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My experience with has been excellent. The limitations that I have experienced has come from my own hesitations and lack of planning. . The advice that I have received is sound, the tools are easy to use and I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with the Truth in Equity team.
I feel strongly that Truth in Equity is a great way to use to your advantage the process to pay your mortgage in an accelerated way without changing your life style. This process really works!
I used the concept Truth in Equity teaches to pay off 3 homes in 5 1/2 years. I was in the fortunate position that in addition to using Truth in Equity concepts, I was able to add additional payments along the way. If it was not for learning what Truth in Equity teaches and overcoming the fear of doing something outside the box and moving forward, I would still have large mortgages hanging over my head
Don't be afraid to try this - it's the real deal! All you have to do is handle your money the way they tell you to, and you're on your way to being completely debt free in a much shorter period of time than you would've been had you never had the fortune of discovering Truth In Equity. I did it. I always have a healthy amount of skepticism - and I did with this company, as well - but the numbers don't lie, so I went with it. Sure enough - unbelievably, I was debt free in just a few months more than they said I would be, but that was because of a few unexpected expenses. No change in lifestyle, no reduced budget. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves while on the 6 year, 1 month payoff - took our regular vacations, lived our typical lifestyle. If you're an all around good financial manager and responsible with your money, this program WILL work for you!
Excellent program helped us pay down our mortgage quicker, consolidated expenses, now living in our new home with no mortgage.
Initial 1 hr conference provided a wealth of information.
In my opinion, the cost of the program is not worth what you receive. I suppose for s subset of users, it probably is, but for users who are financially stable and just want to talk through the program and have some questions answered, you don't get much value. The sessions with advisors are solely on the customer to setup, and you will not have contact with your advisor unless you explicitly seek them out. We were happy with the communication and correspondence with our advisor, Sam. I would rate his services 4 or 5 stars, but, overall, the program's value to us as a family was only average.
The Truth In Equity Program has afforded me and my wife the opportunity to live a very comfortable life by practicing the gained knowledge and Techniques learned through this "GOD SENT" program. If you consistently practice what is in your best interest.
was left hanging when my agent left the company.
Worst decision I ever made
Truth in Equity has been an amazing tool for me. I am a cautious person and researched HELOCs well before signing on. Initially Lauren, a consultant at the time, met with me and gave me exact numbers regarding what to expect as far as pay off dates. I then made a decision to sign on. She helped me search and compare rates for the HELOC. I have chosen not to completely pay off my home. Why? Because when I need a new car or want a new RV, I use the HELOC to finance the purchase and pay myself back. No finance charges and no huge interest charges. This has worked especially well for me. I love this HELOC and it has given me the ability to do many things I wouldn't have normally been able to do.
Poor follow through.
Who? I never hear from them at all. Not really sure why I paid the additional $2500?
Truth in Equity made it possible for us to keep more of our money. We were able to spend cash to remodel our home before the sale, and we kept more profit from the sale as a result of the program. When most of your income is applied to your principle, you pay less interest. It is surprising how much money you can save on interest payments. I don't know why anyone would want a mortgage!
From the very first meeting the folks at Truth in Equity were very transparent with the process, the benefits and made sure we understood what we were about to embark on. The online portal is a nice single place to transact with Truth in Equity. Bill also listened and answered all our queries and cleared our doubts and we never felt hurried or pushed to go with their services.
Truth In Equity has been a lifesaver for me. I don't know where I would be today if it wasn't for Truth In Equity.
I saved tens of thousands of dollars of mortgage interest following Truth in Equity recommendations. Truth In Equity also helped me simplify my finances which enhanced my long term financial planning. I recommend Truth in Equity without hesitation.
Bill Westrom has been nothing short of amazing!! Not only are we on track to pay off our mortgage in under eleven years, but we also have access to more and more cash each and every month. I majored in finance and banking in college but never learned how to utilize banks and credit cards in this manner. Instead of paying out approximately 35% of our income to the banks (in the form of interest payments), we are saving those funds and building wealth. Thank You to Bill Westrom and Truth In Equity!!
Bill is great. He's been very straightforward with working with us to zero out our revolving debt and accelerate equity in our home. Thanks!
This program will quite literally change your life. Follow the instructions given by the program and watch your debt dwindle away and your interest expense become a mere fraction of what it had been. Then, pass what you've learned on to your children. I had only one and only one disappointment; not learning about the program 20 years earlier.
