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uLink Money Transfer
uLink Money Transfer

uLink Money Transfer Online Loan Reviews

I like app so much
If I could give zero or no star I would. Horrible customer service and lack of consideration. They don't let you know that sometimes they need to further review information but they sure enough charge your form of payment
I highly recommend this app for all my family and family! 5 stars
Very onvenient and easy way to send Money to Mexico. Fast service with a reasonable exchange rate.
I would like to recommend ULink transfer money to others so they’ll experience the fastest way & trusted way to send money to our love ones way back where we came from
I sent money using this service and they last to long in make it payable when they claim to pay in minutes is the second time it happens to me
Great , it’s easy to send, good service and high rate, great great great great
Exelen service
Easy and Fast! Love it. Will use this again.
I used it once,it was a good experience.Hugn exchange rate and you got free gift card on the first transaction.The only thing I didn't like was that,it took 2days before my money was ready to be pick up so I had to call customer service and I was assisted promptly
I like no problem to get the money
I like it and was easy to make an account to send money to the Philippines
thank you so much i'll appreciate your kindness
Ok, no issues so far
Good Transfer Money
Easy and smooth. When I look at current or processing transaction, I suggest you add in the date of delivery instead of just "processing".
I will recommend this company to anyone, very polite customer service, pay the best rate for your money and many options like delivery, and pay locations. The App is easy to used.I'm loving it,
It took too long and not preofessional service
It keeps saying that my transaction was not authorized.
Very nice service and quick to send money..
My Sister received the money in seconds. Amazing!
I got my 20$ gift card for sending money the first time and another $20 for referring a friend. The fees are a little higher but i got no problem in my transactions plus the customer service responds immediately for questions.
It takes three days to deliver and charge me for money in minute. Never use them again.
Among other services I know (remitly, worldremit), uLink has the highest exchange rate from USD to PHP. And you don't pay any if you transfer over 500 via US bank. Definitely recommend this with friends. Just hoping they have referral incentives.
Easy to use, fast, good exchange rates, low fee's. I just wish the allowed more thsn 3 transactions per month.
un poco tardado en que se abone el dinero
Ulink is good service for sending money all over the world
Ulink processed my transfer promptly and credited the promotional gift for first time users speedily. It was really nice. Although signing up had several website issues (redirected to a page that doesn't exist more than 4 times), once account was verified, it was a smooth-sailing experience. Also appreciate the high exchange rate and feasible fees. Good job! Keep your clients loyal by other promos as well. Like maybe the same extra $20 gift card after 2-3 transactions through you. Motivation never fails
I really recommend the ulink, cause the first time I sent money is very easy and fast to credit on my recepient bank account. The thing is the limit amount to send is very low. Only $550.00/day. Hopefully the charge will be lower the same from other remittance agency. Thanks!
Excellent . no reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone
Safe and secure, and they have high exchange rate.. i would recommend Ulink to my family and friends
Fast! No complaints.
ULink is affordable and convenient to send money to my family in Haiti. The same service that is available with other transfer money company but more expensive, uLink makes is easier and cheaper to send money. uLink knows that their services is to send money to the much needed, poor country. They do not take advantage and make it expensive. I truly appreciate that.
good customer service, I was upset with my transfer, but in all honesty I made the mistake. I only sent half of the deposit and when i called CS they told me i was stuck unless i wanted to cancel and start a new transfer. I will say I am happy with there honesty, other transfer companies would try tricks (bait and switch) to hold onto your money. At least there is one honest company here. ULink
Money transfer completed on exact date as promised.
Very and easy to send money to your family and very updated and we'll care to thier clients. Thank you Ulink
Very easy to maneuver throughout the process.
thanks. low cost to send.. they always get it time.
Your service worked very successfully for me !
