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Speedy Cash Online Loan Reviews

My goodness, incredible service!!
Thanks for you help, application was reviewed quickly and approval was granted.
Never received my loan.
Quick approval, no fus. Helpful customer support staff
I like how quick and easy it was to get things done .the only thing I wish would have gone different was how much I got ..wish is understandable being the first time customer..i will tell others about ur company thanks again and looking forward to do business in the future
I have found that your company is very important in that when one needs help you are there, and I am very pleased with my association with your company.
Money the next day when no one else would.. so grateful for the help with reasonable payment options.. Thanks, SPEEDY CASH....
So glad I used these guys. Super fast and application process was painless.
I just want to Thank you so much for your help...

Speedy Cash is great for that emergency when you are a bit short. I am heading on vacation and need a little extra to make it enjoyable. Appreciate the quick finding time. No hassle no wait. Just submit the app and the money is there the next day. Great timing and gives you 30 days to pay it back. Better than a credit card.

Quick, easy, very dependable for helping when help in financial situations is needed. Our family is very thankful to have found your services to aid us in the crisis we found ourselves in.....Thank, and we will b paying it back quickly as we can. Having the loan paid off gives us the confidence to know yall are always there if we may need the help!!
It was very easy and quick to get my cash advance from your company. If I am ever in need to use your services again, I will not hesitate. I will recommend you to friends and family. Thank you for being there.
Fast, Simple and Easy
Interest rate entirely too high .
So far they have stood by their word.
Fast and easy application, would recommend to anyone.
It was a quick process.
It would be nice for you to report credit to credit companys- if I'm trying to build credit, and you're not reporting it, then what's the use in staying with you?
Its all in the name, speedy cash when you need it! I got what I needed within a day. Really helped!
Y'all done great thank you so much
Your representatives were professional and very courteous. I was in and out in a short time.
Friendly and helpful customer service. I accidentally disconnected my call, and calling back the agent make sure it wouldn't happen again he took my number and expedited my call to the correct department and complete my application.
The online app did not work, so I called and got approval instantly for my immediate needs. I went inside branch to pick up funds. Unfortunately the new $100 bill I received was not recognized by the ATM currency validator. So I still have not used 100 of the 200 borrowed. Waiting for bank to determine if counterfeit or validator was malfunctioning.
I really needed some extra little cash. Soon as i feel out the app they approved me for what i wanted and then it was in my bank account the next day!!! By far a great loan company!
It was fast through and safe
Quick fast and reasonable
SpeedyCash has been a great help to me at times but I wish of course it wasn’t so expensive and you need to find a way to do same day cash deposit. The card charges for everything so that’s not good. Otherwise it’s a good company. Very helpful
Amazing service
Very easy online application. Everyone very pleasant and professional when I came to pick up cash and sign paperwork.
Quick, easy, no hassle. I would refer anyone to go to speedy cash.I
Speedy cash is a great company and the customer service reps. Are very helpful.I have ran in into a couple of problems paying on time and they have worked with me every time.
They make the process easy. Customer service is decent and they offer several ways to receive your money.
Good service,easy to apply,but the interest is a killer. Absolutely pay back way more than you minimum.
It was quick! Thanks
I felt like person on the phone with me was very professional, helpful. My experience was a good one. I have already given your site to others. Thanks
Excellent service great rates
I was able to get my loans the next day after I had applied for them.
The process was fast and funding was right on time.

Speedy Cash is the best place to go if you need money right now. Speedy Cash was very helpful and professional and friendly. I had my fund within 24 hours. That's good! I would recommend Speedy cash to anyone needing a loan. They work with you in any citation! They have long term loans also, if that's for you. Me, I like to pay once a month. After you pay your loan, they offer you another loan. That's good! So, if you need cash I would really come here. What could they say, No! I haven't heard it yet! Great place. Love April.

