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Upstart Online Loan Reviews

Upstart offered me an interest rate that was half the rate offered by other lenders! I truly believe this is because they took into account my education and career experience. Thank you, Upstart. I appreciate your trust in me and my experience.
Very easy to use. Automatic payment set up was a breeze. Terms and conditions outstanding.
Super quick. Super easy to navigate. No prepayment fee!!
Upstart made it very easy to get through the loan process. I had a lot of offers for loans through other companies put Upstart was the only one that got me exactly what I needed. I loved the option at the end to put in multiple loan amounts and terms, so it was easy to compare all of my options to get the one that fits me most!
Upstart is a great company, I had no issues and I would highly recommend this company to everyone looking to get funds to help them out.
Quick, easy, very responsive
Thank you! This process was incredibly easy and fast. I have worked hard to pay down credit card debt, and I have made good progress on my own, but the loan I have received from Upstart will allow me to accelerate my goal.
I would recommend this company to anyone. The process was quick and only took a few minutes. I’m excited to now be able to rebuild my credit.
Fast and easy process. I was impressed with how easy it was to apply for a loan.
Easy to workwith.
I just graduated college. After living off of a graduate student stipend for years, I didn't have a savings built up for relocating for my new job. Further, my credits are high percent utilization due to several emergencies during graduate school. I needed a personal loan to put a deposit and first-month rent on my new home and was not approved by a traditional company. I saw that Upstart uses more than just credit reports. I was approved using my official offer letter with future pay and proof of diplomas. I will pay it off early with no early payment fees. I am so happy to have this stress relieved for the new year! What a great company!
On two separate occasions, Upstart provided me with money needed to help consolidate debt. They are by far the easiest company to work with. Incredible customer support and so many less hoops to jump through than with other companies. I would highly recommend them!
Easy application, fast approval. Would recommend to others
Super easy to apply, transparent the entire time and super fast approval.
I was very pleased that they provided me with a loan to get my debts into a manageable payments I don't have to worry about finding another job to supplement my income.
The application process was fast and efficient. I had an issue with my email confirmation and I called for help and the person was extremely courteous in assisting me.
Was a good experience with all necessary requirements carefully laid out and easy to follow.
I have been in the country for three years. I build a business,but have no funding so far and have to fund everything myself. It has been very difficult to build a credit history. I appreciate Upstart trusting my educational background and helping me to pay off my credit cards. This will help me to move forward way faster than in the last 3 years.
I have excellent credit (740) and a okay history but because of unforeseen expenses totaling more than my emergency savings I chose to use credit cards and balance transfers. After my 15 months interest free on my 3 cards (I used offers for cards I already had, no applying) I still had some substantial debt so I was looking for a way to consolidate. I was denied by soft pulls at 2 different lenders for DTI, the exact problem I was trying to fix, before coming to Upstart. It took them just 1 day to get me what I needed and at a very reasonable rate and payment. I don't write reviews often, but they have made a very positive difference in my life. Can't recommend enough.
It is very simple and easy. No hard language unless your in the fine print of course, but yet very clear and to the point. Customer service was nice and informative about the process and numbers. Easy to understand all the way through. I was honest about about my loan and they were honest with me about how the funds were being used for my loan. They even suggested an alternative loan instead of just denying me. I was accepted and received my funds quickly. Just in time for the holidays. :)
The loan process was super easy. Additionally, the loan information matched the pre-approval information (ex: APR, dollar amount per month, loan duration, etc...) and there were absolutely ZERO surprises. After doing the very quick online application, it has you verify your email, then perform a 5 minute phone verification. Less than 2-5 days late, the approval process was complete. I've never experience such speed when applying for (and being granted) a loan. Lastly, it gives you the options of: having the amount automatically deducted each month or paying by check.
Great experience! Upstart is proving a very helpful service.
This was such a fast loan and very convenient.
Easy, straightforward and great !
Amazing help
easy process. no fine print (that i can tell)..
Easy application time and very fast turnaround on funding. Would recommend again.
Hassle free! The way a loan process should be!!!!!
So far I have no complaints! This company helped me get a loan I needed when traditional lenders would not.
Such an stress-free process! Thank you
Convenient, easy, and they even gave me a pretty good interest rate despite the crushing debt they're helping me get out from underneath. The only question is, what'll I lie awake worrying about now that this is sorted?
