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TitleMax Online Loan Reviews


My experience today in Titlemax was awesome. Brittany and Katherine provided great customer service. I was greeted with a smile by both of them. This is a great location. I will be referring people to see these ladies at the 15th Street location Augusta.

I’ve already dealt with TitleMax before. I was referred to them a while back and they're the closest one to me. It's convenient to get a car title loan from them and it was really easy for me to go back up there because they already have my information. That way, they were able to approve me again. This second time I went, the process took about 20 minutes and the lending processor did a really good job. He asked me what he needed to ask me, and since all my information was still saved, it was easy for him to just pull me up again. He was very nice, very polite, and gave me the information I needed. Ovarall, the loan came in handy right when I needed it and right when my mom needed some help too. So, working with TitleMax has been perfect.

Working with TitleMax is going to save my vehicles. I heard about them through word-of-mouth and when I got my title pawn, their process was very easy. They explained everything to me and were very knowledgeable and helpful. The entire thing was completed in 30 to 45 minutes max.

Had a wonderful experience with the service provided to me. Staff is friendly and made it simple for me to get a personal loan. I would most certainly send referrals to the location at Bandera and Hillcrest. Best customer service.

I guess I didn't really listen this last time I got a loan from TitleMax. Never dreamed I'd be paying back double from what I borrowed. But we all learn from our mistakes. I will never ever use TitleMax again.

I went into TitleMax loan and got a loan on my custom Harley. I was told a payment would be due Oct 22. Well my bike was ripped off on Oct 9th. Now they want me to pay the fees towing and everything else. A 1,000 loan on a 2004 custom Harley worth 20,000. I see why they would. Someone will pay dearly for this.

I got a car title loan from TitleMax. The process was very simple and quick. It took 45 minutes and then they gave me the money. Everything about the loan was positive. My experience with them was a great opportunity. I was able to pay a bill thanks to TitleMax.

TitleMax is a good company to deal with. I made a car title loan with them, it was fast and easy. I went in, they looked over my car, and told me what I could get, what are the costs and just got it clean and dry. The lending processor was pleasant.

I have been using TitleMax for more than seven years. When I first found out about them years ago, their rates were cheaper than any other lender I went to and my experience as far as the staff was much friendlier. This time, I got a car title loan from them. Overall, the lending process was fast and easy. The lending agent was really friendly and helpful. I went in and she took some pictures of the car. She uploaded them, got the appraisal, told me what it was worth, I signed the paperwork, she gave me the check, and I was done. It took me 30 minutes at the most. My overall experience was great, and in fact, I always get a very good vibe when I go into the office, and I love that if I can’t make it to the office, I can call in and make my payment over the phone with them. I will recommend them to a friend.

The car title loan I obtained from TitleMax really helped out the situation that I was in. It was really needed and helpful. The process went smoothly and it was completed in 30 minutes just like they said. I got the amount that I really needed and they went the limit and gave me as much as I could. So it was a great customer service. I would definitely recommend them.

TitleMax was close to home and a little convenient. The young ladies that were in the office were very courteous, nice, and receptive to what we need. They explained everything really well to me and we understood. I'd definitely recommend them. It was excellent and the process was quick, easy and efficient.

This was my first time using your service and I had a great experience. All my questions were answered up front, and the store manager walked personally walked me through the process. I will definitely recommend TitleMax to family and friends.

I had a good experience with TitleMax. The lending processor was great and the lending process was easy and took no more than 30 minutes to complete.

I felt very comfortable with the staff and didn't feel like a beggar as some companies have done in the past. They were interested and asked about me personally. When leaving, it was dark and they made sure I was safe! Thank you!

I used TitleMax about four years ago. This time, I got a loan from them again and their process was pretty good. I went to their store and they printed me the check. It took about 10 to 15 minutes which was quicker than I thought it would take and their rep made sure I was alright. It was a great experience.

My husband had gone in TitleMax before, then we went again because they gave out a good deal for the car title loan that we got. Their process was good which took 30 minutes and their reps were very nice people. They worked with us on everything and were very helpful. If we couldn’t understand something, they helped us understand it. They were also really friendly.

The person was very up front and helpful

I had a good experience with the customer service in TitleMax. The overall lending process took about 10 minutes and it went well.

I was impressed with their explanation on the process and eased my anxiety about doing it. I was very worried about placing my car title up and I was reassured with the process. My agent was the most helpful and kind person. Five stars to Luis.

