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Easily the worst experience I have had dealing with crypto markets and exchanges. I heard uphold was like coinbase but faster so i decided to try it. After uploading all my personal information and pics of my state ID, something I did not have to do for coinbase, and getting my account "verified" I was still not able to link my bank account as I would get error messages and was not able to complete it. I then linked my debit card from the same account no problem and made a purchase and sent a message to uphold support about not being able to link my bank account. I was surprised within about 30 minutes I had a response saying it was because my account was from a credit union so I would have to send a recent statement with my info on it. One hour later I did and now its been about 2 days and no response to my questions about how long it will take or my concern of a lack of a response when I had just handed over my personal data. What really made me actually waste my time writing this is that Im just now noticing that for $50 of bitcoin I buy on coinbase I was charged $50 out of my bank. For $50 of bitcoin (or usd you have to transfer first smh) I was charged $52, 3.99% card fee that I had no choice about using and did not want to use, and now a .44 cent "debit card fee" has just showed up from them also. Im not dumb and have this bank account just for dealing with crypto but I have to say I have never encountered a problem or thought I would have to close it and get a different account until dealing with uphold. I never write reviews. this may be the first one ever and that is how mad this "company" has made me hope somebody reads this and learns from it. Its really messed up to do bad business when your dealing with peoples personal information and bank accounts.
I like the layout and ease of using Uphold.com. Customer service takes awhile. Fees and current market rates are a little high.
Very good exhange
the lack of an uphold debit card is a negative factor. if it were there it would be a great thing
Fees are way too high.
Easy to use, excellent
Missing some important crypto and support take too many time to answer (3 weeks is not acceptable...)
I trust uphold
Excellent service and website. 100% recomended.
Just make my first transfer of BAT from binance exchange to Uphold! Easy and clean app to use. Hope they add more crypto tokens. I like that you can pay anyone using USD BTC ETH gold, euros through email. That’s cool. Con: It took 3 hours for transfer. That’s why only a four star rating.
Easy to use, quick support.
The future of banking - bridging the gap between crypto currency- National currency - and money Precious metals
The service itself meets expectations but customer support is terrible. I repeatedly contacted customer support about having my funding limits increased from the standard $500/day. If I was lucky enough to get a response, they would say they were working on it and then randomly close my trouble ticket and then ask if I was satisfied. When I responded that nothing was resolved, they'd leave the ticket open and then not respond. Months later. (Literally months.) They responded saying that I'd have to re-submit all the information I already submitted to request a funding limit increase because the old system "lost it".
The best crypto bank.
Good exchange high comision but trusted
Uphold is a great service in many ways. What I would like to see is more transparency when it comes to prices. For example, I don't know why if I'm selling BTC I have a price, but if I'm buying I have another price. Nevertheless, you have a very, very good product. Keep on!
Love how pro xrp the company is
Great,support and nice layout.and offers xrp
I like bitcoin here ;)
Very nice and easy i love you Uphold! Keep it up please add tron and all first 10 cryptos
Easy to use and very fast.
5 Stars = Tranquility about my funds security. Thanks
I had a significant delay trying to get initial funds into Uphold. Perhaps they have improve things since then. When I emailed Support about a software problem I had trying to get my account set up, they responded with a link that answered a different question-- not mine. I feel very isolated, knowing that I can't talk to anyone, and emailed support isn't immediate and may take multiple round trips.
after I created my account I have purchase Bitcoin $1,000 for two transaction total $2,000 and I have go though all the verification and become a verified member, after 10 days my Bitcoin purchased still keep pending and on the day 10 I received an email from uphold say that I need to verify my account to become a fully verified member, but I already did since the first day I open the account, they don't have a phone number to contract, I sent the email to them 4 times and all the respond from them is my original email that I sent to them, honestly I don't feel safe with my money on this company anymore!! why they have to wait for 10days and just sent me the email that my account need to be verify!!! and why my Bitcoin purchase not avalible since you already withdraw my money one day after I purchased Bitcoin, sooooooo disappointed, I hope that I can get my money back
Hey Guys, I wish to immediately log into my account at uphold, it seems my account has some how been deactivated!
I signed up 2 weeks ago. This site is easy to use and I can buy XRP easily without having to wait a week and buy bitcoin. Great Wallet!
This is the biggest crock of crap yet! These guys are terrible. They are going to take your money and you'll never see it again! Don't believe me try to close your account!
