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I set up claims with uclai4me and just kept getting the same forms to sign. Now they txt me to say great news you did have ppi . No mention of the company that its with though . But they still need more info. Not sure about this company.
Online I noticed an advert that gives you an instant answer if you had ppi,I gave my details & at the end gave no answer if I had ppi it was simply just a scam to get your details so they can try claim your ppi for you.I then received a letter on 2 occasions asking me to sign so they could chase my claim & after doing some research & checking their reviews I binned the letters.I then received texts telling me I had ppi but they need more info to claim it which I ignored.I then received £37 ppi refund from my bank & since then receive calls & 5 text messages a day from UCLAIM4ME saying my fee of £10 is overdue & a recent text saying it is SERIOUSLY overdue.I never once signed anything or gave permission for this company to take on any ppi claim.Their texts & phonecalls are harassment.Mark
Never registered with this company, they somehow got my info. Big warning signs. Would not trust.
Do not ever have anything to do with this company they will just go ahead and make claims for you even after you have told them you do not want to use them . They will carry on regardless without any authorisation from you and if they find a valid claim they will then relentlessly hassel you to sign the letter of authority (which is needed BEFORE any claims can be done) this company is parisitic DO NOT GO NEAR THEM
They send me spam letters.
Charge an awful lot for what they do, give them a letter of authority and still the companies write to you and you end up having to fill out and give them all the information they need. Once their fee is due they don't stop calling, texting and emailing you demanding payment, even if you ask them to stop as you are in hospital recovering from major kidney surgery they still call 6 times a day even though they have been told I can't do anything from hospital.
Letter received from Santander stating since my claim was submitted 4 weeks ago, they needed more time. I was not aware of this! I cannot recall this company, I called Santander, who will now send me the signed form of authority. This I'm sure will not be my signature . Mr Davies- Hengoed, Caerphilly
Don’t touch these people with a barge pole. They hassled me relentlessly until in the end I gave in,thinking it would shut them up,,,But NO...the calls and letters just got worse. I signed their letters of authority and sent them my deceased husbands death certificates. Then get more letters to sign and text asking me to sign electronically which I did. Then more claim form with an address I’d never lived at...not even in the same county, Rang them so they sent more forms out with yet another unknown address on. Rang again to be told to ignore the incorrect address ,send them back with more death certificates because they destroy them as soon as they’ve put them on record. If I’m getting someone else’s private details,,,,who is getting mine ... In he end he said very rudely that even if they got me £10000 back I wouldn’t be happy,then put the phone down on me. It’s worrying what they do with your private details once they’ve got them. I’ve blocked their number but they keep ring with different numbers.
I have had a claim going on for months and months and just continually asked for the same info over and over and over and over ………. and over again. I have sent supporting documents numerous times, signed via a txt numerous times! going to go elsewhere now.
There is a lot of paperwork from the lenders and fees are much higher than advertised, works out around 46% not 33% plus vat when all totals are in. Lesson learned to shop around before signing up as there are other, cheaper companies to go to, but its probably better to just do it yourself if you have the time.
Dreadful company , keep harrassing me for a payment that isnt due
What a brutal company stay well clear. I got a letter through the post saying they will do a PPI check I filled in the relevant information. They came back to me and said there is a claim sign the forms which I did on all the paperwork which I scrutinized it said 20% charge along with 20% vat which was fair enough. Knowhere on any of there letters do they tell you about a admin fee of 10 pound they tried to charge me also 33% instead of the 20. When I challenged them they told me a bare faced lie saying that I applied a while back when it was the old deduction of 33 percent which I never. In the end after challenging them they removed the admin charge which was never mentioned in any paperwork and only charged me 20 percent like it stated. The reason I am aggrieved is because my pay out should have been 2600 but unknown to me I get taxed which was 300 pound so my award was actually 2300 but was still charged for 2600. Knowhere does it state this tax charge if I had have known this I wouldn't have went ahead with it. If you are a vulnerable person who doesn't read small print then these bullys are not for you. I was payed a cheque on the Friday from the bank and they were sending me 5 text messages a day asking for payment. Do they not realise that it takes 5 days to clear absolute bullys and brutal. I will be contacting FSCS as they are not telling you every thing and trying to add extra charges on. They certainly haven't heard the last of it I have paid the amount they wanted but I would like the money back that they took off that I wasn't told about. Watchdog need to know about these jokers