I have received information from various different title companies and I chose to get a car title loan from TitleMax over the others based on the terms. The process took about 27 minutes and was excellent, simple and very easy. They responded really well at the location I went to and they did a very good job and let me know they were sending a reminder when my first payment was due for a payoff. TitleMax makes life a lot easier and I realized that I better use them in the future if I get into a bind. I got funds that were needed for use to fix a vehicle that I’m using at the very moment so I can do my job. That’s really important and TitleMax was a god-sent for me. Their ability to provide the funds needed for everyday life situations is excellent and the process is one that I’ve recommended. I’ve referred 3 or 4 people who got there.

I got a car title from TitleMax and the overall lending process was fairly easy. Everything was all right and I understood. I've done it before, but now the rep explained to me the real situation so I'm pretty much okay with it.

I stay right across the street from TitleMax. When I got a car loan from them, it took about 45 minutes for the entire loan process to complete. It was easy and convenient. Dealing with the lending processor has been a pleasant experience.

There was a definite financial need at the time, so I had a title loan on my vehicle with TitleMax. It was greatly appreciated, and it affected my life very well. The process was easy, quick and simple. However, I understand that every month that I pay the loan, I still get a chance to re-up. Nothing goes towards my interest unless I go over the first three high payments. They were saying that the first three payments are almost like $100 extra until I showed that I paid those on time. That's quite a bit on the first three months upfront. I don't understand the penalty for it because if I don't pay on time, then they consume the vehicle and I felt that was a little much. That alone would make me not necessarily want to come back to TitleMax because I think that was a lot. But other than that, everything was great. What really pushed me forward was the great customer service. Because at first, I was about to say no, but they did good customer service.

Warran ** told me as long as I make my balance of $1,416.98 by 02/04/2015 this was the amount I had to pay. I went back on 2/4/2015 and he told me I owed $141 additional. He could not give me a reason but told me he would call his manager and get the charges removed. I called back later that day and he said his manager said it could not be removed and I told him "but you said if I paid it by this day 2/4/15 this was the amount I had to pay $1,416.98."

I gained an account with Title Max July, my 1st payment wasn't due till August, made my payment approximately 15 days late and I was subject to this outrageous late fees which gotten to be about $400 something and the whole time I'm thinking it would be okay. I'm contacting them letting them know when I was going to be able to come in and pay off my fees. They never posted my payment to my account, wasn't going to post it until I paid up the late fees completely as if they were deliberately trying to set me up for failure and before I could even come in and pay the final payment the manager was so rude so refused to take my late fee after the fact that I had already explained to her my situation. Been making attempts to get the account update, they had repo my vehicle and told me that they wasn't going to give it back until I paid the whole loan off.. Never have I ever been in a situation like this and neither will I recommend them to anyone ever. I can be on the verge of becoming homeless. I get put out in the streets before I ever become a customer of their's ever again.

I went to Check 'n Go and they recommended TitleMax. I was impressed with the good staff and the ease. When I went in there, they handled the car title loan quickly and there wasn't too much running around. In other places, people are running around and they don't have the best customer service. But TitleMax has good customer service. I needed the money as soon as possible and I just had to run home and get one document but that was it. You can put up your car and they're fast. Good people work there and I'd recommend TitleMax if someone need a loan. I would go in there if I need it and if I had a problem, they solve it.

Before I went to the store I inquired a loan on-line. I was contacted right away with a live agent who then connected me with Paul from the Hillcroft and W. Belfort location. He was very friendly and welcoming over the phone and was eager to assist me. I showed up a little later than I scheduled and instead of turning me around until the next day he stayed past store hours to ensure I would get what I needed. He understood my bind and was happy to help me. He was very knowledgeable about the process and procedure and answered all the questions I had honestly and professionally. He was such a delight to do business with and I definitely recommend him and his location to anyone. Plus the rates are better than other loan companies I have dealt with in the past. So yes I am extremely pleased with this company so far!

I was a customer for a year and a half. I was in need of Christmas money when I got the loan. They don't tell you you need to pay more than what you are supposed to bring in every month. I thought I was almost finished until I started asking questions and then I found out that I was only paying interest rates every month. You can imagine the look on my face. So long story short to keep from paying twice the amount I already paid, I gave up my truck. Title Max is a ripoff. I wouldn't recommend anyone to use them. They misuse people with financial hardships and take advantage of them.

