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TMG Loan Processing Online Loan Reviews

Overall, I had a pleasant experience with TMG Loan Processing. It took a couple of days for TMG to contact me from the time of my loan inquiry. But everything went smooth and the communication was great. They didn’t do or say anything different from what they said from the very beginning, and they were quick to give me the money. I really appreciated it. My personal loan processor was a good guy.

TMG Loan Processing was better than the other loan companies that I talked to including Bank of America. I got a business loan and the application process was very easy. TMG made everything easier for me like going to my account, etc. without me submitting all the paperwork. I didn't have to run to the bank or sign the paper as it can be electronically signed. The person I initially spoke to was also very helpful and very good.

I was contacted by TMG Loan Processing in a day after my loan inquiry. The person that I worked with the loan was okay, and the rest of the process was all right. It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t really difficult either. However, nobody asked if I had a power of attorney for my wife. I did, so she could’ve been included in the loan and not just myself. I could’ve signed for her. Additionally, they still haven’t given us a signed copy of the loan yet. We’ve asked for it repeatedly and we need it.

The other guys had a lot of misinformation then TMG Loan Processing called and offered me $1,000 so I took it. They took a couple of hours to respond to my loan inquiry. However, the application process was a pain, its legwork seemed to be discouraging. But the personal loan processor was all right, courteous, and able to answer my questions. Mario was a big help and he's really good.

TMG got a hold of me right away once I submitted my stuff and requested to have a loan. I did contact LoanMart but TMG is better, faster and prompt. They walked me through everything and made sure I got it all and have no more problems. Their staff was courteous and when I called back to ask some question about something, they went over it with me again and I saw what I was looking for. They gave me all the information that the other company didn’t give me before. Overall, it was an easy process with them and they made sure I understood what is going on.

With how fast TMG did processing, I went with them. They contacted me a couple of hours after I inquired for a loan. I was a standard application process and it went fine with the loan processor. TMG did things in a timely manner.

TMG is better than the other companies I have dealt with. They were very helpful in giving me all the information that I needed, and the application process was easy and pretty smooth. I'd recommend them.

I got a loan from TMG about a month ago. They contacted me within 15 minutes from my loan inquiry. My experience with them was better than with other loan companies and their process was much easier and quite fast. Also, my personal loan processor was good.

TMG contacted me 5 minutes after I made an inquiry. They had less documentation needed for closing and had lower monthly payment. The entire loan process couldn’t be any easier. They made it very simple and was great. The loan processor was good, direct to the point, and got me everything I needed. He made it quick and easy. TMG went above and beyond what I expected even after the situation was handled. When the approval was taken care of VIP, they were still there to check up and make sure I got everything. I had a really good experience. They made me feel comfortable and not just another number.

We were contacted by TMG within an hour from the time of inquiry. Everything was fine however, when we switched to the actual people that's working on the loan, that's where we have the problem with. They took the paperwork and kept saying they weren't getting it and when we get it done, they weren't answering the phone or calling back. At first, I thought it was a scam. The rep who called explained everything to me and he was really nice even though they were a broker who use a different company. He was very professional that's why I went with them. The application process was where we had the problem.

That experience wasn't good because they kept calling us and they were quickly trying to get everything done. When we sent everything to them, we couldn't reach anybody when we called. The next day we were able to get the actual loan. I thought that was very unprofessional that they don't answer their phones and no one ever called back. They told us we need to send the title and take a picture of it before they release the money. We did all that and we couldn't reach them. So I sent a message to call or text us back the information to pick up the loan. If not, I can go back because the FedEx won't go out until the next day. So I was going to call back and put the title back because I thought it was a scam. They were very unprofessional. I was at the point where I was trying to pull it back and just say forget it.

With TMG, I was able to get a credit without a big credit history. Their loan processor was reasonably good and I'm happy so far. The worst part was that I felt the agents were a bit pushy but, generally, okay. There were a few weird things where genuine documents that I would hand in would be marked as fraud so I had to explain why they're okay and where they came from. Otherwise, everything was straightforward so long as the documents got sorted out.

TMG was more legit and professional than the other companies that buy consumer information and make hot calls to get accounts. They contacted me from their location, offered the plans and I got the information I needed. They assisted me when I needed help. It was a good experience and I was really happy to go with them.

My experience with TMG was phenomenal. They worked with me and they were cooperative. They called me ten times a day to make sure I was okay and if I need help. They’re hands on and they were really good. My agent was great too and he put his whole heart into my loan application. Three days after I contacted them, it was over and done with. I would definitely do it again.

