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Chris’s very helpful and professional
Dan and Triston did great!
The specialist and coordinator, who assisted me attain financing were effective and efficient. Both, exemplified exceptional customer service and orientation.
We appreciated everyone we worked with at Torro. The communication was excellent and there was always a sense of personal interest and dedication to our success. Add to this a high level of competency and professionalism and you will understand our appreciation and satisfaction with Torro.
Great stafff. Easy to work with.
The personnel at Torro made the application process very simple. They explained everything every step of the way and assisted me in obtaining the best lines of credit for my needs. I would highly recommend Torro to anyone looking for financing whether it be a loan or lines of credit. A complete thumbs up and 5 stars to this company and its personnel.
Honestly, the process of getting funded was a breeze. The underwriting fees and the payment plan is a total rip off and expensive. I was in a rock and a hard place and needed the capital but at $98/ day to pay back, it kind of defeats the purpose of getting the loan. Not to mention the payments start right away, not much breathing room after getting the funds! But the rep who helped me was great and very professional throughout the entire experience.
I dont think I have met a better group of people to work with during this process. Very polite and didnt just say what I wanted to hear but told me what needed to be done to better serve me. Very thankful for all the help given by Torro.
Chris Ruffin is a very nice / organized / dedicated broker . Answered all my questions and returned all my calls in a timely manner . Definitely wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again in the future !
I was recently in need of some bridge type funding to cover business expenses for a short period and I was surprised at how Torro, and the staff, helped me through the process and continued to follow through all the way to the end. I especially want to compliment Brayden Salaz, my Funding Administrator, through this process. What a pleasure it was dealing with this professional young man. He kept me updated, informed, and basically led me to a very successful conclusion. Thank you Torro and Brayden for working with me in a thorough and positive manner.
Well impressed with this company, they got my loan in my account within one day, so no long wait and everything was really easy to do, I didn't have to wait for any forms, just follow the emails they send and it's really quick. Credit score isn't great so the interest rate was high, but I was happy with that as I don't think would have got any better elsewhere. Overall I was well chuffed! PS Thank you Andrew
Clay Taylor is ACES!!! Thank you, Torro for believing in my small business.
Great Job, Fast Results and Funding! Thank You for you help!
The process was easy and fast. The loan representative Hayden was courteous and professional and worked to get the job done!
They send me the agreement papers to my e-mail and it says:the merchant authorizes company and its affiliates to apply for multiple business and or credit cards on behalf of the merchant.I asked an attorney and he says that is not ok to a company to do that,he never heard of any reputable loan company asking such a thing,if you sign you are giving this ppl permission to do whatever they want with your credit and there's nothing you can do about it.
Extremely helpful, helped fund me fast. There every step of the way!!
From beginning to end everyone was extremely helpful and on top of every step. They are thorough and deliver on what is promised. We are very thankful to have found them to help us start a brand new first time business when others could not.
The whole staff was great. The only thing was it take a lot time when into review. Thank you all of you.
Eric C was my account manager and he was very professional and kind. He understands want your company needs and he true to his words...
From the start Rick Mele made me feel comfortable with the decision to move forward with funding. Once funding started, Lynda Holmes finished the process with us and was very thorough and followed up through each step. I would highly recommend the Torro Funding team.
Chris Ruflin Was Awesome! He did everything quick fast and very professional! Next Day Funding as promised!
Chris was phenomenal through the whole process. Even when initially we weren't on the same page, he worked diligently to help get the right product for my business. I definitely recommend Torro to other small businesses.
Josh Hammond and Eric Christian are awesome... They explained almost everything I needed to know and the where able to get my buisiness funded in. 28 hours wow Thank you
I am a new customer with Torro funding. Long story short is I have not so good credit. I spoke with Eric Christensen and he was straight forward very polite and willing to help me. I was skeptical at first because everyone told me yes yes yes and when it came down to getting the loan I heard the same thing I’m sorry we need to wait. I called Eric and I was funded in 1 day. If you are in need of fast cash please call Torro and ask for Eric. Thanks Torro
Dan was very helpful I would recommend this company for everyone
Clear communication and updates along the way
The most patient and understanding and caring loan providers I could ask for. Thanks!!
STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM!!!!!! Please do yourself a favor - do not ready the good reviews. The company is putting in their good reviews which are all FAKE. They promise a loan of 3 years, CASH, 0% rate for an upfront 10% fee which is high but for cash its ok. They claim they can get cash loan even if bad credit but actually they need you to bring a guarantor with good credit. What they end up doing is go online to and plug in the guarantor details as the card holder for 0% CC. This is of course something I can do myself quickly and free. Then whatever they get from Amex is what they give you. Of course this is only for 12 months and NO cash. This is just a regular 0% CC that anyone can open. They also said that this loan will have an extension. Another lie that they knew about. LISTEN BEFORE YOU SIGN WITH THEM - ALL THEY DO IS OPEN A 0% CC ONLINE. It takes 2 mins and they charge $4000 for $4000 CC line!! I am of course going to tell everyone I know, post on every blog and review site, dispute what they charge me for and notify the CC companies they open with them. Now they say that I didnt understand the terms while I have 2 witnesses that were on the phone with me. IF ANYONE ELSE HAD A SIMILAR SITUATION AND FOR THOSE WHO ALREADY POSTED ABOUT THEIR SIMILAR INCIDENT WITH TORRO, LETS GET TOGETHER AND FILE A SUIT AGAINST THEM! YOU CAN EMAIL ME AT - scammedbytorro@gmail
They were great got us more than we were approved for and made the whole process painless! Defiantly would recomend to anyone.
The process and professionalism of all who where involved remained diligent, consistent, and helpful throughout. Dan Leppala especially was on point with the requirements and communication wich was the difference compared to other firms.
Everyone has been extremely helpful and friendly. I am just a little reserved about having so many credit cards. I hope it doesn't take to long to get my credit back. I originally didn't know the line of credit was going to be credit cards because I was after cash for construction build-out. They did explain everything on the phone prior to me e-signing the paperwork. I hope the friendly service continues as I try to work through getting cash off these cards.
I have the best experience with Torro they are the best and I recommend anyone to them! And Tristan his amazing!
Chris helped me out and answered all the questions I had about getting some capital. In the end he got the job done and secured funding for my business. Thanks again
Torro got me start up funds to open my restaurant. Before going to Torro, I tried the bank but got turned down for traditional financing. Torro was very quick, professional, and organized. It couldn't have been easier. Ask for Rick! he's great! Thanks again Torro!
Excellent, fast, simple and professional. I'm a very busy guy juggling everything life has thrown at me and I don't have time to jump through a million hoops. The stuff that Cameron and the Gotorro team required was simple and easy to acquire and upload. Our phone calls always felt more of a friend to friend type of conversation. Couldn't have been happier. Thanks Gotorro!
My sales Representative, Eric Christensen was always available, and helpful. The process will take a day or so to complete, but after that future funding will be painless. I recommend this company. Marty
Everyone I worked with did an excellent job of helping me.
We have only began our relationship with Torro but so far I have had nothing short of excellent service and guidance. Very happy with our decision to have Torro help jump start our business!
They were all very helpful in getting me funding. I would recommend to anyone in need of funds
Matthew was great and had fast communication which helped during the whole process.
Josh Stapley is the man! He was super friendly and made everything simple to understand. It’s a good feeling to know that the company works diligently to help, AND the people live with integrity. I will be back! (Ask for Josh)
It was a great experience working with Torro. They explained the process step by step and went the extra mile to ensure our questions were not only asked but answered in a timely manner during the process of finding potential lenders. Thanks Guys!
Eric was super helpful and excellent every step of the process. I highly recommend Torro for your company’s loan needs
Chris was very professional and explain to me everything in details, fast and precise, thanks
Dan Leppala has been a very professional representative for Torro. The internet gave me many leads for business money lending & I spoke with probably 3 different companies. When I read about Torro location in Salt Lake City, Utah, I decided they would be the most reliable & trustworthy because we live in Wyoming and we could easily make a person-to person visit, if necessary. The other companies made me feel very unworthy & inferior, always referring to the negative responses on my credit report after an inquiry was made. Dan never referred to any of the negative reports. I know they exist. Dan always made me believe he was working towards searching for the best financial loan, regardless of my credit history. He was constantly in touch with me, but did not over-power me e.g. 5 phone calls in one minute (as did the other lenders) It is a miracle Dan did secure a financial business loan for me and my husband, Larry. We will make very good use of the money and I am excited about a financial future with Dan & Torro. Thank you very much. You have literally allowed us to continue our business and our employees are very appreciative of a paycheck every Friday. Larry & Phyllis McCullough, owners, Wind River Stone Scapes, Inc
All the staff were professional and considerate when providing me with options. I got the funding I needed, and I would use Torro again in the future.