I passed by TitleMax almost every day when I went to work. I also had a lot of good referral comments about them and I decided to try them out. They were the first place I went to and it worked out fine. I got a short term car title loan and the loan process lasted for about 45 minutes. The gentleman who assisted me was Michael. He did a great job and was direct to the point. He also explained everything very thoroughly and I was very pleased with it. All in all, I would refer TitleMax. They got a good equity in the car, plus, their process was quick and easy.

My experience at TitleMax yesterday was great. Eric was very helpful even though we had several issues with the computer program which were not his fault. He worked very hard to make everything work.

TitleMax has a local office and I decided to go with them to get a car title loan. Their process was really good and fast, they gave me what I needed, and worked with me on smaller payments. Their customer service processors were great. So far, TitleMax has gotten me out of a bind since that's what it was for and it has helped me tremendously. It was a wonderful experience.

TitleMax's lending process was very fast, easy and informative. I just gave them my title and move out some money. They're guiding me through the way step by step and the lady that was helping me was really friendly to talk to. They have great service, good reviews and they're also close along at a very convenient location. I just had a baby and I needed some money because I'm taking time off from work and working with TitleMax really helped me.

Some things came up and I needed a little extra cash so I got a car title loan from TitleMax. It's not my first time using them. Their rep was nice and friendly and read everything that I needed to know, how much I had to pay back, etc. Their loan process was excellent. I didn’t have to wait long. The process took 20 minutes and I was out. So far, it was a great experience. I got what I needed, they explained everything to me and that was it.

I wasn't even a full 2 months past due and they yanked my vehicle. My phone was shut off and I planned on paying it this week once I got my tax returns. Paying it off in full I should say because making payments is stupid and pointless. They didn't call any of my references, didn't mail me any letters, no email, nothing... just showed up 1 day before the 2nd payment would be due leaving a balance of $800 and just yanked my truck. The repo guy was a ** and told me the vehicle would be cleaned out and transported to be auctioned off before I even woke up to call them.

My vehicle is worth a lot more than the 2700 I borrowed, I can see why they would be so aggressive and I'm sure they actually want you to default so they can sell it for more than what's due. I will give an update once I speak to them this morning. I think you have much better options than a title loan from this place. I would even suggest that you consider selling your vehicle first.

I like everything TitleMax did when I got a car title loan. I started online and they called me the same day, told me what location I was near, and that I could go in at that location. I went in into that location and finished it at the store. The lending officer was real good, nice and she explained everything. The process was finished in less than an hour, which was fast. It was my first time ever getting a loan and I thought it was going to take longer or that I was going to have to come back and get the check the next day. Overall, TitleMax helped me do things myself instead of looking for a hand out.

We got a car title loan from TitleMax. I called earlier in the day to ask questions and their manager was amazing. She was really helpful and walked me through the loan process because I told her that this was our first title loan and we were really nervous. She was very professional and she answered all the questions without us even having to ask. She acted like she knew us and talked to us like we were normal people and not just customers. We went in later that evening with our kids and they were great with the kids. They talked to them while we handled the loan process. It took less than an hour and we were done. TitleMax really helped us because we did get the loan that we needed and we did get it that day. So, it was very, very helpful. We went from worried about how we were going to get food for dinner to not worried about it at all. Overall, it was a great experience.

My aunt said TitleMax was good and I obtained a car title loan from them. I went in, spoke with somebody, then they gave me the ratings and put all my information in. I had to fill out a loan paperwork online which wasn't that short, but it wasn’t that bad. The process was completed in about 40 minutes and it was a positive experience with my lending processor. Overall, it was a pretty simple process and working with TitleMax solved the issues I had and relieved my stress.

My friend who'd gotten a title loan from TitleMax told me about them. Overall, the car title loan process was easy and convenient. The lending process took 30 or 40 minutes. The loan helped out a lot because my husband had lost his job, I was the only one working and $150 a week wasn't gonna pay our rent, light bill, water bill and car insurance. The only thing I didn't like was I expected more than what I got and by the time we paid everything, we didn't have anything else left. But a week later, the general manager called and said that we were able to go back in if we needed more money, which was very nice to know. I would recommend TitleMax very highly.

