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If you want to learn more about personal finance from someone who has achieved financial independence, look no further. Wallet hacks is one of my go to resources for practical tips.
Wallet Hacks is for EVERYONE! Jim Wang writes the articles - and his emails are always relevant and easy to follow! He keeps it very personal (I've read about his life, even his ancestors!) - and his ideas are main-stream and down to earth! I send about half of them to my 20-something daughters, because he never talks down (as I do to them!). He is generous with his praise of other blogs and includes links when he finds something interesting.
Very knowledgeable & insightful. Lots of good information! I really would recommend it to anyone.
Excellent content! Good quality articles.
I receive emails from Wallet Hacks regularly. They are filled with online wisdom. It is usually about finance. Most of it is new to me. Much of it is helpful. I have learned so much great stuff. I highly recommend Jim Wang and Wallet Hacks.
Wallet Hacks offers various financial information to inform, educate, and give you insight to avenues of ways to save, you may not be aware of. Jim shares knowledge, responds promptly, and is generously helpful.