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not really any help at all waste of time
Gave straight forward answers, no smoke blowing, that is sought after in our fast-paced world.
Quick, to the point ready to assist with business growth... Mr. Gyrome Fudge
I was told someone would contact me in a few minutes, they never did.
Hoping they can help.
Easy and straight forward with questions.
I hope my experiene becomes good .
I have not seen any loans or terms but the application process is simple and straight forward. So far so good.
Solid Rock works fast to help your business when in need for some capital to help your business grow.
15 years as public service in Sierra Leone government and was promoted to accountant. Inproved department revenue. 4 years as assistant manager in Allies Inc New Jersey helped the expansion of the organization. Presently, 5 years as a founder and president of Kaddra Farm Inc, striving to excel in Agriculture industry. Furthermore, 1 years running a thrift Store, collecting donated material.
Am surely anticipating a favorably response to my application so I could appropriately set up this business. And naturally, I have high hopes and confidence that I will be assisted. Allowed me to address your website as the magnificent Samaritan of the age. Since I have been always pushed away by other companies. Audley Brown
Have not formed one yet
Just another fly by night outfit looking to make a buck.
Waiting to see if this loan offer will materialize in good faith, by Silver Rock Funding advertisement on
Spam ppl. The whole thing is a scam to get your information and use it you never get called back and its really sad how people sit back and play on others people livelihood it's not right
Great ! Fantastic ! Quick !
The application process was so easy! I was done in less than five minutes!!
I would highly
I am looking for private money and I found Silver Rock Funding on Facebook so I tried the application.
W Cool ni awesome
They was quick fast nice an also polite
We'll silver rock is a good organization to to wen you in need of help
Only takes a few minutes to complete the form to see if you qualify!
I have simply completed the online process. Thus, I don't have enough experience to leave an indepth review. However what attracted me to this lending option was the fact it seems to bring resources as well as dollars. In other words if these are private investors as well as lending institutions, then the liklihood of having smart money or money from investors in my industry seems likely and what attracted me to fill out an application.
I went online and I received a message saying someone from Silver Rock was going to contact me me in few minutes. Well it's been two days and nothing. Very disappointed!
Wow that was really easy and fast
Didn't get what i needed but at least they tried to help.
i have no time in yet ill let you know later
Personally, I took advantage of the promotional offers sent to me. Also, I would like to share my experience with whomever reads this (or whomever reviews it). This company helps with people and families whom have low-credit scores or have had negative experiences with past credit circumstances. Thank you Silver Rock Funding.
Dont think life For granted work hard and ull have everthing in life work hard its worth it. !!!!!!!!!$!$$!!
your company seems to be helping
This is the best
Jose, I was in a very similar situation, but thank god I didn't deposit the check they sent me. So I went to the local Police station and told them my story and gave them the check for over 7K. I feel terrible for the elderly especially. Which is is why I'm studying Social Work with concentration in Gerontology. Thank you Jose!
They suck treat you crap when you finally get to talk to someone they are rud then you get the runaround after you give them you information then they will tell you approved then they will tell they need more information when you already gave them all your information so now you think you are getting done but no they transfer you to someone else that don't have a clue what's going on
Pretty easy fast pretty application. .
I have read good reviews of your company and I am applying for some financial help. Please help me.