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I started the whole process on a holiday weekend (Memorial Day) and the loan still closed in about 30 days with no extra fees or rate lock in problems. I was thrilled. I had a nightmare refinance in the past so I had many questions and needed constant reassurance and some hand holding. My originator always called me back immediately when I e-mailed, even on weekends, holidays, whenever. I was amazed and very appreciative. I would have no reservations recommending Cardinal Financial for on line refinance or mortgage to anyone, especially if you have a good scanner, good internet service or access to fax machine. Then it should be a fairly painless process for you. Bye bye big bank that previously held my mortgage and good riddance.
Absolutely Great Experience, everything went smoothly with no problems. What was stated at the beginning was in the contract at closing. I couldn't find anyone that could beat the rate that I received. A special Thanks To Phil Smith and Hollyann Jones, absolute professionals, what more can I say other than THANK YOU.
From the initial conversation with Josh where a competitive rate was offered with no pressure to underwriting preparation with Scott where he was patient when our appraisal didn't come in as expected and provided options to the preparation of documents for closing with Whitney and finally our closing agent Stan the whole experience was quick, efficient and painless. And I didn't pay a premium for this outstanding service. In fact, they were the least expensive option in terms of rate and overall transaction fees. Refinancing in Maryland is never cheap because of county taxes and fees, but Sebonic/Cardinal held the line and even adjusted my credit upwards midway through the process because rates had improved.
Sebonic handled my new purchase mortgage. They had the most competitive rates. Ryan Stephenson, the Loan Officer, replied quickly to questions and helped through the process. The online submission made things very simple. We closed on time with no issues. Highly recommend.
Quick and easy transaction. Would do again. Did everything by online portal. Reps were good at communicating things. Was kept in the loop with frequent emails. Locked in a good rate and dropped our PMI. We're happy. Thanks
Great communication throughout, very efficient and all terms were met. Refi process took about 30 days. Would recommend to others.
We recently refinanced with Sebonic, and it was our best mortgage-related experience to date. Each person we worked with was friendly, helpful, professional, and expeditious. The entire process was seamless, and we closed in three weeks. We were even able to schedule our closing at our convenience at our own home!
My experience dealing with Sebonic and Cardinal Financial has definitely been a positive one. I found a very low rate online quote from Sebonic. When I called the loan originator he was knowledgeable, polite, responsive, and he honored the quote I had received online. He described the process of refinancing with them and set my expectations. All happened just as he described. I helped the process by providing all the required documentation within 24 hours of being asked. My loan processor, the underwriting team, and the closing team also did what they were supposed to do, as evidenced by the fact that my loan closed, and the funds were disbursed, on time, exactly as agreed from the start of the loan process (with my loan costs and lender credit exactly as disclosed since the quote was given). Very Satisfied, Claudio R.
I am pleased to review Sebonic Financial for their assistance in our home refinance. The staff were professional, personal and courteous. The refinance was processed quickly and within this expected time frame. The rates and closing costs were both lower than expected. I would highly recommend their service.
Cheapest interest rate I got (3.25% rate + origination charge $1220) from Sebonic/Cardinal on Zillow (Aug 2016). By comparison Quicken loan gave me 3.25% rate for $4500 origination! Cardinal did close home in less than 4 weeks!
I want to thank Gammon for his help in this loan process. He helped with all of my questions and an issue we had with the appraiser. The underwriting speed was amazing! We would have been able to close in approximately 2 weeks except for an issue with the appraisal. That led to a mistake in the final closing disclosure, but when I pointed it out, it was fixed very quickly. I would be happy to work with them again on another loan.
Overall I'm very pleased. My rate was a half point lower than local brokers and the fees were a lot lower, too. My originator, Kent, was really terrific and looked out for me during the whole process. Closing was slightly delayed by a late appraisal, but the lender extended their rate lock for free. Communication slowed down a bit during the middle of the process, but I never felt abandoned. I would recommend in a heartbeat.
Justin Fry was amazing - he was very patient and willing to explain all the things I didn't understand. My mortgage refinance was way above my expectations, and I am thrilled! I will recommend him to anyone who has financial needs, and I would use him again in a heartbeat.
They were great! No complaints. Everything went smoothly. Everyone was very nice and patient. I was very pleased with the service and the entire process was relatively easy. I had some problems with my credit report that showed a home equity line of credit as being open (it wasn't - it belonged to a property we had since sold). This was not the fault of Sebonic and was the only frustrating part of the whole process.
Great experience. Excellent communication. Rates were among the best available. Everything went smoothly and I would definately have no concerns with using Sebonic again in the future.
Joe, and the Sebonic Financial Team, did a fantastic job for us. They came in lower on rates, better on processing time, and helped us even close early. So happy that I chose to go with Sebonic over our local broker. Thanks again!
