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StreetShares Online Loan Reviews

StreetShares has helped me fund my business needs. They've been great and I hope to use them again in the future.
After giving all my info, I NEVER received a call with a status on the application. Finally, I call them to see if I "qualified," for a loan. The guy looks up my application or whatever and then asks how much do I make a year personally, apparently you have to make at least $25,000 a year, to qualify for a loan. I asked him, well, that's not what is advertised- what streetshares advertised is, if you have bad credit you still can qualify for a loan." The only thing he says is, "sorry we can't go any further." They didn't offer any assistance whatsoever, and a lot of the reviews online are fake. The guy didn't give me two minutes before telling me there was nothing he could do. Bad service, bad company and bad advertisement.
StreetShares has some really nice folks working there. And it's nice to have a decent interest rates for my investments. The only issue I have is that small business's have to have 25k profit coming in to qualify for a loan. It would be nice if they had a lower threshold for the loans.
I can honestly say working with StreetShares has been a blessing. They responded immediately when I inquired and I received funds within a couple of days. They advised me of all my options without upselling me. I highly recommend them for access to quick capital to grow your business.
This is a much needed service directed to the community that needs it the most and in my opinion, has the best chance of positively benefiting from the service.
We have used Streetshares on several projects. With Streetshares helping with initial project financing, we can focus on the project and the client. Streetshares has followed through on everything agreed to on each occasion. Streetshares has become our go to financing partner for all of our Government project (contracts).
The purpose of Streetshares is laudable in that it helps small businesses obtain credit. Granted, they are not altruistic and take a cut, but connecting small business owners with community lending is a crucial function. The platform makes investing easy (autoinvest is simple) and they handle all the logistics. I only know it from the investor side, but think its a top notch operation. No reservations here.
Easy to apply, obtain, and pay back. StreetShares ROCKS! As an SDVOSB and extremely small business, we needed funding for growth and we got it, in 48 hours!
I made an investment with veteran business bonds I could not be happier with the level of support from Streetshares team. I am proud to help fund veteran businesses!
I Have recieved several pieces of mail from Streetshares. Being a Veteran in need of some help to keep my little owner operator trucking buisness running, I gave Streetshares a call. Once I informed them I was an owner operator truck driver, oh sorry we dont do any buisness with trucking companies at this time. Thanks for the help.
Costs for loan are high, but the process wasn't too hard and the turnaround was faster than a bank loan. There were some stumbles along the way, so it wasn't as fast as advertised, but they did get things sorted out and get me the funds in a reasonable timeframe. If your business is too small and too new to qualify for a bank loan, or has revenues too low for the bigger "small" business loan companies, try them out - they may surprise you.
StreetShares is simply an outstanding company. The concept is brilliant and the managers are hugely qualified and motivated. It helps on the giving and receiving end of business borrowing, especially for veterans. It was founded to provided help, but it's also a great way for recipients to build wealth. Strongly, strongly recommend this service to lenders and borrowers alike!
StreetShares is a fantastic resource for startups and small businesses to get access to the additional funding they need in order to grow their business. Waveborn Sunglasses got a StreetShares loan in November to help cover holiday fulfillment needs and smooth out our seasonal cash flow. Their team is great to work with and wants to find ways to help your business succeed.
Street Shares made the entire lending process a breeze! The were incredibly patient with me and provided me with all the information I needed in order to set up my account and access to the resources my business needed. I would recommend Street Share to anyone anytime.
they had great commication, they help me step by step get the loan procces i would recommend to all.
Support your veterans. Streetshares is well worth checking out.
I am anxious to get to a point of a bit lower interest but I did get a loan when my local banks would not help me. The jury is still out but it looks good.
Streetshares is really interesting. They are bringing the behavior norms of the small town - transparency / accountability - to groups like veterans where service is a priority. I like this a lot. I like it since it feels human. I call it "Back to the Future" because small town banking was this way. Today, it feels like banks have lost their way a bit as they scaled. I like how this company / team is making lending a relationship again.
Great and friendly service. A nice return and helps a great group of people.
It is a great pleasure working with you. GOD bless you Mike STelacio
Quick and all staffs very helpful.
Excellent job reaching out to the Veteran business community!
The service is great, had great communication, quick responses and follow up.
StreetShares came in to my life right at a time when I had an amazing opportunity to grow my business, but I lacked the necessary capital. My credit was demolished when our real estate business tanked in 2006, but that did not scare away StreetShares investors. They were able to analyze my business plan, financials and determine I was a safe risk.
Good partners to work with. Responsive to questions and helpful. Have provided good and consistent returns.
Spartan was in need of immediate cash and Streetshares delivered exactly what they promised. I was able to borrow money for operating expenses without the "red tape" that traditional banks require. The process was simple and quick. The staff was friendly and responsive. It almost seemed too good to be true. Thankfully it was real and true! I would recommend any small business, in need of funding, to give Streetshares a try.
