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Silver Cloud Financial Online Loan Reviews

The very best experience in getting a loan. Thankful for the wonderful customer service. I would recommend the company to any one looking to get a loan
Silver Cloud Financial made it easy to apply for funds, the customer service rep that helped me was very helpful, and funds were in my account on the same day!
Very quick and easy! Thank you so much!
Friendly people
Thank u and very fast approval..five star..

Silver Cloud Financial was super good. I was trying to get more money but I didn’t get what I was looking for. But the lending process was very easy and quick.

The rates are comparatively steep. Hopefully the money will be deposited next day but there was no guarantee that would happen. I had to speak with 2 different people after the online process whereas other sites it was done in one step, no personal calls to my work number, and a next day guarantee. Update: I did receive the money next-day and they explained sometimes smaller banks can take an extra day
Easy to use and quick
It was easy to borrow money I requested for. Infact, I got my money within Four hours of approval.
Thank you for being nice and working with me
I’m returning customer and was able to get process done in an efficient and professional manner.
Representative was very polite and professional. Process was very easy.
Quick very easy process. Very happy with results
Haven't got my money yet ..asked for same day cash advance and still haven't got it !!!
I had a heartfelt experience. I’m so embarrassed about my financial situation and the incredibly kind Customer Service Representatives made me feel so much better and they didn’t judge me. Thank you for helping me through my most difficult financial situation ever. I’m grateful.
Quick response and processing.
Very supportive, quick response with easy applicafion
It was fast and simple!
Everything happened with such ease! Thank you Silver Cloud Financial!!
great if you pay back right away!
Excellent-no reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone.
Wonderful... a truly God sent in time of need.
Very reliable and efficient. Apply in the morning and got my money in the afternoon. Kudos to cloud financial staff.
Works great in a pinch! Friendly staff, quick and easy. DO NOT stretch payments out over time though, it gets very pricey. I recommend this company.
Interest rate too high.
Monthly Fees r a little high, but great Customer service
Fast and easy! Thanks!
Life saver thank you for helping highly recommended.
Easy and quick. Definitely will use again. Friendly and professional staff.
Very helpful and works with their clients well
Expensive.. 30.00 per hundred. But I needed it to make an important payment. In WA state it was 15.00 per hundred.
Very fast and easy to work with only complaint is that after applying they called me 5-7 times a day to continue with the loan and even called my office several times.
Very helpful, very nice and got me fast results!!
Great customer services easy access
Excellent customer service! I recommend them if you need a loan.
Very efficient, money in account same day as promised! Customer service was excellent!
I got an emergency loan when it was needed. Staff were helpful and efficient as were internet interfaces . Everything moved quickly. Regarding the initial phone call from Silver Cloud: the representative could have directed me to the introductory email before asking for my Social. I didn't like her demanding tone, she could have started "we sent you an email stating that we woul call, now we need to confirm information." rather than "confirm you social..."
Customer Service was EXCELLENT
The representative I spoke with was very pleasant and helpful. She stayed on the line with me to make sure everything was done correctly. She also helped with all my questions I had.
It looks like i can payoff early to save me money owed on interest. So, I good now.
always great customer service and very easy to work with!

The lending process at Silver Cloud was really quick. It was a lot easier than any other loan experiences I've had. I didn’t have to go through too much and the application only took me about five minutes or so. The lending processor was very nice and she asked me a couple of questions. Silver Cloud Financial really helped me since I had to pay some overdue bills and paying the money back wasn't too hard. The loan processor explained it when we had taken out. It was really cool. I would recommend them to my friends if they ever needed a loan.

Great service..always accommadating..highly recommended.
Whenever I needed a loan I called and was help very dearly everything went very smooth and the questions and the amount and the deposit I would advise anyone to give you a chance excellent
Approval wasn't a headache
Quick honest and reliable
The only complaint I’d have is the interest rate, but anyone who goes into these loans realistically understands rates are going to be high. Everyone is friendly and helpful.

I went online, and Silver Cloud sounded like a company that I would want to do business with. They’re secured and they're not like the other payday-loan-type places. The way that they check the payment seemed different to me though. If you’re in the process of doing a loan or if you needed to increase that amount, you could do it while you’re still paying on the loan, which nobody else does. While the lending process of some companies are a hassle, Silver Cloud's was very easy. It took a total of 30 minutes. They didn’t take any phone calls, we didn’t have to send anything in, and they didn’t have to call my bank. The situation at the time was much easier and I didn’t have to stress about all the other stuff that you have to do to jump through hoops to just get $400. It wasn't like you're asking for a huge amount of money to fix the situation you’ve got going. I have already recommended Silver Cloud to somebody and I would do business with them again.

