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Aaron Gower was great to work with! He got our money wired quickly and efficiently. Thanks again Aaron!
George is very professional, from the start after the initial application, he provided me with the best option for my funding need. Got my loan approve without much trouble. Would highly recommend if anyone needs a quick loan and fast turnaround.
APRIL 2015 With a credit score near 800 and 20+ years in business we still had a hard time getting access to capital to grow the business. Matt turned the account in 24 hours and delivered more than promised. It's not the cheapest place in town but in our case it would have been much more expensive not to have the capital to grow. If you don't qualify for the 3% money at the bank, this is a stellar option. MARCH 2016 Anthony turned a new loan in 5 hours! Our growth over last year prompted me to step up to the next level for even greater growth. Anthony delivered in HOURS not weeks. Even better the second time around!
Bryan Rabanal was true to his word. In less than 24 hours the funds we requested were in my business account. It speaks well for United Capital that they hire people like Bryan.
Bryan was very honest and very easy to work with! Looking forward to doing business with him again.
Aaron is terrific to work with.
We are so happy and amazed with the experience we had with United Capital Source! We had a flawless experience, they are always willing to help you out at any moment they can. I look forward to a long relationship with them Expansion Capital! Thank you Jason!!!!
I want to say that Danielle Rivelli is a Great Asset to your Company. Very Professional and always kept us Up to Date on Status. Excellent Job.
Great Company and George was Great
Bryan,is an excellent representative, very professional and efficient in both English and Spanish.
I contacted United Capital for my real estate consulting firm and was contacted back shortly after filling out my application online. Nathan worked very hard to get me what I wanted and he did it based on my needs and wants. He was all about what was right for me and my company. Plus he got me the money within a couple of days. I highly recommend this company to any business owner!
Bryan Rabanal was very helpful & professional in helping us secure business capital. He was very patient & understanding of our financial needs & goals - in the end, we found a plan that suited us. Thank you United Capital Source, Inc.
In all honesty, this has been the best experience my business has had in getting funds that was detrimental to our continuous improvement. I would like to thank Danielle Rivelli and all the staff at United capital source for all of your help throughout this process.
Words can't express how much this company has helped with my capital needs for business I would recommend them to anybody that is trying to run a business today with the banks and there limitations today your a big help thank you so much
George Rusinak made the loan process very easy.
Bryan was fabulous with follow up. Helped me all along the way. Give him 5 stars. I need people here in Tampa like him. He made it happen for my growing business. HE IS THE MAN!!
They helped me out in a time of need
We couldn't get additional funding from your group...I remembered how well Jon had provided help last go-around and I reached out to him. he came thru like a champ..!
Jon Baum was Excellent and professional did things in a timely manner and explained everything Looking forward to working with him for a long time, Juci Jerk
Nathan took care of me at United capital source very quickly next day for my trucking company thanks for all your help
I’m a chef at a restaurant. I needed information about equipment financing. Bryan was professional and provided the information I needed. Most importantly following up to make sure that I was completely satisfied. I look forward to working with Bryan again. Great customer service.
George Rusinak made the process so easy. He is the epitome of friendly customer service and has a knack for making you at ease. His professionalism is what made me choose United Capital Source.
I worked with Jake Canino. He was great to work with. Cared about my time, easy to talk to and took care of business FAST! Talked to Jake in the morning and the deal was done just a few hours later. I will definitely be calling him again and would highly recommend UCS. Thanks Jake!
I had the great pleasure of working with Bryan Rabanal. He did an awesome job! He was professional and easy to work with. He followed-up on all tasks and took care of my every need quickly and efficiently! Derek
Tom worked really hard to help us get funded. The entire time he was very professional, very detail and explained the entire process. He was knowledgeable to answer any questions I had. He was very helpful. United capital is blessed to have you Tom. Thank you for your help. Cordell Geek Tech Support Services, LLC
Aaron Gower did a great job working with us.