A friend of mine recommended TitleMax to me. He hadn't actually gone in there himself, but he said he heard good things about it from other friends so I went in and got a loan. Their team were super friendly. They were knowledgeable about all their policies and answered all of my questions. They were trying to help me out. It didn't feel like they were trying to take my car away from me. I felt like they actually were trying to give me money so I could go do my business and actually have a good deal. I didn't feel like they were to trying to con me. Their service was great and wasn’t long at all. It took only 30 to 45 minutes and the overall process was convenient and super easy. It was my first getting a title loan and it was just a breeze.

My husband and I had a very good experience at the store that is in Newport Tennessee. My husband and I had never used a title loan business before and didnt really know what to expect. We were offered many great options and got just exactly what we needed. Thank you Titlemax!

I filled out a little thing online to apply for a car title loan with TitleMax and somebody called me before I was even done with it. Then they got me in touch with the local manager here. I went in, they came out, took pictures and the whole process was done in 20 minutes. It was really fast. Also, the rep was really nice and helpful.

I went to three different offices and picked TitleMax after I went to the other ones. I liked the way they approached me and had everything in order. I also liked the professionalism that they had.

I applied for a car title loan and the process was quick and easy, and the people were friendly. It was a nice experience. It took a little bit longer, an hour and a half because it was dark due to the time change here in Georgia, and they had to get good pictures of the car. But they were great and worked as a team. I dealt with the manager who was really nice and helpful. They have a great payment plan and they help you get where you’re not gonna go broke making your payment. They work with you really well and make sure you’re not getting into a lot of debt with what you’re doing. They make sure that you know what you can afford and what you can’t. I’ve actually already recommended them.

Thank you for everyone being kind and really being there for us

My experience with TitleMax was okay. I dealt with them years ago and this time, I got a car title loan from them. Their process was very quick and their processor was fine. My loan was completed in 30 minutes.

TitleMax should be ashamed. They need to tell the poor people upfront of the ridiculously high interest. Too busy trying to make bonuses, and commissions, they misinform the customer. I really wished I knew how the whole loan system worked. I would've never got a loan. I lost my car because I could no longer afford the interest. I paid for almost 3yrs. and still owed 2k. I however did some research a little too late. But N. Mexico, and a several other States does not have a cap on the interest they charge the people. There should be a law! Especially in N. Mexico where the poverty level is high. Shame on the CEO's and NM lawmakers. Taking kickbacks for not making laws to prevent people from losing their cars. You could care less of the hard working, tax paying citizens trying to support their family. Greedy bass catchers! I'd like to see you walk to work in the cold!

Title max fave me a loan when no one else would. They had great customer service and friendly employees.

I used TitleMax in Corpus Christi. I went in, had a chat and asked them if they’d give me a loan. They said yes and I got a car title loan. They've done everything. They helped me get a loan so I'd get back on my feet. I hurt my ribs, and I wasn’t able to work. It was taking me too long, like a month, to get insurance, and they were willing to help me. They did a good job.

The customer service at TitleMax was excellent. I had never had the need for this type of assistance and Ms. Rene explained in detail the whole process and was very helpful during this process. I was uncomfortable because I have never had this issue before but TitleMax was convenience, fast and easy. Thank you for your help

Very professional, nice staff. Very quick process, upfront, everything was explained. I really was impressed by the experience, I have been to others but this was by far the best experience. I am so glad that I found them, and decided to give them a try.

TitleMax has low interest rates and they get you the help that you need. The whole process was quick and easy to understand. Everybody was very helpful and I was in and out in no time.

The title max on victory drive by sharks, is awesome . I think the manager’s name is Labarrius Turner . He is so patient, kind and knows his business. I can Always call him and know I will be steered in the right direction. Not to mention he is extremely handsome , oh and smells nice. Thank you for all you do. You are appreciated.

I got a car title loan from TitleMax. The lending process was easy and convenient, but time-consuming. The branch manager was nice but the lady who helped me out was not very personable. She was there but there was no interaction. I didn't know what was going on or anything like that until the end. I sat there and watched my phone and was on Facebook until they had something to say to me. Other than that, TitleMax was able to help me out.

I got a car title loan from TitleMax and the lending process was easy and went pretty quickly. Everything went smoothly with their lending processor, too. It was a first time experience and it went pretty good.

I am a repeat TitleMax customer who has dealt with them a couple of years back. I recently got a car loan from them. The process took about 30 minutes because they have some computer issues, but they solved that. The rep I dealt with was knowledgeable. TitleMax was able to handle the issues I am having. I'd recommend them.

