credit cards into 1 and Rocket Loans helped me do that with a great savings. Thank You Quicken for your fast RocketLoan
I have a Mortgage with Rocket Loans (Quicken) and have had an excellent experience with them. When I thought about taking out a Personal loan, I check with Rocket Loans and they reviewed everything on line and all that was needed with a quick call to them to verify some information and VOILA!! My loan was approved, everything was totally explained on line though the documents that were sent and it was a Great experience. Thank you Rocket loans!
Accurate, fast and a very, very convenient way of applying for a simple loan online. Rocket Loans Rock!!
Appreciated the help and follow-up in getting the correct documents. Highly recommend!
Very simple and quick process to receive your loan. Very impressed!
Quick and easy application and I had my loan deposited in my account within 24 hours.
The lady that help me was great
Positive experience
Just looking to consolidate some debt into one monthly payment. I'm taking a small hit on the APR; but my sanity is intact and my financial life simpler.
Fast and Easy. The loan specialist who helped me on the phone was terrific.
Was declined for a loan after a hard pull (credit score over 785). Initially said that I didn’t qualify for original terms but other loan options available but having technology issue. Day went by and then got denial for too many new accounts. Nothing changed on my credit report but my score which actually increased from 781 at prequal to 789 to hard pull. Sounds like I just got denial due to bad technology. If you want a good loan with no fees go to your local credit union for lower rates for good borrowers.
The process was quick and painless. The money was in my account with 48 hours.
I had great experience with the Rocket Loan team and would definitely recommend all my family and friends. Bobby
The process was simple easy, and efficient. I definitely recommend this to anyone who is trying to ease the financial pain of debt and begin again with more financial wisdom.
Couldn't have asked for a simpler and smoother process. I applied for my loan online. Since I already have my mortgage through Rocket, the entire process took approximately 15 to 20 minutes at most, and resulted in immediate approval. The interest rate was great, and the fees were reasonable and fully disclosed upfront. I applied late Thursday night and the money was deposited into my bank account on Monday morning. It couldn't have been any easier. I'm very satisfied and highly recommend Rocket Loans. Thank you!
We were approved in less than an hour on a Saturday night and the money was in the bank the very next business day. I have applied for loans at Lendingtree and and both took weeks and weeks as they continued to ask for more and more info each week. I will never go anywhere else now. Rocketloans is by far the best out there!
Fast simple excellent!
This experience was simply amazing! Everything was fully automated- Experience could not have been better!
This was the quickest, easiest loan process that I have ever experienced. Thank you to all the staff, and especially Carrie, for making the process pain-free. . . and for helping make our dream come true. ;)
Interest Rate could be a little lower, but the representative, Carrie was very helpful and patient with us.
Rocket loans associate Ashley was very helpful in walking my wife and me through the on line application Neither of us is very computer efficient. She took a lot of time and walked us through the process. including a tutorial on how to upload some information from the smart phone to their application.Quick approval thereafter. Thank You!!
The process was painless and fast...took less than 6 hours to complete the entire process.
Fast and simple, almost too simple :)
I couldn't believe how fast was Rocketloans approving and depositing the loan money into my checking account. Highly Recommended.
Anthony was the guy that wide me all the process and he really was a good help.
The mortgage division approved me but wanted to add a large cash out to the loan to extend the period. The personal loan summarily refused despite a solid credit score. When I tried to use online chat the rude agent disconnected before I could type my first sentence. I was then given false information that my on time payment history was deficient on Equifax while I had checked my Equifax score earlier in the week and the on time payment portion was at 100%.
Tiffany, Anthony and All Rocketloans staffs are amazing. Thank you so much
Excellent, friendly, and efficient customer service. The process was painless and I received the funds the same day! I would highly recommend Rocket Loans.
Easy and fast! It was a welcomed surprise! I would highly recommend!
This was the fastest and easiest loan experience I've ever had!!!
I spoke with Korra Flores and then Whitney in the personal loan. Korra was very nice and easy to deal with and when was not able to help she forwarded me to Whitney. It is not often that someone will stay on the line more than once much less staying with me to make sure that I was able to complete the loan process. Some would get exasperated but I never felt that with either of these ladies. You need to be sure and keep them as they will keep people that need help keep coming back. Thank you.
Anthony Turner was great and the loan was quick. The loan will help out a lot.
Unbelievably easy and fast and pleasant! Thank you, RocketLoans!
This was a super easy transaction. I spent a total of about maybe 5 minutes of my time to get everything filled out and submitted online.
Couldn't have been an easier experience. No hassles no delays. Excellent service. Thank you
Everything was very quick. Everyone was pleasant to speak to. Money in the bank was quick. I would highly recommend quicken loan. Only one drawback. I would like my premiums due at the end of the month.
I am amazed that this loan process took less than 10 minutes. I have to give it to you QUICKEN. That was the easiest, fastest most painless loan process I have ever gone through. That was an awesome experience and I will highly recommend your services to all. Thank you so much!
Very easy to apply and the money was in my account within 48 hours.
One of the easiest processes ever! Thanks QL/Rocket!
This online application was quick and easy. The process went smoothly and had the money in my bank account within 5 days after applying. Would highly suggest them!
Kevin was patient, knowledgeable and professional. He provided quick feedback and was always available. The process was a bit intrusive. Logging into your bank accounts online on a company's website is frightening. The customer has security concerns too. Taking a picture holding your drivers license was over the top. Kevin held our hands and explained each process step by step. We felt we were his only customers. Although we cannot predict any future financial disaster, be assured we will call Rocket Loan and ask for Kevin Morales. He is an asset to your company.
I was in a slight financial crisis when I found With their expert help my problems were quickly resolved. Thank you RocketLoans.
This was an eazee peezee transaction. Highly recommend
Was the easiest thing I had to do in bad times. Each person I talked to was very courteous and helpful. Thank you.
I had a good experience with Rocket Loan.The process was quick and met my needs to consolidate credit card balances at a good interest rate.
coukdnt believe how quick and easy the process was, applied after 6 one day and approved before 11 the next and funding deposited the following morning first thing.
I would Rocket Loans for personal loans
10 minutes on my phone and Bam less than 24 hours the money was in my account !!!fantastic experience ...but I knew it would be because they're affiliated with Quicken Loans where I got my home mortgage the easiest most wonderful home mortgage experience I've ever had
The loan came through in lightning time. Here's the however - You will pay a huge interest rate upfront and a credit card rate for the term of your loan. No regrets however. Read before you sign and know what you're paying for.
Ryan Rosa with RocketLoans was extremely helpful and friendly. the whole was made so easy in a time where my stress levels and life was through the roof. This loan will help me consolidate some debt and fast track the selling of my house to reset my life. I cant thank Ryan and RocketLoans enough. they even managed to keep my total interest paid very low.
Greatest experience not only getting a loan but the customer service was OUTSTANDING! I would recommend this company to anyone!!!!!
Really fast approval and loan money deposit. Naturally a better credit score is helpfull to expedite the process.
It was such an easy process, unbelievable how the process went and such professionalism from the staff. I am recommending it to my coworker.
The team is wonderful to work with.
With the technology of internet. Information, you were ready available. You provided me an opportunity to obtain a personal loan and more. I will forever be greatful of the opportunity this company made available for me. I will also recommend your services to my friends. Thank you all.
Excellent service and so fast
Amazing experience from beginning to end. Efficient, easy process that was clear and concise. Money was in my hands within 24 hours.
This was a quick and easy process.
Knowledgeable agent. Easy and quick process
wow 10 minutes max