Service was outstanding from start to finish
I was upset at the time that I was looking for help. After getting intouch with speedycash all of my problems were solved. I will always pass on what a good company to work with when you need help. Thank you for being there.
Quick and easy. I would imagine that's what you were going for and you succeeded. It really helped me out when I needed it. I did however talk to a customer service representative and she was not as accurate as could have been. Very friendly and willing to help however. I also feel as though they have no more control over the loan than I do. As in, I typed in a incorrect amount and immediately called to have it changed. They ended up having to cancel the whole loan process and resubmit it. My approval rating went from 500 to 300 in that 35 seconds. I truthfully would not complain to anybody about this site and Company. I have actually already suggested it. Just an honest review.
I needed some fast cash to keep my commitments I had made so I looked in the yellow Pages and saw Speedy Cash and gave them a call. I have to say it was very pleasant speaking with your rep there about securing a loan and was approved in less than 1 minute! Wow! And was also pleased that I could pay it out early and save my interest cost! Needless to say when ever I need some fast cash I will always use Speedy Cash every time. Great place to do business!
I was skeptical at first, is SC really will help get me a cash with affordable payments. But in two days, SC did their promised as advertised on-line. Thanks SC!
Thank u for depositing so quickly
Very simple do deal with. I especially like the fact you are giving the option to alter your payment due date.
Everything was simple and easy would recommend to any one
Speedy Cash was great just wish it could have been more than what i got. Thanks
you did great n i thank you
Fast, and convenient. Polite and friendly customer service
You make me feel like family your great
It was quick and easy to apply for a low amount of money and delivery was promised the next da ly
Speedy Cash came through when these other "guaranteed" companies didn't. They gave me just the right amount I needed.
very prompt appreciate you in my time of need i hope to do business with speddy cash for a long time
Great Customer service with fast results.
you have been there for me and i thke you for it :) :)
Applied for then sent to my bank within 24 hours. I will pay in full by 1st installment. Thank you.
Seems legit, customer care is decent.
Great experience really fast
The app was easy to use and well set up.
Quick and easy!!! No hassles. Worth it if only for short term though!!
Fast and quick response to my loan request. Funds were deposited as stated.
Speedy Cash was the best option at the right time!
None needed it’s a great service I love it thanks
Speedy Cash has always been there for me when I needed them won't go anywhere else
after doing this loan foe a lot of months now I was wondering why we cant get a little more amount on r payday loan

I love Speedy Cash! I wasn't sure if I would qualify because I don't have the best credit. But I was in a bind and needed cash quick. I definitely will recommend to my friends. My daughter's birthday is coming up and I was stressed I wouldn't have been able to get her something. I have no worries about that now.

Great service and reasonable times to pay it back!
I did my loan over the internet and my experience was a great . I got approved for the amount that I wanted. I was fast and secured site .
Very fast service! Got my money next morning!
I first went online to complete application and then was directed to a Speedy cash location near me which was complimentary of my online application fill out. Once I visited the store location I had an incredible experience with your Dickerson pk location employees. Mrs. Parris served me and she was so knowledgeable, polite and beautiful, it topped my day off. Then the following up service with Mrs. Nikita and assistant manager Anthony, all was wonderful. Many thanks to the Speedy Cash Dickerson pk. location.
I easy to work with. THANK YOU
Customer service was very courteous and very helpful and they did everything very quickly I really appreciate speedy cash
Good prompt service
They were quick and responsive. Probably why they are called "Speedy Cash"! They asked everything at the beginning and did not keep coming back with more requests. I also like the payback schedule - they seem to have taken into account that I get paid once a month. Thank you for your help.
Very satisfied with the service.
Good people to deal with
Good reliable company. Very helpful.
excellent service and very fast process.
Fast and easy very satisfied
You guys are great and i would recommend your services to anyone
You all have done excellent by me. You are very effective and efficient when dealing with my loans. Thank you
Easy quick and fast
Excellent service and courteous
Very easy and kind to work with.
Excellent customer service...responsive to my questions
Very helpful to me in a time of need
The loan process was easy and quick
I had a great experience. Customer service was friendly and explainec the whole process. I recieved my money immediately. I would highly recommend Speedy Cash for a short term loan.
I had a very good experience they done what they say they would
Quick and easy cash
Thanks works wonderfully
Customer service from over the phone and in person are great. However your interest rates are ridiculous.
Y’all did great
Day, quick and no hassle! Thank you!
Thank you for making this a simple and easy process.
It's a great way to borrow cash swiftly and safely. Once you are a proven customer once, the re-borrow is a breeze and can be picked up in person on the day, or delivered to your bank the next business day. And there is built-in breathing room on your prepay date if you need. It's a godsend in times of immediate need.
Easy fast excellent service a good way to get fast emergency money
The loan was done quick and so easy. Thank you for considering me for a loan.