I had several bills due to a lengthy medical issue. I couldn't get help from anyone. I spoke with a friend who knew my situation and suggested I go talk to ** at the Title Max located at 1901 Watson Blvd. Warner Robins, GA. 31093. ** had helped him. I was wary and not trusting anyone and did not want a lien on my vehicle. As I talked to **, I began to understand why my friend suggested **. She was patient and understanding. She explained the loan process in a way I could understand. As I glimpsed the underlying professional in front of me I was amazed to realize she also understood my dilemma. I am thankful Title Max hires professionals who also see the real people who come in for help.

Paid timely on loan but never reduced amount owed... Also my daughter paid off a title loan and had to retrieve the E TITLE. at title office and had to pay 16 dollars for title.

I got a car title loan from TitleMax. I needed some cash and they helped me out and I'm paying it back. But I wish the interest wasn't so high. I haven't figured out how to ask if at any point in time, say something comes up, how to see if there can be an extension given. I wasn't explained that so I assume that there is no way to do such a thing. Also, it would be nice to let me know that, at least, if something comes up because I'm a human being and we make mistakes, they wouldn't just take my car which would completely destroy my life. I have money set from my very first paycheck already to pay it and I suffer because of that. I get paid on the 1st and the 15th and my due date is between the 4th and the 10th. I'm always worried because they fall right between my paychecks. It would be nice if they just deduct on my paycheck like when I financed a bed. The company that financed the bed found out when I got paid and my due dates were those days.

Also, I really like the people that I worked with. They're upfront and they let me know their interest rates are enormous. Also, they gave me a whole sheet of paper that showed me that they were going to be crazy but the reason why is because they'll lend me money right then and there, which is different than going and taking a loan from a bank which takes weeks.

I went in, gave my information, and told TitleMax I was looking to borrow. The rep was personable and it made me feel comfortable about getting an automotive loan. He physically checked my car out, sent pictures to the main office and told me what the value of my car was, which I felt fair. And then, he gave me an option of how much I could get and walked me through the best payback terms available for me. If I got $1,500, it was a lesser interest rate which I went with. The lending process took about half an hour. I've used the other lender and I didn't like their attitude and they were too high-priced. TitleMax was easy to deal with stuff and I was pleased with them. Overall, it was a good experience and it helped me out.

Titlemax was quite easy, and I got a small cash loan from them. When I went in, I gave them the title, and they looked at it. Then, they gave me a value that I can borrow. I told them what I wanted and everything was done! The lending process was good, and the entire process took about an hour. Everything just went smooth and fine.

I got the cash quick that they offer for an airconditioning unit while I waited for my home equity loan. I just gave them the title to my pickup truck, and the process only took maybe 20 minutes. The lending processor just seemed very friendly and personable, and she seemed generally interested. I also worked with the general manager, and her assistant helped a lot too. It was quick and it was painless and very easy, and it seemed to go very quickly and efficiently.

I've done business several times with TitleMax before. Recently I had a car title loan and it was easy. The process took about 20 minutes and the rep was great.

TitleMax has a very quick and easy lending process which took about 30 minutes or less. And their processor was very sweet and polite with me.

A friend of mine has done a title loan and she told me all about it. The process of getting a car title loan from TitleMax was really easy. I love the fact that everything was pretty much on the computer so it was very quick. I'm a salesperson and I know about having to sign so many documents with people when they’re purchasing something and they’re doing a loan or financing. Also, the lady who helped us was a very joyful person to be around. It was a positive experience, so we were good.

I got a car title loan from TitleMax and just started this weekend. It's the first time I used them. The lending representative was so fast.

TitleMax is right at the end of the street I live on. Their process was good and it only took me 20 minutes. I just went in, asked a couple of questions, processed the loan and we digitally signed the paperwork. However, they didn't give me paperwork when I left, so I e-mailed them and they gave me a link where I could log in and I printed the documents at work.

Thank you so much titlemax

I chose to get a title loan from TitleMax because of convenience. The lending process was easy and took only 35 to 40 minutes. The lending processor was very nice and knowledgeable. While I feel that the interest rates on my loan are high, it's the price you pay. Nevertheless, TitleMax helped me because I was in the bank. It really works. They had perfect timing and I would tell anybody to go over there if they get into a jam. I appreciate the service.

