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I went in to this location for a title loan - came prepared with everything needed for it. The representative Yuritsa was very rude. No customer service skills and very impersonal. After I gave her everything needed she handed me the application and as I was filling it out I would ask a question and she would completely ignore me and was on her personal cell phone thw whole time. Her boss Jorge had just left orhwrwise I would have complained right away. I took the app and paperwork and went to a different location where people have respect. Will never go back there and dont recommend!! Took my business elsewhere ..
Customer Service is excellent and polite. Very patient and helpful enjoy doing business with company
I had a great experience at Tio Rico. The staff was very helpful. The wait was minimal. The loan associates really know their job. Everything was explained in great detail to me. So i was very pleased with the outcome of my loan. Thanks Tio Rico, you're the best.
The customer service was awesome.
The staff was professional and courteous. It was quick and easy to get personal loans for my husband and me. I would recommend them to anyone who needs instant money during a hard time!
I've honestly had good experience with Tio ricos, there proces is very easy and fast the guy who helps us is very nice and professional, I never have a waiting problem the place is clean the location I go to is 51st & thomas I recommend it to family and friends.
This company ruin my life for $200.00 towed my car. I had baby carseat and would go everyday crying asking if I could please get seat out as I have to take children to school. They would not let me get carseat after i cried for hours begged please I have no other options I dont have $30.00 to gain access. I finally paid the 235.00 it cost to get car back but I didnt have insurance. They didnt let me get car I go get insurance a week later must have been less then 7 days they sold car. So I had paid couple hundred dollors to regain insurance and couldnt get insurance money back and had no car. I lost my children because I couldnt get what I needed done with out having a car and it left me with a hate inside Ive never had for anyone or any company until now.
I would only suggest making length of time spent throughout the whole process, quicker. Other than that, I was completely happy and Jorge did a phenomenon assisting me even went above and beyond for me!
I just had one of the best customer service experience ever at tio rico. Susana provided an outstanding, and professional service. She really tried her best to ensure we as the customer were satisfied. Quality is what keeps a company successful and I can say Susana does not lack that critical work attribute..
Each time I've come in to the office, I was met with courtesy and professionalism. I was able to get approved for an initial loan with additional increases with ease.
Good professional services and was able to refer a family member and most of all I was able to sit at a desk while the clerk processed my application. Other title loan companies you stand at a glass window for the process
Very helpful and nice. Easy to pay off.
I like them because they really have the lowest rate around and they do work with you when it comes to payments . No surprises whatsoever! !!
I came in and I wasn't greeted, I helped my self to the paperwork, the clerk was very anti social, and not very interested in my needs, also her child was working with her, which seemed very unit professional, I drove to the location from my home 16-23 miles difference, and to see and be treated like a non important client was very disappointment after all I got approved and walked away satisfied.
great, chill what i expected. Tio rico boss
Thanks for being there to help us on our roughest times and helping us to repay you back and with interest jajaja thanks!!!
My loan was due on Friday. I called to ask if I could pay until Monday and I was told yes. I called again to double check my check was put on hold for Monday and once again I was told YES!! Well come Saturday I check my account and I have a bounced check and a extra fee for $35 from bank.. Why the hell call and ask for a extension and been told twice that yes it was ok To pay until Monday when they don't respect what they say.. Lynwood office sucks!! And have to call the Arizona office to get transferred to Lynwood office because calling directly to lynwood office no one ever picks up.. Very disappointing
By far one of the best payday loan companies in Phoenix. The terms and payment options are very good. Was actually given more then what I was asking for. Susana had great customer service! I appreciate Tio Rico for helping me in my time of need. Would refer any friends or family to them. Would not use any other payday loan company except Tio Rico if I needed another loan in the future...
They are scam artists. They say if you have more than 3 overdrafts on your 30 day bank activity they turn you down. Do not deal with them. They need to be out of business.
I received a call from Issac Hernandez yesterday around 3pm.i was authorize on the account to make payments and he call me treateding me that he was going to repor the vehicle stolen and if any one gets pull over will get arrested if i didn't pay before 5pm.i call in today asking for the police report and he said that he didn't reported that he never said that i work for this company and he is the stupidies guy i have work with he gets high during brakes(mariguana abuse)he gets back to work and he yells at customers like if he owns the world.when he knew who he was talking to he try to change the conversation i told him that he did say that and he said he didn't good thing all the calls are recorded.i ask him to have Mark wich is the boss or the owner to contact me and he said that they were not going to contact me.i said they will and he just ask if i was going to return the vehicle.people be careful with this people specially with Issac Hernandez when he gets high (smoke mariguana he looses it and try to treat customers like crap) if they permit this kind of people work with customers. this company should be close or be on probation.this guy works at the collection department on 43rd ave and Glendale inside of auto now dealership
I had a very pleasant visit. the staff member was friendly and knowledgable. He really worked hard to keep me informed about my loan and loan options. I would definitely recommend your services in the future. thanks again.