TMG Loan Processing has a very user-friendly website. Easy to fill out even a six-year-old can do it. Then I kept receiving texts and emails from multiple people and Title Loans was the one that reached out to me saying that they would be able to help. The process was good. It's just a little webpage and I clicked and auto-filled everything. It went by pretty fast. I talked to them the next day and they were able to give me a loan and that's all I really wanted. Especially, since I have very terrible credit. It was a fortunate event. Working with Title Loans was a great experience all around from start to finish.If anybody in my situation has bad credit and they need a loan and have a vehicle that will be approved, I recommend Title Loans. They work with you and make sure you leave satisfied. Overall, it was a good experience.

I am a commissioned sales person. I found myself in the need for quick, short-term cash. This was my first time calling TMG Loan Processing. I connected with Matt and he stayed in contact with me and explained all the steps as we went through the process (Automobile Title Loan). He was very thorough and knowledgeable. There were issues on my end (waiting on the title from DMV) but, Matt was very patient and kept in touch daily. I am completely impressed with his professionalism and attention to detail. I would definitely recommend TMG to my friends and colleagues.

I was contacted by TMG Loan Processing thirty minutes from the time of my loan inquiry. They answered all my questions and had everything done in a fast and timely manner. I liked the fact that there was no fee to pay off my balance early. The application process was super easy. The gentleman was super helpful and contacted me periodically through the process via email. Overall, they were totally awesome.

Compared to other loan companies, TMG is better because I got a lot of one-on-one attention and they're off of the reviews. The online application process was easy. Somebody called me back and I responded to them. Then somebody else called to check on whether or not the initial salesman or loan officer called me back. I worked with the underwriter Viviana and she was very helpful. They kept in contact everyday, told me the documents that were required and how to submit them. They are courteous and professional. The only negative thing was after the loan was approved before it was funded, I was dropped then the attention was minimal. I had make several contacts myself to find out how to retrieve the funds and when it was going to happen. But generally, my experience with TMG was quick and excellent.

Robert and Terri were wonderful in finishing up our application. What I appreciate the most was how they returned every text and call within 5-10 minutes. We are very pleased with the customer service. Wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Thank you.

TMG was willing to lend a larger amount and do the process more quickly. Application was easy and I had a good experience with my personal loan processor. The interest rate was way too high but other than that, everything was fine.

TMG Loan Processing was referred to us, so we did a loan with them. It was fast and smooth and I didn't have any issues. It was a good experience and I'd recommend them.

I had a confusing experience with TMG Loan Processing regarding a loan I did for my mother. The loan processor did things in a flip-flop way. We did it on a Friday and instead of contacting my mother's employers before their office closed, he waited until after we did the long process to contact my mom's employers and they had already gone home. We had to wait until Monday to get the funds. However, the application itself which I did online was easy.

TMG Loan Processing was the best rated of the ones that I saw so I went with them. Other companies contacted me but I ignored them because I already started with TMG. Their loan processors were all very nice and the whole process was quick and painless. I was able to get my loan within the same day.

TMG Loan was great. It took them 2 days to contact me from the time I made my inquiry. The application process was a little bit of a runaround because I was told I'd have it that day and at the last second, it changed. It was kind of weird. But I got it so everything worked out. The loan processor was real courteous at first. Then I thought he was trying to avoid me. Maybe that’s just the way it is now. I'm old school. By far, people aren’t the way they used to be. The experience was good. But they could be more upfront about all the things that have to be done, about the paperwork and what you got to send them because people are misled a little bit.

After inquiring for a loan, TMG Loan Processing contacted me the following day and then I got a car title loan from LoanMart. Everything was quick. They asked for some info and made sure I met the requirements and they made it happen. I had other ones contact me but I never picked up or anything. They were really great. Everything was basic, straightforward and pretty easy. I'd send them an email or text and they got back to me right away. I have my first payment coming up this month. Its fine except for the interest rate but that comes with that type of loan. It's a little high but doable. Overall, they gave me what I wanted and provided what I needed. It was a good experience.

Some company loans where I lived would not accept my application because they said that I could have just bought my vehicle but I've had it for so long. I told them I only lost the title and I had to go get a new one but they still wouldn't allow me. This led me to work with TMG. It didn't take that long for them to contact me from the time I inquired about loan. Everything was easy and they explained everything clearly. My personal loan processor was good. It was an excellent experience.

I am truly impressed with Tradition Media Group on the speed of processing our loan and how professional the agent, "Mario" (Tempe, Arizona) is. He not only was there just doing his job, he made me feel comfortable while going through the process. I highly recommend TMG and truly want to thank them for helping us out in our time of need.

All loan companies that I've known are pretty shady. I got in touch with TMG to inquire and I received a call from them within an hour so that was quick. Their application process was easy but the loan wasn't funded the same day that I thought it would be. They could have explained to me that I had to go to FedEx before 1 o’clock to put something and get a receipt, otherwise, it won't be funded the same day. It was funded 48 hours from the time I got everything over to them.