Very easy to use exceeded my expectations
I love Uphold! I use it to purchase cryptocurrency. The verification process is quick and very easy. The user interface is simple and intuitive, very user friendly. Bank transfers are easy but take (for me) the full 7 days to complete, when buying crypto it does lock in the price at the time of purchase so market volatility is not an issue.
Very convenient and easy to use
Hello, Uphold has been a fantastic addition to the crypto world and made it easier for me to buy and exchange assets. however, your fees are too high. Can you guys be happy with little fees instead of charging too much and eventually losing most of us to free services like Robinhood, Abra, Circle invest, SquareCash and a few others to name. Other than that, the speed, customer service is cool. Adding more circulated digital currencies would be cool too. And yes, in the app, can my cards stack top to down or bottom to up instead of sliding them right to left or left to right. Peace.
EDIT: The problem has been solved, thank's uphold!
4.5* Excellent service, but the fees could be a little bit lower.
A great wallet! I use it for cryptocurrencies and I would like to have access to more cryptos. Also, it would be awesome if it had has the option to invest in stocks like Netflix or Facebook.
I started to use Uphold because it was easier than any other exchange to buy XRP. Very user friendly!
Excelent platform.
great customer service fast KYC process easy to use app The fees seem a little high though.
If it has available api keys, as simple to create and use as apis from exchanges (bitstamp, coinbase, bitfinex, etc...) , could be better web. I would like to check my balance without having to introduce all time my credentials and 2FO. A read only api key would be great.
it's not 5 starts because I can't deposit/withdraw from my country.
A very interesting service! I like very much the concept! I would appreciate lower exchange fees and would have been rated 5 stars if virtual credit cards would have been active!
Ease of use is excellent.
'Customer Support' Ignored All Contact and LOST ME MONEY' 'Customer Support' Ignored All Contact Attempts I have been in contact with your support team for around 3 weeks now, with no support offered, I've just been constantly ignored, and have lost access to my account, and also my funds, which I have had no option but to go through fluctuation. I emailed you again last week asking if you can again, look into my account and complete my change number request, as my account is attached to an old number I do not have access to. I have jumped through hoops, sending you numerous, and quite frankly embarrassing images of me holding my driving license to prove my identity, STILL with no solution or fix offered, I am furious that such a simple procedure has wasted so much of my time. I expect to hear back soon, with an apology, solution, and explanation as to why such a basic request has taken to long. Update - After the below reply from Uphold, I received an apology email, asking me for photos I have already submitted, again, I have sent these off 6 days ago and have still not received a reply. Is it normal to have to wait over a month to regain access to an account? I’m hoping there is good news coming.... 2nd update - It is now 11 days since they emailed, apologising and requesting the further information, which I (again) supplied. It has now been a total of 2 months since I sent off the requested information initially, so I could change my account to my new mobile number, I'm so disappointed. 3rd Update - I have deleted previous reviews and I am posting this as it is now more accurate. I have finally been able to re-access my account, a 2 month long ordeal, due to unbelievably poor customer service from Uphold. I'm now even more shocked to find, that whilst they were unable to help me access my account (for over SIXTY DAYS), they have forced me to suffer over a 20% decrease in the value of my account, completely unacceptable to say the least...
Great service, but need to lower crypto withdraw fee.
I have to tell you, I truly love Uphold.com. I wasn't sure a couple of days ago due to a restriction being put on my account, but Rob McCall the Fraud Prevention Manager went out of his way to get me back to unrestricted status. He was very concerned about my situation and I believe that is what it's all about. I strongly recommend this company for all your digital currency needs. Thanks again Rob!! David
You need to have at least the same features as coin base.
Absolutely awesome wallet .. it's my main account now . I have everything well organized . Easy to use . Absolutely recommended for everybody
Very Satisfied. I got the answers to my questions promptly and efficiently. Thanks.
without problems at all, that means excellent service. In one word "Trust".
I don't even think some of these reviewers claiming uphold stole their money gives the company a reasonable amount of time to complete these transfers before they leave a nasty review! From my experience and it has been many months of deposits, withdrawals, and Transfers I have never lost a single dime with them. Although they may be slow at Times (which they clearly state before you make a deposit from a bank) Uphold has always came through for me and I don't trust my bitcoin with anybody else but them. The only gripe that I have is I wish they would bring credit card depositing back. It was much faster!
