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RTS great company to work with, they have all tools you need. They ben recommended to me by two other companies who used them for years. Jordan Jobes guide me through whole process of setting up. I called him a few times after the setup he's been always fast and helpful. I have nothing but good experience with them!!!
I have been in Business since 2002, RTS shows my credit as " I " rated and will not let there carries use us . However we pay our bills in under 30 days and even offer quick pay. Why does RTS refuse to work with GTI ? Don't let RTS run your business try another factoring company like Riviera Finance or Apex Capital , they do things right
They lie, attempt to manipulate, do not give you a straight answer. We used their factoring services for one year. Because of the constant problems we went to a different company. Our contract was finished the end of Nov. 2017. It is now 1/1/18 and they still have $7640 of our money. These were invoices paid to them after the end of our contract that they should have sent to the new company. Today I was first told they had to audit our account. I asked when they would release the money and I was told they they try to send it 2 days after they receive it from the broker. This did not answer my question. They have had some of this money for weeks. Then they tried to put the blame on me by saying I should send the new info for factoring to the brokers. These people are the most dishonest people I have encountered in the trucking business.
when i started they use to be good.now they lie on everything.brokers paid them late due to which they hold all my reserves which is acceptable.but they told me whichever broker will pay in full they can send release letter to broker so i can bill broker straight.when few brokers paid off then they change it if all book balance will be zero then only they can send any release letter.which is totally crap.i requested my rep that can i talk to some manager or supervisor coz rts changing there statements,guy said they cannot tranfer to any other person.as he know he said wrong before.now if i send invoices to beokers i dont get paid as they require release letter from rts and if i send to rts for factoring i dont get anything and there balance will never get zero.im stuck and having all invoices with me from 1 month.still dont know what to do.so i totally disagree to do factoring with rts.as they play games.
First i got a fuel card from RTS then i was told by a friend that they do factoring too. i was impressed how easy and fast is to do bussines with them. I highly recommend. They know how to treat a customer and to be there when you needed the most.
I always refer my clients to RTS Financial. Been around long time with a track record of providing excellent service to their clients and competitive rates. When I am showing our software to carriers they’ll ask me if I know of a reliable Factoring company and RTS Financial is always the first one I recommend.
Do not trust all smoke.....
I have been working with this company for about 6 months now and I've had nothing but great experiences. They always get me my money fast and I really like their invoice uploader. I would recommend this company to any of my friends.
Great company! Would recommend to anyone. Fair rates, honest people, and always provide solid customer service! They are the key to growing my company!!
Terrible company to get into business with. They will tell you whatever you want to hear to get your business, which turns out to be ALL lies, then hit you with a very large "early termination fee" for exiting.