I inquired about a home refinance in early June and found myself signing closing papers just a few weeks later. Fast and easy process that I'd recommend to anyone. Online lending is the way to go!
I would highly recommend Sebonic financial. I was hesitant to go with an online company, but they had great reviews and the best rates. They were strait forward, fast, and easy to work with. Having recently gone through this process with my bank, I was pleasantly surprised at how much smoother the refinancing process went, plus I saved a lot of money!
I had zero problems with my refinance. Any issues were quickly addressed without delays. I refinanced, save $200 a month with a great rate almost no cost. Great experience.
My experience with Sebonic was excellent. The loan coordinator, as well as Don Sozio, the loan originator, were both prompt communicators, kept our timeline and had the lowest closing costs and rates out there. The online document upload portal was super easy to use and made the process close to seamless. Would recommend.
The processing department is amazing! They were very instrumental in streamlining the process and getting me to the close! I did some challenges with sales from a communication standpoint ... otherwise, great to do biz with .
Went with Cardinal as they had the best rates. There were good reviews online so I was ok with taking a chance. I have previously done refinancing s with other online lenders and not had any issues. The closing timeline was tight, but since it was straightforward myself and the sales reps thought we should be fine. We provided all financial information timely and everything was good to go awaiting the appraisal. Given the recent run up in housing prices over the past 12 months, i did not feel i would have any issues with the appraisal pricing. This is where everything went south. Cardinal subcontracts the work to a third party company who then hires independent appraisers. The appraiser came out and did their work. I got the appraisal report and was beyond surprised with the outcome. The appraisal came in way lower than the value I believed the property was worth, based on my review of recent sales in my community with similar homes, size, appearance and property. After review of the report I found numerous discrepancies...1) in comparable properties they lowered my value since they said other properties had attributes mine did not, 2) they made mathematical errors, and finally the biggest issue 3) they used comparable sales that were about 1 year old. Given that there were numerous sales within the last 3 months, I was flabbergasted that they wouldn't use the most recent sales. I am living in a tract community that has many similar homes. all homes have been built within 10 years, so finding comparable sales is very easy. After mentioning this to the appraiser, he said he would be happy to redo it. but since he was subcontracted with a third party, (and paid by appraisal) he would have to get approval. After mentioning this to Cardinal they also agreed it looked incorrect. The subcontractor reviewed what the appraisal gave and said that the homes they picked for the appraisal (with sales over a year old) were good comps. While they may have been there were better comps within the last 3 months. given normal appraisal guidelines/practices they should have used the most recent comps instead. They were not willing to do this change and after all of the issues we missed our lock date. since rates had gone up we missed our refinance and as a result had financial harm as we were not able to get the lower rates that were promised if the process followed agreed upon appraisal rules. It appears the company/subcontractor only cares about rushing through things. Cardinal did not make any changes to account for the known discrepancies and therefore we were out the 500.00 appraisal fee. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone else as they do not follow normal appraisal guidelines and do not adjust when issues with subcontractors are known/agreed to. STAY AWAY!
The whole process was seamless from the initial phone interview to the closing. The originator I worked with, Pat, was very professional, thorough in his explanations, and always timely in responding to emails (often outside of regular business hours). Additionally, the closing costs and interest rate were better than the local option and the big bank option I looked into. I highly suggest that anyone seeking to refinance their mortgage obtain a quote from Sebonic Financial.
I do not recommend Sebonic. I had a loan officer named Mr. Burgija email me a 30 yr rate quote on July 20th , And emailed me the following day a list of there good reviews , so I completed there information we opened title and escrow and after 2+weeks , another loan officer calls to say she is taking over the file as the first loan officer was no longer with the co. & said sorry we’re not able to honor that rate , the first loan officer did not include cost of subordination request. I sent her the email from him showing it did , she apologized again said she would check with management and they still would not honor there quote. Very unprofessional I have excellent credit , income, home is free and clear should have been easy one to close in a month. If you get a quote from this co you should also ask there management team to approve it.
I a baby boomer, so using an on line platform for something I traditionally used a bank for was a bit of a stretch for my wife and me. But we're glad we went this way. It was straightforward, the people were great, and we proceeded through to close with no hiccups. You do have to prepare for LOTS of email though.
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This is the 4th time that I’ve been through a finance/refinance process and it was by FAR the worst. I’ve never had to gather so many documents, and do as much gathering as I did with Sebonic. After stating that email was the best form of communication for me, they continued to try and contact me elsewise. I very specifically told them to lock the rate in one day and they didn’t until the next after the rates went up more. It was a constant lack of communication and errors on the documents nonstop. The ONLY reason I stayed with them instead of switching was because of the time crunch of a divorce settlement. Which, by the way is difficult enough, but Sebonic magnified the horror of the divorce process multiple times over. I was so glad to finally close the deal, so that I didn’t have to deal with them anymore, but sure enough, the closing has been a nightmare also. Scheduled and confirmed for 4 PM, but after rearranging our day, taking the day off last minute (because I wasn’t aware we were closing that day until the afternoon before) the notary didn’t show until 7, and the stack of papers was horrendously large - she didn’t leave until after 9. The worst part, Sebonic wasn’t even properly prepared for the closing...some of the docs hadn’t been prepared yet!! I will NEVER do business with Sebonic/Cardinal Financial ever again, and I would urge you to STAY AWAY!!