I just filled out and received confirmation of my loan. The process was simple and easy. From all appearances the loan documents were simple, straight-forward and easy to read through. I am thankful for this loan as it will simplify some burdensome things and I know the date when it will be paid for and over. Having compared some other loan options this also was the one with a lower interest rate. Here we go!
Fast, great service,
The process was extremely easy and direct - loan done in about 3 days. Great communication by email and on the phone by people who seemed genuinely willing to help. Would recommend to anyone.
Straightforward, simple, and fast! The process of getting a loan was intuitive, felt like a smart-experience (with quick uploads and connections to my bank) and all supported by fast and friendly support from the Upstart team, not to mention a clean and easy-to-understand design. I'm already talking to friends about using Upstart for consolidating student loans. Thank you for a great experience!
I was able to find Upstart through credit karma. The loan application was easy and the payments are something I can easily pay. Would recommend to anyone.
While going through a divorce, incurring unexpected bills, and a credit card with a balance, Upstart is basically an angel sent to help me regroup, reorganize, and forge ahead financially. They are amazing. They look past the overrated credit score industry and strive to get a real picture of you and what you can afford. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Upstart! hassles..great
Quick and Easy. My loan was approved in about 6 hours. Very uncomplicated and expedient. I researched Upstart before applying and found it to be top notch. All of Upstart's loan Reps were very polite and most knowledgeable; they were totally informative without any pressure tactics whatsoever. I would highly recommend.
It's amazing to have options such as this place where even a banking institution you've dealt with for many years cannot assist you in this fashion. Thank you
Upstart is a very good company. Their employees are courteous and polite. It was a quick experience. I would recommend this to others.
Quick and easy process, it was all so simple
The process was quick and simple. I have tried several lenders that had pre-approved me but then wouldn't give me what I needed to consolidate my debt. This loan will make my life so much better with having 1 payment and out of debt in 5 years or less.
Upstart was very helpful, at first I didn't qualify and then I received an email stating please update my information and I may qualify, I did and received the loan I requested. I would definitely recommend to anyone who needs a bit of financial help.
very convenient but high interest rates
It was really easy maneuvering through the site, and everything was straight forward.
This was an extremely easy process. I was approved and funded in only a few days.
Super fast process. AAAA++
Thank you for your consideration. I had some say they couldn’t fund me because of my credit, but I have always had great credit, with the exception of my last house that I had built, and it was because after I married my husband, they put his name first & literally made me non-existent! We moved 3x in the last year due to his career, and we moved back home. I was able to procure a very decent paying job with a Defense Contractor, and hope to be there for years to come, since it is in my hometown! Once our house sale gets put in to our Credit Report, I hope to refinance at a lower percentage rate. Nonetheless, your process, was easy, painless and quick. Your customer service agents were very professional and thorough in the application. Thank you very much for the consideration.
very good experience quick and easy.
Upstart was so easy to work with and they were transparent and up front about the process the whole way. Their staff is friendly and professional, and also knowledgeable, which goes a long way for excellent customer service.
I would recommend this company to anyone
Smooth process, friendly service, great all around experience. It was a pleasure working with them.
I have only worked with one other Loan company over the past 3 years. I obviously did not use them this time, I was sad that they were not willing to work with me on trying to maintain me as client. Upstart instantly provided me with the monthly premium and APR that I was looking for, thank you for keeping your clients in thought while approving their loan!
Quick and easy, thanks.
Really great, straightforward lending experience. I really like everything they take into account including degree level.
Very professional, quick and easy to use this service. Beats the old way of applying and waiting weeks for the answer.
Super easy, good rates
Awesome company really helped me out would recommend to literally everyone
Wow! This is truly a great Company to work with. Online application was easy and straightforward. It took a bit time to gather all my documents needed, but it always does with regular banks as well. Great interest rate and fast approval time, very fast indeed! Would prefer to do business with them again instead of using a regular bank! Thank you Upstart!
This application was fast and easy, and their contact response was pretty fast in keeping me informed. I will highly recommend to my friends, and would use this service again!
Quick and easy!! I would recommend this company to anyone.
just amazing process. never herd of them found them threw credit Karma applied for loan and approved in 10min.. with the lowest interest rate out there..
My loan was a simple process, no pressure or hassles!
Easy online application process. Quick decision (approx. 20 minutes). Easy completion of paperwork online.
