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SenecaOne Online Loan Reviews

We have done numerous transactions with Seneca one. Each of which were very smooth and easy. Their team is very pleasant to work with escpecially Ari and CK! Thank you!!
Good people to work with got the job done Quick would be 5 out 5 stars but I didn't get my Check in Advanced Like I was told I would be getting other then that good people trust worthy no scams whatsoever.
They do a very good job with their clients,if we need anything they are there.
I thought they were making me chase after my money. With the advance I was told one thing but when it was time to get it they didn't want to do what they said and I almost backed out till they gave it to me. And when I finally got the money my life insurance thy got for me was taking longer than expected so they said I they hold on to the last $1000 then they would give me an extra$1000 do RB waiting. When I asked how long would it take try wouldn't give me a direct answer but the lady said it should only be a couple weeks at the most. Well almost a month later and I'm waiting and I start texting the lady and she don't get back to me. So I start texting slot and she was still ignoring me and I got mad and frustrated saying tht now that they got their money they weren't to eager to help me anymore. All I wanted was for her to check and se how much longer it was gonna be. I texted several times over the next couple of weeks and she woul DB answer only a couple of times saying "s he was on the road, or out of town or I'll heck and get back to me tomorrow" and many other excuses. Finally I got fed up and demanded they just give me the $1000 they were holding I didn't want the other $1000. That lady was extremely rude to me and it made me regret using Seneca one. On a positive note the time to get approved from the courtesy really quick but getting them to honor their word. So I would not recommend this company to anyone.
I've done two separate transactions with S1. The first with Mike Ryan and Joel, the second with BJ and Scott. Both transactions went very quickly, and I was kept in the loop by all parties involved on a daily basis. I was funded within 2 months on both transactions. I had previously worked with another company 2 years prior that was a complete nightmare and I wasn't funded for almost 7 months. (Ahem *123 lump sum*) All the guys from Seneca One were very personable, knowledgeable, and straight forward. It was a marvelous experience! Thanks, y'all!!
I have dealt with other company,s Seneca 1 ,the most honest and trustworthy I have dealt with .helped me and my family,I will never forget them,ty ck.
SenecaOne has honesty and integrity. They treat you like you are a real person, and not a number.
It took over a week and a half to get my money. I still havent received my other$6000.00. Which was posed to be here the beginning of may it is now may 14
Poor communication skills, after my court date and I was approved, it was all but impossible to get anyone to talk with me about when I was getting my money, I was told 7-10 business days, when in reality I was given 3 desperate checks a month later, I should have trusted my gut and went to jg went worth instead,
The people are easy to work with and kept me informed at all stages of the transaction.
Excellent service makes a difference and goes a long way, the person that help me through the process of all the paperwork was excellent very knowledgeable very patient and very understanding thank you CK. I was always kept informed and updated on everything that was being done the transition was very smooth.
Well taken care of. Great representives and they genuinely care about getting you your money as quick as possible.
I work with Ari an Seneca one an they were very honest an trust worthy. When I need answers I could call them with no problem at all. An at the end everything work out great. I would send any one to them with trust. Adrian Ellis
Yes I would recommend this company and Mike Ryan's Team was just great !!
I am very happy with Senica I was treated so good by Ashlee I feel like we became friends she was very friendly and was always able to answer any question I had and if she didn't know she found out very quickly. I would recommend you guys to anyone.
Amazing team of people and they work hard for you!