This program works. There were some things that were required of me that were not fully disclosed before I signed up for the program.
The concept was unusual for us but we are sure happy we went forward with it. Its been a godsend for us!
a great firm with an excellent concept that works. I speak from personal experience.
The information and program is valuable.
Excellent experience with Bill. Very knowledgeable and I believe this system is the best. Too many people do not know how to utilize their banking and maximize their income to the fullest. Truth in Equity will teach you how to.
Best idea ever to use Truth In Equity!!! Can't tell you how much we have saved in interest.
Great help to me!
Too expensive for the service. Never really used their product. There are a lot of other services out there that perform the same thing for thousands less.
We tried to use this program back in 2010. Our situation was not a good fit after review. We were very happy that they understood this and gave us a full refund. So appreciative of David Wells wanting to rectify the situation. He truly cares about his clients.
I found Truth In Equity on the web back in 2010 and thought the concept was interesting and appealing to someone who hates paying interest over a long period of time. I mulled it over, but then forgot about it for a while. My only regret was not implementing their strategy earlier as I waited until 2012 to go all in on their mortgage reduction strategy. If I had acted on my initial impulse I would've been paid off about a year ago. Fortunately, I eventually did make the commitment and took a mortgage balance and some other debt rolled in from roughly $330K to $30K as of right now. I talked with a consultant, Tammie, who was very informative and ended up buying the software and calculating I could pay off my debt in about 7 years and 6 months - even accounting for annual interest rate rises of 1.0 % per year. The software showed me I would still save close to $100K in interest over my then current 30 year conventional at 5.125%. I set up a HELOC with US Bank to begin borrowing and paying off draws of $20-40K at a time which were applied to my existing 30 year conventional mortgage. The HELOC at that time was 2.5% for 18 months then market after that (interest rates were rock bottom still coming out of the financial crisis.) About the same time I was committing to this form of mortgage debt pay down, I found a very attractive 20 year, interest only loan for 6 years at LIBOR plus a margin of 1.625%, then conventional mortgage at market rate there after. I read the tea leaves and saw the FED was stuck at Zero Interest Rate Policy for quite some time and decided to go for it. I was rewarded with a mortgage interest rate below 2.0% for about 5 years until rates started to creep up last year. I paid off as much as I comfortably could during that time. So after the first 6 months or so in the new interest only mortgage, I quit using the HELOC to pay off the new mortgage as prime rates rose and LIBOR stayed frozen at roughly .25 for about 5 years. So I lucked out. But, if not for Truth In Equity, I would have never contemplated this strategy and missed out on massive interest rate saving. Their program made me rethink everything about mortgage debt.
Total rip off. Thousands of dollars paid to them for nothing. Shame on them.
Wonderful way to pay for your house quickly and easily!
Thorough, professional, and it works! Extremely happy with the service and results.
I learned about Equity Optimization by accident 15 years ago from a friend from German while I was in the mortgage industry and am amazed that this is not on the news everyday! I have never found anyone I spoke with that is as knowledgeable or as passionate as Bill to help people with this little known path to financial freedom.
This is the best program I have ever joined. I only which I would have done it earlier. Thanks
Program really works. At one year we are at $40,000 off mortgage. We will keep going.
Bill was very detailed and helped with our complicated situation.
Overall Bill Westrom was great. I was not able to return a email for a while. But when I did he completely ignored me, and still does. Not a very good business model.
Best advice ever!
It's a no-brainer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great in all respects!
The people were knowledgeable and attentive. The product is simple and easy to implement.
zero follow up Spoke with my "counselor" twice Wouldn't do it again The information is readily available on what to do. They have no magical solution. I think an individual contemplating spending $3,200 should save his or her money and do a little research on how to pay off a mortgage earlier It is there Just do a little bit of detective work
Knowledge and service are top notch. Diana F. has treat us as if we were her only client. Much appreciated! Completely happy with the program we are using to get our debt paid off.
Great personalized service and attention to detail
If you honestly want to pay off your home in the fewest years possible and pay the least amount in interest this is the way to do it. But you must be financially disciplined, maintain a positive cash flow and resist the temptation of unnecessary expenditures. This is absolutely legitimate. This is what your bank doesn't want you to know about.
It’s on me to get started!
