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Spotlight Business Credit and Funding
Spotlight Business Credit and Funding

Spotlight Business Credit and Funding Online Loan Reviews

This is an excellent company! I have been with Spotlight since 2016 and they have helped every step of the way. Yes, you do have to follow their steps and instructions, and go through 4 rounds of lenders they provide - but in the end it worked exactly as they stated. The only thing they do not do is fill out the credit application for me, duh. BTW (last reviewer) you prob didn't pay your bills on time. I was referred to them by a business colleague of mine that used them and had the same experience. I would recommend their service to everyone.
I honestly didn't think we'd ever have the hope of building business credit and moving closer to our goal of opening a brick and mortar store until we met Spotlight Business Funding! They are helping us rediscover the hope of our dream and goals through their truly superior knowledge, service, and experience by having offered us a way to build our business from the ground up! We didn't think this was possible but because of spotlight, our faith is restored! Thank you so much spotlight for your continued success!
I recently signed up with spotlight funding and their business credit building program. Mandy in customer service was extremely helpful and explained the program in detail, I look forward to building my new business credit much faster with spotlight. Thank You, Spotlight Funding
to say I've been around the block when it comes to companies that "SAY" what they can do with regards to establishing your business...would be an understatement...I have probably spent way over $25k in the past 10 years...each company saying they can "GET BUSINESS CREDIT"...not one of them came through...I've learned a lot in these past 15 years with regards to establishing your business...I have heard every story...where they begin to explain the ins-and-outs of business credit...they all just never even got me to first base...Spotlight Funding has all but held my hand in creating...and most importantly developing a business profile that hats off to their personal touch that they give their won't find it out there any place else...TRUST ME I KNOW
Spotlight Business Credit has been a huge help for me and creating and growing business credit for my company. They have unbelievable resources to point you in the right direction of getting the necessary funding resources for your business, but more importantly to ensure that your personal credit and business credit are separated. Most people have no idea how to create a strong Paydex score for your business - Spotlight can do it for you and show you very cool "tricks" to make your business very fundable!
I was very skeptical at first but after working with the spotlight team it eased any reservations i had. Ray was very detailed and prompt. I really enjoy working with Spotlight.
We are blessed.Myself and my husband mr. & mrs. Freeman has just signed up with Spotlight funding with JJ I really like him and I admire his honesty. He really went above and beyond to get us some help and to get us signed up. Everything he promised me I am looking forward to coming true.I feel as if this is an honest person and honest business. Im looking forward to positive things to come. I am truly glad and grateful that JJ found us. Because we have been struggling with trying to get our company up and running the right way. We were burnt 2 years ago with a large amount of money and we were really hesitant about moving forward with JJ. But he convinced me and had me looking to their website for the company Better Business Bureau in a couple other places that I can't remember off the top of my head for research. But I'm glad I looked into it once again thank you very much for your help.
I have used Spotlight Funding to build credit for my trucking company. They do what they say! I needed their help and they have always been there for my company. If you are a Business Owner and you are still using your personal credit to run your company, then you need to get onboard and start using your EIN for business credit. They give a $100 referral bonus, so tell them RoadRunner Truckn LLC sent you. Thanks.
I searched for two years for honest help, free guidance information, and paid guidance information. I was running out of things to search for, questions to ask about starting a business, and getting funding. Knowing that it is a pretty penny to start a tow business, paying for all the licenses that are required and not knowing which steps to take first.I got fed up!!! I was looking like I was living in a fantasy world to my wife and throwing money away to people that didn’t give me the knowledge that I needed to start my very own business. I came close to giving up because of the money wasted. I prayed and Spotlight Funding stumbled across my search engine a couple days later. I hesitated, I was scared, and I did not want to lose anymore money. I was determined and I told myself there has got to be away. I called in and was connected to JD. I have never spoke to a representative that made me feel so comfortable speaking, asking questions about funding, start-ups, ideas, and all the dos, don'ts, and what-ifs. Linking up with JD and Spotlight Funding came along with other reps that were the same and it was unbelievable! Currently I’m halfway through the program and I have received calls for services already!!! I didn’t even do any advertising yet. Is this real I asked the customer & how did he find me? So, he told me how and that just confirmed to me that the steps Spotlight Funding has me taking are working! Special thank you JD for having the patience, answering the phone, and getting back to me same day if he did miss my call. Thank you very much to the rest of the Spotlight team Mandy and Michael keep up the good work with helping beginners step by step. Sincerely Raymond Douglas
This company spotlight i enjoy why the hope of credit to come for my company. this is optimistic13 llc
Very helpful, punctual and great service!
They are great service credit
I have been in business for eight years now and have been searching for some help for the last year and thank goodness I found these guys! They not only took their time and were patient with all of my questions , they understood why I was going to them. They explained why certain things are important and why others are not so important. They laid out a timeline and told me what to expect and when to expect it. The other competitors don't stand a chance! Very very happy to have found this company! Ray is an asset!
Ray was a great help help me establish my credit in 2 months I have 10 tradelines and a great paydex score thanks Ray
Ray was very honest and he wasn't trying to sell me a dream. I'm going to stick it out with Ray because I feel like he will get my business where it needs to be. I'm feeling blessed!
He has a real good company like he said on time safely
Awesome customer service and assistance, would recommend them for any business.
Great Customer service thus far the only thing keeping me from giving a 5 star is having to ask multiple times for payment receipt other than that everything else has been great.
Spotlight funding offers excellent service and knowledge when it comes to building credit and acquiring funding. They work with you step by step to ensure you are working with the most reliable sources to expedite building your credit portfolio. Their knowledge and experience utilizing the most adventageous avenues can seriously help anyone to build or rebuild their personal or business credit fast. With their help I was able to build my business credit trade lines while raising my personal credit score over 80 points. They worked with me through the process and I have added over 50K in new credit and funding for my business. I highly recommend their services for anyone that wants to build their business and personal credit the right way the first time and avoid costly mistakes. They will save you a lot of time and money instead of trying to do it all on your own and have tons of testimonials from clients like myself that have exceptional results very quickly.
A Very Special thanks to John and Ray. They are very down to earth, easy to talk to and easy to work with. My experience so far is simply UNBELIEVABLE, These guys know what they are doing. If your confused, they have no issues taking what ever time it takes to explain to you whatever it is your not understanding. This Program Completely BEATS all Other Hands Down.I look forward to working with them. Thank You Spotlight!!