My experience is great and faster sending money I would recommend to my family and friends to use this company I’m happy with thuds services
Easy transaction. I give only 4* because bank credit transfer takes 4 working days. It should be within a day or hours, or minutes only as it is just a bank credit not for home delivery. I have been using PNB Web remit for many years and when you transfer, it is credited to my Manila Bank right away. Unfortunately their transfer credit is suspended. Other than that uLink is excellent. Recommended
I tried Ulink services and I am really satisfied! Transaction is fast and safe; my brother got the money right away. I also love their chat services because they will respond to you right away. I would definitely use them again.
I sent money for free. Thanks Ulink.
it is highly safe and send my money to my loved ones and that's all that matters to me.
I had a good experience with this company. Thank you for helping me send money to my daughter in mexico
What a simple way to send money, thank you for that!
Great exchange rate to Mexico! I really liked it. Definitely recommend it for sending money to Mexico.
very easy to use and i love the fact that i got a gift card
It took little more than expected for my transition to be available.
The transfer took over a week to get to the other account, their reasoning is that I used my bank account and that takes longer... when I was doing the transaction it asked me for the account number not the debit card number... aside of that I had to contact them because I never received the gift card until I contacted them the 3rd time. They provide a gift card for first time users.
Its been 24hours now but my transaction is on hold already contacted the Support team but problem is not resolve.
Fast and easy to send money.highly recommended
You have high exchange rate and fast transaction.
My beneficiary received the money on time. The only thing that your company should do is to improve your communication... like informing first the sender that the money is in process, then send second message that the money is ready to be picked up, lastly message to inform that my beneficiary received the money. I was wondering if my beneficiary received the money so I called her. Anyway, things went well!
Honest and reliable
excellent service, thanks you very much.
Easy to use and responsive. however, their usage policy is quite limited. Something like only 3 transfers in any 30 consecutive days, a total of $700 during that period, and only up to $500 per transfer.
Your internet remittance is not quick to process the payment. Using my checking account takes 5 days to process. Remitly and lucky money takes 5 to 10 mins money is ready to pickup. second when money is ready my recipient did not received TXT inform the money ready to pick-up. Third no communication to the recipient. No email or txt.
Fast easy and secure. I have had only terrific help from cutomer service. Thank you Frank.
Love it great app and service
Easy to transfer money
Easy to get and send the money
I am not tech savvy, and I have Parkinson’s Disease. It is very difficult for me to enter data and this is one of the most direct formats for me!
Fast and secure way to send money to Mexico in minutes, works great for my family.
My first transaction was awesome, fast and easy. Higher dollar rate than other companies.
Ulink is an untrustworthy and shady company which you are putting your money in their hands. I would recommend people not to use it, since there is nothing professional about this company and you risk losing time and money dealing with them. One day they tell you one thing, the next day they tell you something else, there is no honor in the way they operate, horrible and unprofessional service.
Its easy and fast transaction. No hassle plus the fee its not that high the rate is high all in all i love it.i dont have any problem using uLink money transfer.
Grate services.
Using ulink is easy and you will get your money quick I will recommend it to my friends.
Hi exchange rate but very slow money payoff.
My family get the money right away
I like the high exchange rate.Got my reward right away after my recipient got the money.But only 4 star because I think it took longer to process even you pay 2.99$ .Still I think it’s good to recommend to others.Thank you Ulink.
Excellent service Í recomend it
The Best Great exchange rates, low transfer fees, and very fast. The money is usually available in a matter of hours.
I like this service, is fast, secure and pay better your dollar
I also send money to Philippines using remitly.com. When comparing these 2 companies, Remitly has similar exchange rates, but charges nothing (zero), when using their 5-day transfer from bank account to cash pickup. Ulink charges $2.99 for similar arrangement. Advantage: Remitly. Also, Remitly shows guaranteed delivery date and time and is never late. Ulink offers 4 business days delivery but never uses the word "guaranteed" and when I check the current status of transfer, fund availability date is not even shown on their website. Advantage: Remitly.
Easy to use App with good exchange rate and low commisions
I admit I was hard on them but they were at their best customer service skills to resolve and assist me with my transaction.
Is been working great so far , fast service and best rate on money exchange!!!!
