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The web site says that the item I wanted, a Tria-2 shelving unit, was available for immediate shipment, so I ordered it for $97.85. Two weeks later I politely and succinctly asked for the status of the order by e-mail. They sent me a form letter that cancelled my order without explanation. Then I got a spoof e-mail, pretending to be from PayPal, saying that they'd credited my account, but the return address was from "yahoo.com". No refund has given weeks later and I'm working with the PayPal fraud division. These guys are crooks.
I ordered an item and their final order stated I would be contacted when it was shipped. Never contacted. I went to 'My Account' and found the order. Said it was 'complete'. No shipper was shown, no date although there were columns for said. Contacted them through their site. It said someone would contact me in 48 hours. Nothing. A week later did it again. Nothing. Thankfully, when I went back to My Account the business that was supposed to send me the product was listed with an email address. I received a reply and refund from them within 48 hours. In other words, this company is a complete fraud and PayPal should refuse to do business with them. They are my next email.
Ordered a product that indicated that they had the best price. I received a completely different item from a different company. Used the "Contact" option on Underbid's website to ask for a refund or exchange. Got no reply at all! This company should NOT be doing business on the web!!
Erm.... I never gave up my shipping info, and when I push "Checkout" it went strait to Paypal.com to get me to make a payment... ???????
I shopped online for an item that was selling out quickly from all the online merchants. Underbid.com showed they had "10" in inventory, so I choose them over others with smaller inventories. Come to find out, OpticPlanet.com that they were reselling for and passed me off to, NOT only was out of stock, sending me the wrong item, then dragging it out for 3 weeks finally admitted they mixed their inventory and NEVER did have the item in stock. Now everyone is sold out, I can't find the item I wanted, but Underbid.com still shows an inventory of "10" even today.