I’m buying a house, and I also bought a new car. And I kept my old car, a 2008 Honda. It was in excellent shape and it had a new engine in it. And they only gave me a couple thousand bucks for the trade-in. So, I said, “I’ll just keep the car.” I love the car. And because I’m buying a house, I thought I’m gonna see what I can get on a title loan. I got on with TitleMax and they gave me $4,000 for the loan, and I was really pleased. I’d done it twice, which is why they gave me $8,000, and now I got the proper funds to make an offer and buy the house.

I got the title in and the overall lending process was excellent. They checked the VIN and looked it over and came up with a price. I’m very happy with TitleMax. I would also like to compliment both the two people that run that place, especially the lady. She was so helpful. She looked at the thing and then came up with the figure. My experience with TitleMax was excellent from start to go. They’re patient. They inspected the car in a short period of time and came up with the price, and I had the money. I couldn't have asked for anything better. I am going back for another loan. I may stop in there today. They’re only two blocks away from where my home is. I just wish they made payday loans too. I would've gone there for a payday loan.

TitleMax was open to my convenience in getting a lending service for a car. The process went smoothly. Got everything done in a timely manner, though I did have to wait for about an hour and a half cause they had to come out and take pictures. Then they had to send it off and to wait for everything to be finalized and that's what took too long. But, their lending processor was very prompt, courteous and explained everything.

The lending processor at TitleMax was very cordial and we had a good interaction. The car title loan helped but I wish I had gotten a little bit more money. I just went over there to see what they were talking about but I should've really looked around.

TitleMax was walking distance from my house. Their lending process was easy, but the rates are hard. The rep I worked with was amazing. She explained everything, and I was in and out of there in less than half an hour. The service is great.

Got a loan on my car about a year and half ago. Have been paying 230.00 for the whole time. I have already paid in 6000.00 dollars on a 4800 dollar loan. Lost my job after 16 years at the same place. I got 15,000.00 for my time at the company and left there and went to a new job that Mon. Yes I had the money to pay it off but they wanted 5000 more. So with the 6000 I had paid and plus 5000 they wanted, that would be 11000.00 dollars on a 4800 hundred loan... this really should be against the law... I missed that last payment and talk to them about 6000 dollars I'm paying them over what I owe them.

Ok now you could be a decent company, knock on that person's door and say, "We are taking the car you have work so hard for." But instead they come in the middle of the night and tap on your door at 1:30 am and hope you don't hear the tag just so they can say they knocked. Well I have a dog and she heard it and started barking and they run down the stairs and jump in your car and take off. I also had a lot of my mail in that card and a box of work stuff and they stole it all. Now I'm sure they have gone through my mail, that should be a crime in itself.

Please, please don't go to this company - they take your car in the middle of the night and could care less. If you need money, don't go to a title pawn, go to a title credit loan. Everything you pay comes off of what you owe, where a title pawn you can keep taking your money forever... If they were a straight-up company, they would knock on your door during the day, not in the middle of the night. The title credit also uses your car but you pay them back every time you make a payment. This is the car they took after paying 6000 pay-in on a 4800 loan.

Took out a loan with title max in Palatine, Illinois. Ended up moving to Texas. Having difficulties paying this mafia-type loan. Got repeat calls multiple times daily. Woke up this morning to go to work and my car is gone. They waited for the apartment complex to get quiet and everyone to go inside to bed. Then they came and took the car. Consequently we could not go to work and now have to find another loan to get the car out of wherever it is. Thieves in the night. How can you out work toward paying them if you can't go to work?? Bad company! Horrible business practices! If I could give them zero stars I would!

The reps at TitleMax were very professional. When I needed something, they helped me out. The lending process was easy and took about 25 minutes, which wasn't long at all. I would recommend them.

The process with TitleMax which took about 30 minutes went pretty good. At first, I wasn’t comfortable with the payments, so the rep made it convenient for me where it would be more flexible for me. He was very friendly and courteous, and I was surprised. I worked with Titlemax 'cause I was needing to pay a bill right away. I applied for the title loan on my car, and I was glad I was able to get the funds.

I was really in a pit at that time so I loaned from my title through TitleMax. Their processor went out and got some information on my truck, asked me a couple of information and I did an online application at their store. The process was quick which only took about 25 minutes. She likes Dodge Ram type of trucks so we sparked up a conversation about it while getting our business done and it was cool. She was really informative, I didn’t feel taken and she let me know about the payments, the interest, etc. She was really, really helpful and I felt good about the situation. Even though at any day, I borrow my money, I felt I was being helped versus a burden. It really helped me out and I benefitted from them.