Great service! Fast transactions.
Excellent Service. Very fast.!!.
Very convenient.I encourage everyone to use Ulink money transfer high rates & very helpfu agents.Good service!!
This is my first time using Ulinkremit and i had a good experience. Very easy to use and very convenient my family in the philippines are very happy because they got it so fast and you have high dollar rates compared to other remittance centers. I have only one suggestion if you can remove the monthly sending limit and that would be great! Thanks and happy holidays!
First I have a vacation home in Baja Mexico. It's always a hassle to get money here. I don't like to bring a lot of cash and if I do I get slapped on the exchange. Solution... Uniteller. There app is easy to use. It's convenient not having to figure out how to buy beer and pizza. The exchange rate is the best I have found and it's simple to get money form my bank or cards any where I travel in Mexico. I started out using a ATM. First there is a international transaction fee the 3% bank fee then the ATM fee. By the time your done is like 10.00 to get a hundred Trust me I figured that out the hard way. I pick my money up at Walmart and it cost a fraction of the cost. Especially if I'm there for a few months that I've been know to do. I had a few questions and got very fast response texting there representatives I tried Western union. Good luck I wasted hours trying to get it to work. Honestly I don't know how they can still be in business money gram the same result. Zoom is good to. Ulink is the best has the best exchange rate and very little hassle. My two cents
Processing of transactions is slow. The app is nice for iPhone
Highly recommended this uLink remittance. Very faster transaction and Legit. The customer service are very kind and approachable. Extremely satisfied for their services and also high rate compare to others.
The money was easily sent and picked Up.
I think the service provided was great and customer service is always available for immediate help in case needed.
Thanks trusted ulink and the good services
It takes too long to get the deposit in the account
i tried to use this the other day,it went well and thanks for that but i dont get my $20 gift card as what it says in advertisement for first timer sender.Although i followed the instruction how to redeem it but after my last click i dont get any response or showing a code,or tracking number that i can use to redeem it in store that i've choosen.Im disappointed with that.
They give the transaction code right away after you finished the steps and the my receiver receive the money easier and faster.
I don't like the way the verification teams work because it takes to long to get the person the money. I had to send my passport three different times and still, they would not accept it. Then I had to send my bank statement and the hold process took too long, Then i had to send my drivers license to be approved.
I learned of uLink thru word of mouth and decided that ease of use, exchange rates and fees were reasonable so I piloted one transfer of 100 usd. After multiple emails, chats and 13 hrs of efforts the cash was processed for pick up. I suggest that that ID requirements be specific and that transaction not be accepted until that is resolved. I will try once more uLink just in case this was a one off issue.
In the previous years I used Ulink Remit and no issues.Fast and reliable until December 2018 when I sent money to my brother. Instead of drawing money from my checking account you guys draw it from my savings. Well obviously there's not enough money.. Now tell me was it my fault???? And Geez for just $241 dollars you guys bombarded me with phone calls while I am asleep and at the same time sending me email. You were panicking to retrieve the money as if it is thousand of dollars. Hello? Is it me who draw from the savings account instead of checking???????? And I returned your money after first day in the morning of the business day.. And until now you don't give back my account access?? THANK YOU!!!! And Thank you. You don't deserve my business. Your website sucks anyway. You can't even access at night time.
Great app !! And customer service is awesome highly recommended!
A new system that doesn't work properly, verification of my identity more than reasonable, and on top all the hassle the money took more than 24 hours for a transaction that take 1 max 2 hours usual time. The only reason for me to come back is customer service experience with IVAN he when above and beyond to make it for the company errors and problems. Thanks IVAN for your professionalism and I will send money again with your company as long as they keep you because I'm sure if any problem arises you will have the job done.
I have sent money to my mom and my sister several times using the mobile app and I have never had a problem. My transfers are always paid on time and the exchange rate they offer is better than with other companies. I really recommend this!
It was fast and I immediately received my promo card a day after my beneficiary got the money I sent.