TMG's application process was pretty easy. I had a few questions on how it worked and the gentleman I spoke to was helpful. He answered all the questions, explained the bigger picture in the process of what to expect, at one point that I'll be speaking with an underwriter or people that approve it. He set expectations early on in terms of how often I'll be dealing with him versus then being handed over to someone else. It went as planned on that end.

There was some miscommunication with the minimum payment amount. I ended up meeting with a notary and that incident was inconvenient. Someone came to meet me to sign some documents. When the documents were first there and he had no way of knowing the notary, he just did that part. The payment was supposed to be like four something a month and the first document that was drawn up came out to be five something. So I wasn't quite sure with that.

Once I contacted the lady and let her know, she owned up to the mistake. They corrected it within 15 minutes while I was sitting with the notary place. So, we're able to wait on it and then they resent it again and I did the electronic signature. That was the only hiccup in those plans. For some reason, the documents were initially sent with the payment being loaned by $100. But they fixed it.

I got contacted by TMG the next morning after I inquired the previous night. I was impressed in the first call with the guy that I worked with so I didn't talk to any other companies. With my credit and my job situation, I knew that it would be tough and I got good reviews on Consumer Affairs about TMG so we ended up with them. The most difficult part in the application process was getting the documents all together and getting it to them. They laid it out and they explained exactly what we needed. Our loan processor was great. He always answered my questions and my calls, or he’d call me back as soon as he could. He was very attentive. I like how quick the service was.

The application process with TMG was very easy and in-depth as far as giving me information. It went so smoothly and they set me up with a loan really quickly. Also, the person whom I dealt with was very knowledgeable. It was a great experience.

The application process at TMG Loan Processing was pretty easy. It was a great experience. I was immediately contacted 30 minutes after putting my inquiry. I decided to work with them because their reviews were excellent and their rate was so much better. The amount that they offered for the vehicle title loan was fair. The loan officers at TMG were all great. If I was speaking to one person and the paperwork was somewhere else, they would transfer me to that other person. I was dealing with three people and it was fine. Communicating with them was great. I love it that I can just text them. There was a day delay but it is because my credit was so bad. They tried to make it work for me.

TMG was the highest rated company on ConsumerAffairs so I went with them and they were great. They did everything I needed them to do efficiently, very quickly, and politely. They also told me exactly what I needed to do to get the loan.

I had a great experience with them. They helped me a whole lot. I been turned down by 15 title loan places and I couldn't believe they accepted me. First I had spoke to Brian and he was amazing. He helped me every step of the way. And then I got help from Jean **. She's super awesome. I loved her! Both of them helped me so much. Thank you guys. I really appreciate it. You guys saved me when I was in desperate need to pay my house bills and rent. Thank you thank you. Hope you guys try them out.

When I first contacted TMG, they declined my application. Then I got a call, weekend. I've taken some time off and I was around the house. I was a little surprised to get the call. We worked on it throughout the day, off and on, and late in the day I had the paperwork. We got everything squared away and I turned in some paperwork to them on a Saturday morning. I fedexed off a package and it was pretty quick once they decided to work with it.

The original contact came from a gentleman in Arizona and he was really easy to work with. He'd let me know what he needed and the one thing I forgot to send him was some kind of proof of address and we got that handled pretty fast. He sent me another note reminding me what he didn't have and I was able to go get that. So I was able to photograph things for them and send things in that really helped them finish things up in a quick way.

I reached out to TMG because I had a very high interest loan on a vehicle and the payments were extremely harsh to make. They were over $600 at a time. The original loan was 300% per annum which isn't cool. So I needed to find somebody that'll buy the loan and help me out with a more reasonable payment plan and that's what we came up with. I’d recommend them.

I had a very professional experience with TMG Loan Processing. I’ve gone with them before. Recently, I applied for a loan with the. The application process was pretty easy. They told me step-by-step what’s needed and they were open in answering any questions I had all throughout my process. And my loan processor was there for me whenever I needed him.

I had a pretty good experience with TMG. Everything went through pretty well once I got them all the information that they needed. The only thing I didn’t feel comfortable with was doing the title loan because I have to give them the original copy of the title. They should be able to do it without someone giving their original title because regardless they're going to get the money that I loaned out.

TMG Loan Processing is ConsumerAffairs accredited and have hundreds of good reviews. Other regular title loan places' interest rate is extremely high compared to TMG. Moreover, the process was efficient, simple, easy and quick. It wasn’t infuriating or inconvenient at all. They're great and weren't rude to me. They were very fair and nice in helping me to get everything that I needed. The interest rate is a little bit high but that's because of my credit and I haven't missed a payment yet.

The application process with TMG Loan Processing was really easy. They contacted me in less than two hours from the time of my loan inquiry. I got the loan now. Also, I liked the way they treated me and the loan processor was terrific. Everything was wonderful.