Angela was very helpful in helping me get a title loan in Belvidere, IL. I needed extra cash for Christmas and she helped me out. I will be going there again if I ever need extra money for special occasions. I would recommend to all my friends because of the kind staff and easy process. Thanks TitleMax!

The car title loan I got from TitleMax helped me take care of what I needed to take care of. Their overall lending process was super easy and it took 25 minutes to complete. Eric was the guy that helped me, and he was very resourceful. He explained everything thoroughly and he was very professional. His customer service was excellent. I understood everything before I walked out the door and I felt comfortable doing the loan.

I got a car title loan from TitleMax and the lending process was very easy. The only thing I dislike about it is that they’re stretching over a year or two and I don’t think I got more than how much could come. It was like three times. But the processor did a good job and explained everything to me. Also, they were there when I needed the cash.

I got a car loan from TitleMax, and it was for a pawn. TitleMax and another lender both had the same criteria. Even if the lending process of TitleMax was short and completed in several hours, and the lady lending processor that I talked with once was excellent, I wouldn't be using TitleMax anymore. They're terrible. Although the lending process was easy for me, it wasn't easy for the lady rep because she had to go through some stuff with the other guy that she was dealing with. That was the reason why I had to wait for the other claim of the guy, and she didn't tell me about it.

I used TitleMax once before and this is the second time I used them. The lending process was easy. I wasn’t in there that long and the people were really nice.

I like the way that they do it all like they have that computer thing on the side that you do and they help you do on their site. I was only in there for 15 minutes, and the rep was really nice. I needed the money and it was there when I needed it.

TitleMax called me right back after I put in the little form for a car title loan. They had me come in and fill out a form while they took pictures of the car, then I handed over the car title and the rep took pictures of it. It had to get processed through and she had to get a preapproval, then it had to get approved. She was nice and informative, and she asked if I had any questions. It was a lot easier than I thought it was gonna be because it was a lot faster. They did a great job and it was a good experience.

I am behind on my loan which I completely understand they have to call references. But I did not know that telling a reference all about the loan, how much I owe, how much I need to pay, the last day I paid and the last amount I paid. The person that this lady decided to share this information with happened to not know anything about myself having a loan. Not only will I probably get my car repoed but I now have to deal with issues at home. I called around to other loan places and was informed that that was against the law.

I called the office back and was transferred to the supervisor which she was actually trying to take action but she informed me that she had to have the district manager call me. Well Ms ** the DM was not very sympathetic. She basically told me to come turn my car in but yet did not take blame for her employees actions. What can I do now? Can something actually be done to stop this from happening again? TitleMax on San Pedro Ave.

When I called TitleMax's 800 number, they were very nice and attended to what I was asking about. They scheduled an appointment for the next day and I went two or three days later. Still, everything went very smoothly and the process was efficient. It provided me what I needed. However, I was was a little concerned and upset about the interest. At that time, I had checked with one other title loan place and it was only about a $40 something difference. TitleMax's interest rate was extremely high. However, since I was there, I just went on and dealt with it. Nevertheless, the overall experience was good.

It was convenient going with TitleMax. They were proficient and the lending process, which took 30 minutes was easy and trouble-free.

Title Max was a great help when I needed the emergency funds but when I called to get the exact amount I need to pay it off, Melonie (in the old national office, college park GA) was extremely rude. Her response to my question was " I'm sure this was explained to you already when you got the loan, but I'll tell you again" . I mean, sis you chose that job just like I chose mine. Answering a simple question shouldn't come with a smart response. I will never refer anyone to that office and I'm so glad I am able to pay my loan in full so that I don't have to call back and get Ms. Attitude.

Will never do business with this company again! Received a title loan from the location on Hwy 78 Forestdale Al! Management is rude - custom service is slow. Every time you go to make a payment which by the way has to be in person by the person who got the loan it takes nearly 20-30 minutes each visit! I work so I sent my wife to make our payment on a Saturday and they refused to accept payment because she was NOT on the loan! Company will not allow anyone to come in and make a CASH or debit card payment on your account unless you give them power of attorney. It's not like my wife was paying off the loan and trying to get the title! We just needed to make a monthly payment and it was refused until she was given power of attorney rights! Horrible customer service at this location - manager talks to customers with NO respect and as if he is better than his customers. NEWS flash title max employees it's us CUSTOMERS that keep you in business!