Alex and Griff were really prompt and had my funds in 2 days. I contacted them Tuesday morning and Wed night funds were in my bank.. That is awesome
Great service Craig
I was impressed with the hard work that George Rusinak put in to help me get funded. He was kind and prifessional. He always got back to my calls and emails promptly. He was very professional . I also thank Luke Drayer for working hard to get this done for me. I would definitely recommend this company
Danielle Rivelli was a pleasure to work with! Thank you for all your assistance!
I have never been let down when I requested a loan - Kudos to you and Pearl!
Going for funding is usually nothing but a headache, but United Capital Source made it a breeze. My account manager was incredibly accessible and made sure the loan application process moved forward, even when my attention got pulled in other directions.
Fast, Accuracy and easy to work with very recommend Thanks Alex Galan
Dont be confused with months & weeks. Just focus on number of payments which only matter at the end. Specially if you are 1st timer. Case was handle by Kevin & My account manager is Aaron. I trust Kevin after the explanation about the program over the phone. As I understood It is suppose to be 44 payments but actually it is 48 on the contract I signed. If I knew this before I would not do this for sure. Learnt my lesson & letting know others. Just be careful with hard money you make.
Nathan was awesome! This is my first time working with this company but will not be my last. I have worked with other funding companies in the past but none have been able to match the quality of offers presented to me with United Capital.
United continued to provide great funding support as I grow my small business. Fast, reliable, trustworthy
Bryan was professional, swift, and absolutely amazing. A pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend United Capital Source. He walked me through and kept in constant contact for everything that was needed. He was to the point and got me the best deal. Thank you to everyone. This took a daunting experience and made it painless.
Matthew Levin was incredibly efficient, responsive and delivered exactly what he said he could day one! I will only reach out to Matthew and United Capital Source for any future lending needs of my business.
My goodness I don’t know what I would do without the cushion your company has provided me!
Andrew is kind and sincere, he is the man like to do business again. He is Superbe, really satisfied what he did to me. He is the best.
Making the world of financing simple, efficient and dependable. So many out there take the approach of getting things across the finish line and then their job is done. Working with Nathan was different and I felt confident that ongoing support and trust would be maintained. Would happily do business again!
Andrew Richmond was great with helping me get my loan for my business thank you so much with great service.
We worked with Craig for the funding for our business. He was there to help with all our needs. Quick to respond to any questions and made sure that we had what we were looking for. He made the whole process a breeze!
Jared and his team have been invaluable to us and we really couldn't have realized our dreams of opening our cafe without him. Always a pleasure doing business with him. Look forward to handling future endeavors with Jared and his team.
Thank you Nathan! You made this process easy, and we appreciate your professionalism!
I researched many other merchant lenders. United found the best lenders at the least interest and rates.
It was easy to work with United Capital Source and especially Bryan. At no point did I feel pressured. Customer service was wonderful! They made everything easy for me.
Very knowledgeable an very helpful staff.
Had a great experience working with Nathan Drebin. He was very knowledgeable and able to answer any questions I had for him. He was also very communicative and quick to respond. I'm looking forward to my next experience working with him.
The customer services showed understanding to my need and provided adequate solutions in a very timely manner
great service , timely answers . fair deals .
It was an easy process and easy way to get the capital I needed.
no clue whats going on with the customer account
Had a very positive experience working with Nathan Drebin, Very easy to work with and always quick to respond to any questions,
Jon Baum was FABULOUS He worked so hard and so FAST We were funded within 2 days Definitely recommend him and United Capital Source Inc. for any business that needs funds!!!!
Matthew has been great to work with! Will definitely work with him again! Thanks
Looking to borrow some money for our small business in NC, and after getting the run-around from other places , made a call to United Capital and had the pleasure of talking to George Rusinak. Being from NY myself , George and I spoke the same language from the start . A few quick and easy forms and .... Quicker than a "NEW YORK MINUTE" George got us approved , and we had our funds . Thank you for your expertise and straight shooting.
George Rusinak was overall amazing and extremely helpful. He did not stop until he got us the very best offers possible. We are more than satisfied and have nothing but positive feedback to give about George! Would not want to work with anyone else! Thanks again, George!