Great customer services and the associate are willing to answer any questions you have in a timely manner. Overall they fulfilled their promises.
Fast up front service, took time to help through the entire process
Dan Leppala, He is great man and very supportive
Eric, was so helpful and so patience and really easy to work with, thank you for all the help and time.
Hayden Smith made getting working capital for my small business (a preschool/daycare center with less than 20 employees) simple, and straightforward. He provided multiple options, allowing me to choose the best option for my business’ needs.
First, let me just say that the customer service was amazing (Thanks Josh)! The application process was quick and to the point. The documents required to complete the process were literally at my fingertips and the electronic signing made the experience a breeze. I would absolutely recommend Torro to anyone in need of quick business funding.
When I contacted Torro to assist me with getting funding I had no concept of what they really did. In the end, it was one of the best decisions I had made. Everyone from the initial call to the end of the process was always friendly and helpful explaining each step completely to me as time went on. I look forward to a continuing relationship with them and I would be happy to recommend Torro to others.
Eric was very helpful in every occurre ce i have dealt with him to get funded . Have always came thru.
Andrew Bray and his team have been awesome to work with, they went the extra mile to help our company. I highly recommend them for their professionalism and creativity to help us get this project done.
Chris at Torro funded me for the second time, almost immediately, that same day. I have a small business and Torro definitely got me through some rough times and growing pains thus far. I would refer anyone starting a business or even an established business to utilize their resources...very helpful indeed.
From the first conversation through funding, the process is simple and quick. And the service is excellent! Thank you, Cameron M. for all of your assistance.
Cameron is amazing! When I reach out to him, I have confidence that he will be there to assist me. I highly recommend calling Cameron for any of your business funding needs.
At first I doubted torro. I decided to take a risk and give them a try, and now I'm on my 3rd loan with torro. They put money in my account when I needed it the most. I will always turn to torro. The stakes are high, but that's part of being in business. I love these guys!
It was My first time adquiring a business loan for my small landscaping business and I can tell you Chris Ruflin at Torro did a phenomenal job of getting this deal done. Not only did he fight to get me the best rate and most money, he always stayed on top of everything and walked me through the whole process every step of the way. I had previously been approved by other platforms but the level of customer service, attention to detail and knowledge that Chris brought to the deal really made the deal happen. Overall very happy with his work and look forward to working with Torro and Chris again in the future.
PLEASE READ MY REVIEW BEFORE YOU DEAL WITH TORRO I am going to save you a lot of anger and money. THIS IS FRAUD! They will open a 0% CC for you and charge you 10% for that. Log into and do it yourself. They will tell you stories after. ALL THESE POSITIVE REVIEWS ARE FAKE. I CHECKED AND SAW THEY ENTER ALL! Matt Slagowski from their company is the biggest liar. Only after I ready his Bio and saw all his criminal records. Check him on Google and see who you deal with
Andrew was awesome
Great company. Highly recommend
My experience with the company and Carlie was exceptional. Everything was explained completely and very simple to do. She was very helpful and knowledgeable. She was also very encouraging and seemed to genuinely care about my situation. I could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you
Tristan was super helpful!!!
Great company, great help with getting our company started.
Very helpful with my funding I needed.
Hayden and his team were great to work with if communication, ethics and trust are important to you. I highly recommend him and his team!
After feeling like I was being thrown into a sea of weird predators to get funding by other companies that felt more like "wolves of wallstreet" than "funds of mystreet", I found Torro....Cameron and his team did absolutely everything they promised, and did it when they promised. On Point! Torro made this process seamless and comprehensive. I am so happy and really, it was Torro's professionalism, patience, and ability to guide me through this that made all the difference. I would not hesitate to refer any client, business associate, friend, family member, or anyone to Torro if they had a need. Torro saved me thousands of dollars, and made the process easy to understand from start to finish, and helped me the entire way. I am so glad that I followed my gut and waited one day for Torro to respond. Best decision I've made so far this year. Bill Gates once said, "The inventory and true value of a company walks out it's doors every evening." And with people like Cameron at Torro as the "face" of this company, the brand and what they offer is priceless in my book. Thank you Torro!!