The process was very easy and I would recommend them to anyone.
Their application process is positively amazing! I started just curiously browsing some rates to pay off a card where the introductory 0% APR will soon expire, I had no idea I'd apply for and receive an actual loan in the same sitting. I had a quote for roughly 14% APR over 36 months (way better than the 24% I was soon going to see on the card) in just a few minutes; accepting the offer and setting up automatic payments from my checking account was easy. All in all - maybe 20 minutes, no phone calls, all digital signatures, no hassles. The funds were wired the next business day, exactly as advertised. It took my bank a day to clear the transfer, but that's just the bank being a bank. I'm in awe of how painless this was. These folks are pros!
This process was so easy! The website is very user friendly. We even had a question we needed answered before we signed for the loan, and the customer service responded within hours! I figured we'd hear back in a few days. Great service! Thanks for your leg-up Upstart!
Upstart loan was great very professional courtesy and made the process very easy .
Great so far, fast approval and great rate
Fast Approval
Want to get back on track..upstart is the way to start! Great rates to pay down high credit card debt!!! I'm a big fan!!
They have given me an opportunity to get out of debt when other's wouldn't by looking at me as a whole (education and experience). I would use them again hands down.
Incredible service and awesome staff, I will recommend this company to everyone! Amazing help provided.
Process was quick, painless and effective.
Easy process but fairly high fee and interest.
Great service & talking to service providers. I was recommended by a friend, so I am taking him to lunch Monday!
fast approval help me out a lot i would use them again
It was an incredible experience the whole process took me less than 10 minutes and they deposited the money to me almost instantaneously. Even though my credit score is low and my income is not that high I have a good payment history on my credit cards. With this loan I managed to cover almost 80% of my credit cards and I will not have to continue paying interest. I had tried to get a loan with other lenders but Upstart was the only one who gave me the opportunity to get it, thanks.
It was easy to apply and a lot of options to chose from made it great to use. I would recommend your services to my family.
Extremely easy process and very quick!! Everyone I spoke to about my questions and concerns were very nice and professional. Of course you are going to pay a little bit more than a conventional bank but I was not able to get this large of loan with a conventional bank. I love that I have one easy payment and will be debt free in less than 2 years!
Everything so far has seemed very easy and convent. We will see how the rest of the process goes.
This was one of the easiest loan processes I've gone through! The rate was very similar to a credit card rate in the 20% APR range, but not at all like the 98% rate I was quoted from another competitor. Thank you again for helping me out so I can consolidate and get out from under this credit crunch!
I was basically approved within minutes. Woooww....
Upstart makes it very easy to get to pay off unwanted consumer debt. The application process is quick and easy. Best of all, you are more than just your credit report and you qualify for loans based on multiple factors -- including education, employment, etc. I'd easily recommend without any reservations.
This was the most pleasant, smooth experience I've ever had dealing with credit/debt consolidation. The rates we received were excellent and all the information was upfront and straightforward, even going so far as to spell out all interest rates, associates fees, and expected payment totals. It was a refreshing experience and I would recommend Upstart to anyone.
It was so quick and easy. I was approved instantly. Great company.
Very quick and straight forward application process.
This company is a good company and made it easy for me to apply and get reviewed with little hassle. I would recommend to family and friends.
There great,really helped me out to get everything come together. I DO HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!
Very easy loan process! Wish the rates were a little better but hey, its better than what I'm paying through my credit card company so I am happy!
Have never went outside my bank for a loan. Looked at various vendors and checked reviews. Took a chance on Upstart. The process was very pleasing, easy, and so far satisfied with the process.
Very honest from finish to start. Easy as 123....Loan approved and Funded. Very Low payments and monthly.
mu experience was great. I had a problem that was caused by my bank and amanda was a great help. She was the only reason I was able to get what I needed in order to receive the loan! She deserves a raise because she is knowledgeable and very very helpful! She’s also very nice and she did help me out tremendously!
Easy process and if you need cash and have good credit, here is the place to come.
great service
Quick and simple process. I am very pleased and definitely will recommend it.
Quick and simple loan process. Highly recommend!
Professional outfit. Fast and fair.
Best experience getting a loan!!.. fast and helpful. My credit is not the best, I figured i wouldn't get approved. All other creditors only judge you by your credit report. And Upstart looks beyond that. THANK YOU UPSTART!!!