I needed some more equipment for my business, and I got a car title loan from TitleMax. I almost did everything online and the process took 30 minutes and it was easy. They required some identification and proof of ownership. And I felt comfortable talking to the lending processor because of his communication.

I got an auto title loan from a TitleMax location down the street from my house. I had an unforeseen expense so I needed some cash right away and TitleMax has been great. I walked in, took care of the paperwork that I needed and they did the stuff on their end and I walked out of there with the cash I needed. The process took about an hour to be completed only because the underwriter they were working with had some questions and so they had to fill up some forms a couple of times. It was a little longer than I expected, but it was fine and it didn’t cause me to miss anything. The staff there were friendly and fast so I didn’t have any issues. Two ladies made extra time to give me all the information and made the process a lot easier.

Everything went okay with my experience with the overall lending process with TitleMax. It took about five minutes for the process to be completed. They did everything for me and it was pretty quick.

Getting a car title loan from TitleMax was pretty simple. Their reps explained everything that I needed to do and what was required. They explained how much the interest was as well. Also, the rep whom I worked with answered all my questions. She was really patient. Though she said we could have the papers online, I always like to keep loans on file and she went the extra mile to do the printout of the papers for me. Since working with TitleMax, things have been way better. I'd recommend their service to anybody.

My visit with TitleMax was wonderful and their rep was courteous. She waited on me, gave me the options that I could do and she did a great job. She was friendly and she made me feel real comfortable so I was less nervous because sometimes I get turned down doing amortization schedule. The lending process only took about 10-15 minutes to complete. She even went over here, be with me, to let me know about the terms and conditions. I really needed the car model that I got and TitleMax relieved me of some stress, and I was just so thankful. Once I get the loan paid back, I'll be going back again in the future. I had a wonderful experience and I will recommend them to anybody.

The Canton location has the best customer service and really goes above and beyond to help. From beginning to end the process was easy and smooth. Even the office marour among the employees waa truly guiene.

I didn't know all the different lenders and I didn't even look for anybody. I just heard about TitleMax through my brother and got a car title loan from them. The first store I went to was very knowledgeable. However, the second store they sent me to, the Granbury store, the guy that was involved was cocky and didn't really help me. I wasn't happy with that visit and walked out on them just because of the attitude. And then, I went to a third store that the first store sent me to, and they seemed to help me out a little more. The guy I dealt with called me back and he's talked to another store for me. It took two days to finally get the process done. TitleMax helped me financially however, I suggest that they get rid of that Granbury person. Nevertheless, it was an okay experience overall.

I got a title loan through TitleMax and overall, their process was easy and convenient. It only took less than 30 minutes which was amazing. I've never had such a fast service because with others, I had to go through the process and call everybody. TitleMax's loan processor was really nice and generous. And she wasn't just trying to just get a loan, she was actually talking to me. I didn't get much of a big loan, but it helped out a little bit which I was grateful for.

I admit I have not been timely on the payments (I got released from my job of 12 years right after taking the loan but still get SSI every month). I am and have made all attempts to make this a successful business transaction. I misunderstood payment dates as well as a few other things. I get called every day, harassed to the point my doctor put me on meds. I am a single mom of a disabled (blind) 4-year-old and need my old car. It is a 1990 Toyota. I will be making payment any day now, I thought today, but did not know my SSI needed a review today. So tomorrow I will do a review and make payment as well as have an insurance pay out coming in the next few days to pay this loan in full.

I was not surprised I was not believed but, at the same time, Customer Service could give me a full 30 days delinquent before harassment terms were invoked. They are demeaning and trusting and surprise me. I do not and cannot lose my car. I have a special needs child who needs medical help continuously. I can't even talk to them any more. I need a mediator to successfully conclude this deal and was told off, hung up on by instant chat now, a person named "Julie" and no help in commencing a successful business deal.

Why are you all in business if you do not understand bad things happen to good people? If I get through this, I will never take out a loan from such a place and I will wait on my divorce and bankruptcy to go through and do business the old-fashioned way with a bank.

There’s a TitleMax close to our house and I got a title loan. The lending process was great, simple, really easy, and took about 30 minutes. They told me what I needed and I brought it in and the processor explained everything to me and then got me my money. It was fast and TitleMax helped relieve stress. I'd recommend them.

Larry on houston st. San antonio tx was very helpful,polite and fast at his job