I’ve always experienced awesome customer service each time I’ve spoken with Silver Cloud. Just really nice to know I can rely on this service in times of need and it’s fast and easy.
New account excellent customer service
Customer service was awesome! She answered my questions and concerns.
It was a easy process.
Easy and painless. Very helpful people
Well it's little too high for small loans,need to be lower payment thank u.

If you make a payment at Silver Cloud and then pay down the loan, they reduce your finance charge. Your payment then goes down as much as you pay down the loan. When I filled up the application in the morning, I got the money in the evening. Since I'm a returning customer, I don't go through a lot of paperwork unlike in other companies, where you gotta get approved through the bank again. Silver Cloud is just straight up. Silver Cloud has very good customer service and they helped me out. I can refer it to my friends if they wanna try. They are different and they are the best.

it was quick and easy and the customer service was great now im just waiting on my deposit
Customer service was excellent! I like their payment structure which allows you a lot of flexibility on paying off the loan as soon as possible!
Friendly and quick
Great customer service and help thank you
Easy and convenient. Reasonable interest rates, safe and reliable. In time if need happy they were if service.
Quick, and courteous. Definitely the lender of choice when I need a quick loan for an emergency.
Super fast when I needed it most! Great customer service!
Pain fee service
They helped me when I need it.
easy and fast money
Love them idk what I would do if it were not for them great help when u are struggling and fast rapid response great people .....
Excellent loan service
Quick easy very nice to work with. I enjoy the experience and I able to use the funding made available.
I was able to understand the process from beginning to end in laymen,s terms. Straight forward answers to my concerns.
I wanted the $800 loan but $300 was ok. They were trying. I appreciate that
My rep was understanding patient and helpful.
Interest rates and payments are to expensive. If you are approved for a loan your first payment is due within the same week.
Their loan process is the most user friendly process I have ever encountered. Everything felt seamless from start to finish. The loan documents are easy to understand and the outline of payments is very clear and concise.
I’m a real customer and not an affiliate. I’ve used Silvecloud since April of 2017. I live in New Jersey and when you compare short term/payday loans as they are often called, Silvercloud stands above the rest. Although fees are still significantly higher that a traditional bank, once you establish credit, the fees are more reasonable.
Yes I highly recommend them great customer service also very friendly staff
Professional, efficient, quick and always make me feel like my business matters.
You guys are very helpful and you have excellent customer service.

These people had the nerve to call me at work to try to get me to take a loan from them. I did a general inquiry through a lending site and several companies responded within seconds, so I chose to go with a company with WAY BETTER interest rates and a better reputation. They kept asking me for my social security number in order to stop the calls. You do not call a customer's place of business and expect them to conduct personal business with them unless a customer agrees. IT'S NOT ILLEGAL BUT IT IS BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE.

So easy t do business with great people to deal with
You guys servis was fast and eazy
the person who helped me get the loan completed was very helpful and polite
Great customer service to high of interest rates should give breaks to good customers
I would reccomend you all...
Silver Cloud is always so helpful and courteous!
Both ladies were extremely kind and helpful ty.
Very easy process. Got money right away
Needed the money fast and they can through fast
Very quick, easy, and professional
The service was excellent. The representative was professional and helpful. All my questions were answered.
Very positive and professional experience.
Customer service was very knowledgeable in what I need - my paperwork was quick and easy - electronic signing was a plus - got the money the same day in my bank account
Very fast clear and knowledgeable
Fast and friendly service. It was a great experience. Thank you for that.
Fast easy application process
Bad review because I can't make a payment before the payment date. I was told I could make a payment when I set up the loan. Then I was told I couldn't before the first payment date when I called today. This is unfair, since I have to wait.. 40 dollars gets added on to my bill. I'm sure that after my first payment date I can't make another until the next payment date and another 40 gets added. Almost 100 more because I cant make a payment before the payment date. I am unsatisfied with this process. If I could make a 800 payment then I wouldn't need the loan in the first place. After I pay my loan I will not use your service or recommend because I dont like cheats. You should allow customers to make payments before the payment date.
I am completely satisfied with the service I received
Customer service is friendly and professional
I really have never had a problem , sometimes would like the transfer of funds to be faster.
Very easy process. Extremely great customer service!
The reps are very pleasant and try to explain all the details of any questions you may ask