I have had the most AMAZING experience working with Torro. Rick Mele, Andrew Anderson and Lynda Holmes were nothing but friendly, informative, and helpful whenever I spoke with them. I felt like all of my questions and concerns were answered perfectly to my understanding. I would recommend them to anyone who is in a pinch to fund their small business!
Chris Ruffin was effective, easy to work with, prompt to reply, I would recommend him to anyone! George
Dan at Torro was excellent. They got me funding when it seemed almost impossible. Sure my business was making money but I had been a victim of identity theft which put my personal credit score down to a ridiculous low 500!! I wasn't sure they could help but hey, they pulled through and BAM! I'm now able to move forward and take my restaurant to the next level! Thanks Torro, thanks Dan! P.S I know you have probably read reviews and testimonials such as these and think to yourself; ha that's good and all but that won't work for "me". Then you go ahead and give it a shot!! To only then experience "failure"...well I too have read these type of success reviews/testimonials and went on to try it myself to only experience the same crap, failure which made me even more discouraged. So, my advice, Just keep moving forward and learn from your "falls" you will make it!!! But only if you don't give up... oh and btw falling SUCKS!! But when you finally win...oh man those falls turn into awesome conversations!
Matt was super helpful and educated me in the process! I plan on doing business with him in the near future.
Dan was very helpful.His honesty and his advice made the application process easy and stress free.He was always there and available whenever I needed questions answered.And I was pleasantly surprised how quickly this loan was completed. Thank You Golk
Torro is the best company ever!! I had the best experience ever,It was so smooth they stock by my side every step of the way!! Being a new business owner with not so perfect credit no one wanted to give me a chance,but Torro did! And my rep Eric Christensen was the Absolute best,he went that extra mile to help me and I am so grateful for that.Torro gave me a chance when no one else would...I would refer this company to anyone.They are the best.
I would highly recommend this company to anyone! It’s great for a new start up business
I would recommend this to anyone. Test it out and start your own business! Give them a call today it worked for me!
Rick, Jordan and Brayden were a pleasure to speak to and work with.
Lynda was amazing! She walked us through everything and did everything in her power to make sure we were taken care of in the best way she could. Thank you!
Excellent Service, quick and responsive! Joshua & Lynda were super helpful and got me the funding pretty quick!
After submitting all the required docs, it was really quick. Just ask for all that is required prior, so you can prep for everything all at once. I was a little skeptical at first but it’s legit
Excellent company to work with. Real, honest people; I've had the pleasure of doing frequent business together. Would definitely recommend!
We were blown away by the service from Nick, Jordan and Andy and whoever else we did not meet.They are fast, professional and did for us what we would not have been able to do for ourselves. We got everything we asked for and then more.We were able to purchase the business we wanted. So great thanks and appreciation to the Torro staff.
great job Hayden - a very professional service - we would highly recommend you guys
Very fast and easy to work with. This is now my second loan thru them and have had no issues.
I had a great experience with Torro. I had great results and I received more funding than was expected. I would definitely recommend Torro to anyone that is seeking funding.
If you want to get a business loan I highly recommend asking for dan he was awesome and even gave us his cell phone number so we could reach him after business hours with any questions. To me that was wonderful consideriing we are in different time zones . Thanks Dan for being an awesome person we will be calling you for our next loan
Chris Ruffin was amazing
It was great dealing with Torro from start to finish. Being a new business always makes the prospect of financing intimidating but Lynda and the whole team made it simple and were always available to answer our questions along the way. I shopped around a lot and Torro definitely beat my expectations. Thanks again to the whole team!
Very professional treatment by all the folks at TORRO with particular hats off to an extremely talented and well informed person named TRISTAN BURTOFT who supplied me with helpful alternative ideas for how I could get the loans for my businesses who went out of his way in an honest effort to help me reach our mutual goals in talking together.
They are very fast and got me approved no problem even with my poor credit. I have tried getting funding thru several places and was always declined. Torro got me funded first try.
Your company was very helpful and experienced in dealing with the banks involved. Linda Holmes was very courteous, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks, Michael
Love these folks. Chris was awesome to work with and they helped me greatly! Highly recommend.
Everything went exactly as they said it would and our result was fantastic!
Good People- they worked hard to find us the funding we needed
My experience with Torro was awsome Josh was amazing an help my process go smooth fast turn around an no hastle they truly have patience an do whatever they can to help you definitely highly recommended