I got something done
MY GO TO TRADING PLATFORM “Small, nimble and responsive” that’s the way I describe Uphold!
Their deposits and withdrawals are slow. Some FAQ questions were out of date. I can't really think of a use case. They just don't seem to be above average at anything. Like others have reported, I made some deposits and was immediately locked out of my account pending an investigation. They asked for ridiculous paperwork that no other financial institution has ever asked for. I told them to reverse the deposits and close the account. They responded in a few days that all was actually ok and unblocked my account. I don't have a lot of confidence in their execution. I'm still waiting for a reason to use them. I prefer Revout (EU), N26 (EU), and Capital One 360 (USA).
Excellent you are doing great guys!
Uphold provides great solutions for me! I've used Uphold for more than a year and haven't had any problem, except for a big delay in user verification at the very beginning. I love the transparency and how open they are to nationals from Latin America. I've read a lot of complaints about fees. But they are transparent and easy to find. To me Uphold has been very useful to move from $ to bitcoin and vice-versa.
Works great didn't had any problems with it. I hope there will be more coins added in the future. Keep up the good work.
Great interface, easy to use.
EXCELLENT VERY RESPONSIVE so far so good! Thank you
When I first started in cryptocurrency I joined eight different exchanges because I wanted to see what each exchange offered. Uphold is the only exchange I come back to continuously because of how transparent they are and how easy it is to use their services.
I recommend Uphold not only to buy XRP, Gold or silver or exchange fiat, but i feel comfortable storing assets there as well.
excelllent and easy use
Excelent. Easy and but little slow. Wish the commission were lower%
Excellent platform
I would recommend everyone to use Uphold,it's a very good company,I'm very satisfied with their service.Their support have a very good communication.
The new update sucks
My account was suspended with $ 100 My user @luizdieze Write to the support for an answer and solve the problems that happened with the money I had in the account I hope an answer please
I find their platform easy to use. The staff is responsive. I use other exchanges, but none are as easy to use
The whole idea of it the execution is brilliant. Just hope it catches on to the mainstream.
It is a nice aplication
very good and profesional
Excellent app
I'm 5, but my suggestion is that the chapca service should not be used when entering or photos should be clear. My other suggestion could be a diagram of changes in cryptovaluta.
I have used uphold for cashing in crypto coins, transferring cash to GB bank accounts and re investing in crypto market. Have had no problems at all. Would definitely recommend uphold for converting coins to cash and bank transferring.
I've been using uphold for about 1 year and so far so good... I'm starting to trade BTC and it's very helpful... Thanks for your services.
You should have lower fee
It´s very useful for me this app, I use uphold every day. I am waiting for new release with more cryptocurrencies.
Yesterday I would have rated 5 stars. The service is great, the team is diligent and it's user friendly. Definitely one of the better exchanges. However, my account randomly locked me out because Uphold is currently unavailable in my state or Provence? I've been using it for a month, now I can't access my funds. I hope this is resolved quickly.
Nice and Easily
we need to enable more than 500 and other coins
Excellent app and a wallet for trading and saving your treasure
So cool the program is very friendly!!!! Be growing
Uphold is a very secure site, and the platform used is very accurate.
It’s an excelent platform
my account was suspended 8 days ago, pls. reinstate it Thanks
Transparent service. Easy to use.
Transferred money on the 01June 2018 now 13 day later the money is still not showing in my account. No reply in 5 days from uphold. Transaction showing as complete on the morning of the 01st by my bank.
Uphold is very easy to use but - virtual mastercard? - when - again?
wats happening with the rating about bitcoin gold current market price? on coinmarketcap the current price its now worth 29.12 USD (24.86 Euros ) and on my uphold account the rate is now 25.31 USD ( 21.72 Euros ) the rates are not even near the reall current market price on coinmarketcap can i ask wats happening guys?
Best price for ACH purchases of bitcoin. Rapid credit for BCH and BTG. Coinbase customer since 03/2013 - but I buy all my bitcoin through Uphold now.
everything is good
Nice and easy interface... high security in all process. Congrats!! Uphold to me.. More that a Wallet
does not read QR code
The hold time of 24 hours is acceptable. Using the different cards is confusing at first. But I will continue to use the platform.
Like the depth of assets available.
Excellent wallet and service
I hope to see more coins and less fee
Nice work every day , very complete
sensacional, a minha exchange preferida.
great service!
All my transactions have been incredibly smooth and seamless!