Great communication and extremely smooth process.
I closed a refinance last week with Cardinal/Sebonic. My loan originator Arthur Melchionda was straightforward, explained me all the options and convinced me to get the deal. I had no problems uploading all my documents on their online portal. Closed the loan within 20 days. Will work with them again in the future.
Overall this was an easy and successful transaction. The timeline and communication could use a little work, as my loan was delayed several times for clerical/processing reasons, and I was often the one asking for reasons/answers vs. being told quickly what was going on. However, each person I dealt with was fantastic to work with, quick to respond when I asked a question, and friendly with issue resolution. I would highly recommend Sebonic to those looking to refinance their loan.
Good rate, meaningfully lower than local brick and mortar banks. They attempted to charge an "extension fee" when their own appraiser's glitch held up finalization for closing. It took several calls, but it was finally resolved (as they had promised) at the closing. The software system for tracking documents is a good idea, but confusing in use. Eventually it turned out that documents requiring signatures from all borrowers are resent to all of them if any one of them doesn't sign - without identifying WHO was missing. So I kept on getting the same document to sign, without knowing why. The people were all very pleasant, but often didn't respond to email or voicemails, leaving me guessing as to whether documentation met their needs.
Scott, my loan originator, did a fantastic job explaining everything and was always available to answer our questions! The online portal for loading and reviewing documents worked great, and I appreciated the modern take on obtaining a mortgage. And, closing was painlessly completed at our home on a Sunday so we wouldn't have to miss work.
I was skeptical of Sebonic when I applied for a refinance via Bankrate. I hadn't heard of the company and went strictly off of the reviews. My peace of mind was put to rest by John Ruskin (Loan Originator) and Cy Lokuan(Loan Processor). Both individuals are highly responsive, diligent, and accurate in their work. In the end, Sebonic actually ended up having the cheapest rate, APR, and fees. This was compared to Guaranteed Rate and Chase. I would recommend Sebonic to any of my friends for a re-finance!
I was a bit leery about applying for a hone loan online. Given this was my home purchase, I did not know what to fully expect in the process of applying for a loan. The idea of not being able to meet with someone one-on-one to answer questions and step me through the process was a bit intimidating. I couldn’t have had a better experience. Everyone at Sebonic made time for me, answered all my questions and made themselves available both by phone and by email. They made sure that I was informed with all the available information at every step of the loan process. Communication was thorough, professional and complete. And, when it came to processing documents, the process couldn’t be more modern. Just about every step was paperless and handled online through their secure web site. Sebonic is modern home loans at its best. Competitive rates, smooth transactions, thorough communication. I would highly recommend Sebonic to anyone looking for an awesome home loan.
I just wanted to let everyone know how amazing this team is. This experiance was delightful!!! John D’Amato was the main contact and George Williams have to say they were truly amazing!!! They were responsive, informative and professional... I read tons of reviews and my experiance was amazing plus they beat 3 other local lenders out with a better interest rate. Thank you guys.
Just closed on a 15 year, 2.875 refi with Sebonic. Best mortgage experience of my life! Thank you to Jason and Andrew Booth for the quick turnaround! Got it done in less than 3 weeks!
From the first rate query to the closing table, my loan originator was engaging and responsive and took me through the loan process with ease and transparency to refinance my existing 30-year mortgage. I took on a major new project at work just a few days after opening my loan application, and thought I wouldn't have time to deal with a mortgage refi until my work storm blew through... Faith Milot and the Sebonic loan team made it all too easy, though, and with great communication and exceptional responsiveness, the refi was a piece of cake! With a notary coming to my door to close, I really could have done the entire process without ever leaving home! Thanks for a great experience--not to mention a phenomenal rate and closing costs below the competition! I recommend Sebonic with full confidence!
Fantastic experience overall. Super easy and efficieny. All electronic documents and signatures. Great online portal to track progress and to do lists. Could not be simpler. Rate was by far the best out there.
We had a fantastic experience with our refi! We got quick accurate information, and although they were quite busy with other customers I felt they really cared about our loan and even made adjustments we needed. Not only did they have the best rates, but having us close at our own house made things a breeze. Would totally recommend to friends and family-- and we have!
My experience with Sebonic Financial exceeded expectations! Every step of the way, they were professional, friendly, and timely. I've completed my refinance and couldn't be happier with how they handled the entire transaction, from start to finish. I have already been recommending them to my friends.