Set-up was a breeze - some basic information and a few clicks and I was all set. The rate of return on your investment is a no-brainer; I can't get that on any savings account, CD, etc. I logged in a couple days later and everything was updated so I knew exactly what I made. They could explain how interest is compounded and provide a bit more detail, but that's it. Supporting a veteran-owned company that supports other veterans is an added bonus. Sign up. You won't regret it.
This was really a quick and painless process. Staff were very professional and took time to learn about our business. We got the rate we needed and asked for and good service along the way. We were able to pay off our loan nearly a year early and that only took a phone call.
StreetShares has been wonderful to work with. The are quick, thorough and fair. I highly recommend them.
very simple and easy to use. Add money and save!
Best Customer Service. Quick response. understands our needs and business
Minimal paperwork and process.
Glad to have found it Short term and liquid if needed
Great processes and info. Great data.
I am an active investor in the P2P space. While other p2p sites are getting away from sharing all the details of a deal, Street Shares is completely transparent. You can look a deal from all sides and know exactly what you are getting. You are getting far more than just a FICO score with these guys. Highly recommended.
Working with Street Shares has been easy and FAST! I filled out my application on Wednesday and there was money in the bank by Monday. I am now able to do what I need to do to grow my business.
The StreetShares team was top notch. They were professional and courteous throughout my dealings with them. Would fully recommend them to anyone looking for a small business loan.
With Streetshares is easy and convenient for your business loan.
I began investing with StreetShares in November of 2017. StreetShares offers short term investment with a high rate of return, and has great customer service. I’m very happy with the investment i’v done with StreetShares, and I will continue to increase my investment with the company.
With the banks not willing to lend to American Small Businesses, StreetShares is playing a crucial role in helping Main Street get funding to build small business in America. Well Done!
StreetShares allowed me to access capital needed for the expansion of our firm. The process was easy and the needed capital was made possible at a very attractive repayment rate. I cannot thank the StreetShares team enough.
Love the concept of the company; its mission is is defined by the very people it serves. Plus, your CFO is phenomenal!
My experience with the StreetShares process was a positive one. The one thing missing at the end of the process were financing options to meet my business needs. I was grateful to have financing extended to my business but I also felt the process levied all risk to me and removed all risk to the financier(s).
StreetShares is incredibly easy to use and provides a wealth of information compared to other online platforms. It feels like a real community.
I received kind,prompt, and professional financial assistance from the Streetshare team.
StreetShares is an outstanding veteran-focused firm that is very well run and has established itself as a great investment option for veterans and for anyone that supports veteran businesses!
Great Company and I am proud to be a member .So keep up the good job ! Thank you , Bobby
The people are all great. The customer service is excellent. If you know your credit score is not the greatest, be prepared to pay an interest rate that is double most credit cards. I have a credit score around 675 and I was quoted at 27% interest rate... My credit card is only 12.99%.....
StreetShares is a great platform, run professionally. Veterans are especially loved and their unique system is so ingenious.
Great company. Combining investments with good deeds.
The process was very easy and very professional. I really recommend others to talk with these nice folks. They are there to help and that is exactly what they do. They listen to you and your needs, your not just a number and in business everyhing. Thanks so much.
The recruiting process by Michael Deayala was extremely unprofessional. I don't recommend working for this company.
Your representative was polite and courteous and professional in her approach. When I told her I was not interested at this time she did not pressure me.
As a military member myself I love the idea of supporting fellow veterans pursue their careers while also making a good return on my investment. So far the program has performed exactly as advertised, I purchased bonds and have begun receiving interest. I do wish I could see what programs I was supporting, perhaps a revision for the future.
I'm thrilled to be a part of "StreetShares". It's one of the best-investing sites out there on the web.
I like the idea of free enterprise in a heavily regulated banking industry.
I get a good return on my investment and America's entrepreneurs get a source of capital to grow their businesses and hire more people.
Real personalized treatment.
Great way to invest. Great way to borrow.
After learning of Street Shares, and the 5% ROI, I decided to jump on the opportunity. As of now, I have not been disappointed. I like that my investment funds start ups and enables wealth creation through others.
The team is super helpful and friendly! They were very communicative all along the way. They have really great short term products, but it is expensive money, and the terms could be longer.
Very professional. Honored all of their commitments. Extremely helpful during the setup phase. Got us funding quickly. Highly recommended.
Everyone I spoke to was able and willing to help me, professional and polite.
I just started investing with Street Shares. I really like their business model and their target of assisting Veteran small businesses. I am not a Veteran myself, but an investment vehicle where I can get a good return and help out Veterans is a win - win opportunity.
Innovative way to invest in and contribute to local economic growth in our communities.
I purchased a bond which was pretty much a painless process. Fantastic rate. Great experience so far. I would highly recommend ! ! !
Just finished paying off a one-year loan with StreetShares. The experience was positive: they were attentive, gave the business personal attention, and the process itself was smooth and simple.
Great company and easy to invest with. I opened an account only about a month ago but already earning interest and have received great customer service. Nice to know my money is being used to help out small, veteran owned business as well as earning a nice 5%.
The money I invested will be put to good use by Vets, and I get a good return.
The Street Shares staff were very patient and extremely helpful all through out my loan process. They made me feel at ease. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a small loan hassle free.