Truth in Equity has been an excellent company to work with. The level of professionalism has been second to none and I would definitely recommend them to anyone serious about getting out of debt and accelerating paying off their mortgage.
One of the Best Financial Decisions My Wife and I made for our Future was working with Bill and his team. They were thorough in explaining there process to us and working with us to make sure we were operating on schedule. They helped us shave nearly 20 years off our mortgage and save hundreds of thousands in interest. The process once explained is logical and makes sense even if you aren't an economic expert. Highly recommend.
As soon as I lost my job I did not hear from anyone have another job..thank goodness...felt abandoned after we spent all that money for what!!!
Sam at Truth In Equity helped me to understand a different way of looking at my finances. It is truly an eye opening concept that I immediately implemented as soon as I was able to wrap my mind around the numbers. I'm glad that I have Sam on my side as my personal consultant from here on out!
i thought is was working great. Our contact was helpful. Once she left Truth In Equity I never heard from them again.
We are grateful every day that we came to know of Truth in Equity. We would recommend this to anyone, (and we have). For us, it was the answer for getting ahead, and living well. It works as promoted, and better. We have been with this 5 years, and because of this, our plans for retirement are in place and on track.
Math always speaks the truth. I like my new numbers and mortgage free projection...thanks to TruthinEquity!
We are very pleased with what Bill at Truth In Equity has done to help our family. We highly recommend them to everyone.
I would recommend this company to anyone. They are very responsive to questions and concerns. Thank you for everything
Great value but having to pay the same membership price to renew is a bit difficult to I it justify.
It wasn't as easy as they made it sound. Not to mention the 3k you have to PAY for thier confusing advice.....oh and I haven't heard from my "Financial Advisor" in over a year.
Truth in Equity service is to provide financial planning to pay your mortgage off early. Bill goes over all your budget and equity in home to evaluate if the plan can save you time and money. If he can't wont up sell you his service. TIE provides you with the bankers that will assist you with new loans.Once this is done the new financial plan gets started. this will save you money and years off the standard mortgage payment plan. I have never seen any other services out there that really evaluate your spending and constant debt cycle we get stuck in. We now are on track to pay off our 30 year mortgage at 8 years, and meanwhile have no debt! I spend less time paying bills everything is streamline and simpleI ! I encourage everyone I know to check out TIE services and highly recommend !
Bill was very patient and professional as he explained the process. He returned phone calls if I had questions. He saved us a significant amount of interest.
The team at Truth In Equity truly care about your financial situation. They provide personalized service by getting to know you and what your goals are. I was skeptical of their equity optimization program at first, but they walked me through the process and helped me set it up with my financial institution. With this program, we've been able to provide our own financing for major purchases and home improvements while still paying down a large portion of our home loan. Truth In Equity has offered us a level of financial flexibility and freedom that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. I would highly recommend them.
not very usefull.. Price waof the service was exagerated
I am living debt free and retired at 51. It works just like that say.
No Follow Up/Not the Right Time I found when I had just gotten our first house. We did not put 20% down though so we were unable to get a HELOC yet. After we went through our finances, our advisor told me I should get a Personal Line of Credit. We went through Wells Fargo but the interest rate was too high. I paid off a few loans faster than planned but was unable to keep up with the new interest I had to pay as well as other expenses that arose. Eventually, I asked for a little break and have never heard from anyone again until this email, asking for a review.
Great experience & follow up
If you stay committed your principle drops like rain. Unbelievable how quick you pay off shrinks.
I have used Truth in Equity to pay off my Home. They were great to work with. They were very good at explaining how it works. This system worked as they described. They responded to all my questions.
Imagine paying off the balance on your house in only 3 years. I did just that using equity optimization. I had taken out a conventional 30-year mortgage and paid it for a year, barely making a dent in the principal. However, after converting the balance to a HELOC and following the methods of Truth in Equity, I made rapid progress toward payoff. It was a great day when I checked my account and amount owed was zero. Bill Westrom did a fantastic job and he earned my grateful thanks. I highly recommend Truth in Equity to anyone who wants to live mortgage free.
We started with Truth in Equity in August. We paid our house off on January 13! When Bill told me we could pay our house off in 6-8 months, I was amazed. I told him it would be 6 months. It ended up being 5. We did everything the same as we always had but just used a HELOC instead of a mortgage. We didn't cut back on any of our normal spend. That's what is amazing to me. This program really does work! Put your trust into the company and you won't be disappointed.