Brian did a terrific job helping us get our loan approved. I would definitely recommend him and your company to anyone.
George was amazing! He and the staff were truly professional and speedy. Funds were available when he promised and the whole experience was not traumatic and is was almost effortless. Thank you again for funding our expansion. Scott F. Harbor Springs, MI
Thank you for your help
Danielle did a very good job.
Jake made my experience very easy to get fund at a decent rate!
The Best Business Loan Consultants out their. What they say is what happens, no surprises. Bryan was excellent the entire time.
We are an Architectural and a Design firm applied for a working capital bussines loan with many lenders and the confusion and the amount of documents requested just frustrated me to a verge of giving up. The very next day I had an email from Mr. Adam Williams from from United Capital Source asking me to contact him for an phone interview, and when I did he ask me few questions with a very friendly professional approach and I was funded two days after without even me knowing. Unlike other companies they charge me as less as a thousand dollars for the service, well as the other lenders chargs thousands of dollars + broker fees running to thousands. HERO CAPITAL and UNITED CAPITOL SOURCE togather had a very professional approach towards the process and it was a really unexpected great experience overall. PS : Also would like to thank Mr. Jake, Mr. Craig and Mr. Jon For coordinating right throughout to speed up the process.
Thank you Ivan you understood my request and this line of credit. Will make my business to rock. YOU ARE THE BEST..........................
George Rusinak helped us get our loan for our business. Step by step through the process with ease..Planning on doing more business with his company!! Thanks again!! :)
Very good good
I've used United Capital Source in the past and find the process very easy - they were very helpful in getting the funds I needed for some added business expenses. Payment process is easy as well. Highly recommend. Thanks for everything.
Jake was outstanding. Professional, knowledgeable, courteous!!
Bryan Rabanal is a consummate professional. His knowledge of the lending industry as a whole, and furthermore the intricacies of each and every one of his financial products was astonishing. Before making any recommendation, he gathered a complete picture of our goals and current business state, to drive us to our future state. He recommend the best options, and they were presented to us exactly as he predicted from the underwriters. I say this because he was thoughtful and diligent, and was careful to opt out lenders that were not the best fit for our profile. He helped us attain exactly what we needed for a strategic growth initiative, and I highly recommend him for his honesty, integrity, and deep knowledge. Bryan is an incredible asset to our supplier team. Thank you! 10 stars!
Jared Weitz is probably the most resourceful and responsive individual I've encountered. I was in need of working capital and UCS fulfilled my funding requirements in under 96 hours. The process began on a monday night at 7:30pm via a text to Jared and I was funded before the weekend. His expectations were clear and he delivered on his commitments. I would highly recommend his company and wouldn't waste time anywhere else.
My first contact with Jon gave me hope that my business financial need could be remedied and more. Jon came through. In less than one week Jon delivered significantly more than I needed... just like he said he could, and he remained honest, never changing the deal. I told him that I would write a review and even more, if asked I would speak with with any prospective customers directly and let them know how good my experience was!! Thank you so much Jon!!
I had a great experience with United Capital Source and my agent, Matthew Fonseca. His professionalism and timeliness to my questions are beyond reproach. He fully explained the process and walked me through each step. He made it easy and quick.
Bryan was great to work with. Explained everything, worked quickly and available.
Nathan is very easy to work with.
Felt like I was buy a used car. Half way through the process I found the money through a cheaper source(family). I let them know we would not be needing the money at such a high interest-rate. He pushed for me to do the deal anyway "start a relationship" with him so I could have access to funds later if I needed them. After a number of emails saying to "call me" "don't loss this relationship"..... I told to call me after Christmas. He called me after Christmas and told me he could get me a better deal! He knocked off 1k of interest for a 20k loan. Just doesn't seem like you get the best rate right off the bat. It's the feeling I get when I buying a car. I would make sure you do your research before you sign for a loan. You will get a lot of "hurry hurry hurry and get me everything we can get the deal done toady!" Just make sure your getting the best rate possible. Not saying they are a bad company! Just very high pressure to close a deal as fast. Multiple times I said I was feeling high pressure to do a deal I didn't need the money right now! They referred to they review. "Check out me review" people love us. Just take your time and don't get pushed into something. Try to negotiate the terms!
Matt Fonseca was very helpful. He made the process easy for me. He was great. Would recommend Matt Fonseca and united capital source highly.
Thomas is the bomb! We emailed back and forth on what forms we needed to get started and once I sent everything in, we got it going!!!$ Def worth doing business with again in the future!
Bryan Rabanal was very thorough and professional while going through this process.
I was skeptical to say the least, terms are straight forward, I had a great experience with George Rusinak, he was very knowledgeable. I would definitely do business with them again.
Jon was a pleasure to work with and made every step easy. Couldn't ask for anything more.
Thanks Nathan, funding was very easy and very fast with out all the questions. Nathan was very helpful and polite
Matthew worked hard and kept every promise! I will never look elsewhere for lending for my auto dealership! Thank you Matt you rock!!
Danielle is a gem, even when she was dealing with a loss in the family she still made sure to contact me and keep me posted on the status of the loan, very painless process and funded quickly:)
George was a great deal of help with everything. He is an asset to your company.
George is man to go to for all your funding needs. If you been looking for funding stop looking and call George. This is a fast, easy process, with very little paper work and George see you through tell the end. I look forward to working with George in the future, as my business grows. I'm truly satisfied with George Rusinak and United Capital.
Very easy process- friendly staff- smooth transaction. Definitely recommend to associates.
We received excellent service from Jake. He has great customer service skills and always quick to answer any of my questions. We were very pleased with the process and how quick things were done.
We requested for a loan and within 24 hrs it was processed and approved ! Thomas is really helpful and knowledgeable on all our issues and concerns. We will recommend to other businessess.
George was absolutely amazing! He was very helpful and personable and extremely prompt with his follow ups. I needed some funding for working capital and he got me approved and funded in less than 12 hours! I would definitely recommend United Capital Source, and if you can, ask for George!
my experience puts this answer as probably yes. he probably is actually the best in the entire industry when it comes to making something how you need it actually happen and come through. I have substantial client experience in this lending industry. and wow! did George come through for me and my company. on this most recent lending request I had many many others working on my needs. and, boom, outta the gate ONLY GEORGE made it happen. and he did it fast prompt. and he had numerous offers and options. he told me directly he was "the best." and I would be "working with him for many many more years to come." and I will. he is right. George knows what he is talking about. it is because he knows what he is doing. I trust George to not only make things happen, I trust him to balance both my needs and the lenders. this is important, it is realistic. he balances the borrower and lender relationship exceptionally well. this is a serious value, getting a sense of partnering when you have financial needs. George's representation is a crucial component to the negotiating and eventual terms agreement. I am 10stars out of 5 when it comes to George Rusinak. what more positive can I say? I will say it!! he is The Best!! Tom, Molly and Friends Cat Furniture Company owner
Knowledgeable, responsive, and received the best offers of any other broker.
George has been the best, I was busy but he was diligent in getting me funded and his communication was no less than 100%. I wouldn't shop around just call George and he will take care of you best customer service out there Danny S
Although I didn’t qualify, Jake was professional and easy to work with.
Jared and his team worked to get us our funding we needed in little time and not much hassle. The process was quick and efficient. I would recommend United Capital Source.
George Rusinak is awesome. Helped me secure the funds to take my business to the next level. The process was so simple, I greatly appreciate your help. Mike
Bryan had me funded in 2 days. He has great follow through. He jumps through hoops to get the job done.
Got Lucky on my first call when I connected with Nathan Drebin. Nathan was professional, concise and always available or responsive during the process. I can honestly say that I was surprised at how smoothly the deal went. I strongly recommend Nathan to anyone needing to do a business financing transaction.
I have worked with Jon Baum for many years and he gets you the best rate quickly and works with you to get the best options. Recommend him any day of the year. I have contacted hundreds. All have tricks up their sleeves - not Jon.