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Vast valuable amounts of information taught very clearly and consistently. I am very pleased with all of the information that I have learned and access to help or questions is always timely. You can't go wrong with the investment into Warrior Trading.
A more flexible payment plan would suffice. yes promo prices are great but the option of making installmental payments would be even greater. Remember people who are in need of financial freedom shouldnt be quizzed so much else they will crumble. I have a friend who spent alot on chatroom and simulator fees,trading course fees was out ofthe question because he could only afford about 1000dols to open his suretrader account. In his first few trades he took a 200dollar loss and that was it with trading. if only he hadnt spent so much on trading fees for about 4 to 5months.
so far I've been profitable it's helped me find my own niche and see patterns for myself.
Please avoid these people at all cost. If you sign up and pay do it with the intention of you giving them a gift with no services rendered. If you ask for a refund they will refuse and make excuses why no refund. Don't give them any money you will be sorry. Go to another trading school do your homework. I searched the internet about warrior trading and found nothing that stood out bad alot of good an excellent ratings (cow patties), so that is why I'm taking the time to warn people BEFORE they sign up. I never received even one day of class. My account was locked days after I requested a refund. They will reference you to their legal team if you ask for a refund. these guys must be avoided at all cost. It doesn't get any lower than this, trust me I'd like to use some choice words to describe these guys.
I bought the 3 month pro course June 27, 2018. I work full time and I wanted to learn to manage my own retirement savings. I have learned a lot about trading and the Chat Room is invaluable. I'm not quite finished the course but feel it is well worth the money. I can't use the simulator because I work during the day, however, I have been trading my own money carefully. They teach different styles of trading and Ross's style doesn't fit me at this time. I trade more like Jeff and Mike. The big thing is risk management and learning to "cut bait" if the trade is not going your way, having a plan and following the rules makes all the difference. I can read the charts much better and this helps in my decision making. This past week while I was on holidays I made $2.7K CND and $3.5K CND for the month so far. (Who said August is a slow month!). None of my trades involved more than 1000 shares and most of them were 500 share positions. I could never have done this without the the course or the chat room. To me it has been worth every penny. I'm still learning and expect to learn for the rest of my trading career. The learning curve is steep so you have to take the time it takes to learn and practice. I don't take a lot of trades and many days I do not take a trade at all but instead watch and learn. I recommend Warrior Trading to anyone who wants to be an profitalbe trader. Thanks to the Warrior Team, Lorraine Mathers
great Mantor
I was a bit hesitant to spend that kind of money on a trading course since there are so many to choose from out there but I am so glad I made this choice. The course is very thorough and really takes you step by step to give you all the tools to be profitable. Ross and Mike are very responsive to questions and very helpful. The weekly mentor sessions are incredible. Overall the Warrior team has made my trading education a very smooth journey. I will definitely be renewing my membership.
Brilliant to learn how to day trade. Ross is a great mentor and the material in the course is great for people like me that never had any experience at all trading. Really recommend it!!!
Great organization but I struggle with low float stocks
I get the sense that there is a good amount of respect for the student. The courses are easy to absorb. The length of time is right and there isn't information overload. I congratulate you. Thank you Jose
Great course. I had no experience at all. Never traded a single stock before I started the course. I’m almost done with the classes and I can tell with confidence that I know what I need to become a trader. What to look for when I select a broker, what to look for when I select a trading platform, charting platform, other services and online accounts that I’ll need to start trading. All I need now is to trade the strategy in the simulator until I feel ready to start trading with real money. Highly recommend course that starts with the basics, shows you a strategy in very deep details, gives you all the tools to practice and develop your own strategy and be ready to hit the ground running when you switch to trading with real money.
Warrior Trading provides the tools, educational training and chat room to be a successful day and swing trader. The four moderators are honest, knowledgeable, expert and accessible via email whenever you need help. Their disciplined and laser-sharp focused methodology offers four distinct styles of trading. Ross is by far the best momo trader trading only the best setups with high accuracy and skill and shares his screen for all in the chatroom to see. His daily recaps offer additional learning and an opportunity to have your questions answered on the spot. His day trading course is exceptional! Day traders Mike and Ed and Swing Trader Jeff are each exceptional. Warrior Trading's professionalism is exceptional. Chat room has a community of no-nonsense traders.
My experience with this team at Warrior Trading has been a tremendous help in reaching a level of confidence. I highly suggest anyone in search of learning the trade to take advantage of this service.
After 3 to 4 months of following the Warrior Team on Facebook, YouTube and hanging out in their chat room I decided to join the team...and let me tell you there's no other chat room like it. The program is very detailed and Ross goes through everything you need to know in order to become a successful trader. I'm very happy with the decision that I have made.
Relevant content in the chat room, well worth the subscription. Ross's mid-day recaps are great and provide transparency and detail of the trades he made, as well as the ones he did not, explanations included. Have learned so much in 3 months.
Keep doing the great job you do!
It's has been very satisfying two weeks of this course. Their way of teaching is way beyond expectations. I'd recommend this train course to any of my friends interested in becoming a daily trader.
I have been swing stock trading for more than 10 years (lost also lot of money) and I started one year ago to learn trading from the Warriortrading team. The goal is to see if this stock trading can become a profession for me and review the results after one year. After signup with the chat room, I watched what other traders were doing. Seeing is learning. But I only made real progress after signing up for the Warriortrading PRO program. There you learn 3 evenings (as I am in Europe) each week and you also have access to all available created trading content, And I forced myself to study. (weekends abd after hours) Yes, you need to study study and study, So during first 3 month real trading I lost half of my 10k account where I started with. After signing up with the Pro program and using the simulator, I blew up my simulator account more than 6 times. After 3 months WT Pro learning with the WT team I started to make progress. I build up confidence and experience and after 4 months I felt I was ready to start real trading again. I grinded back up and made small and bigger gains. Now 8th December 2016 (exactly one year later) I made 31% more than my 10k, so I consider that a big success. I consider myself still a newbie and I intend to learn many many years the other strategies that Ed, Mike and Jeff master. I don't master several strategies that the other top traders at WT team master. I want to be like a top trader master several strategies Thanks WT Team and keep up the great work !
I joined this chat room two months ago and I am really making progress in my education, Ross is a great trader but you should know what he is talking about, you can't just mirror his trades because he is super fast. I like the screen share, it's show scans and charts which I find very helpful.
The warrior pro-course has been one of the best investments I ever made. It's very comprehensive and Ross is a talented teacher. The chatroom is nice but if you take the course, you'll learn the skills and have the tools you need to trade profitably without the chatrooms or knowing what Ross is doing. I would recommend this to anyone and could not be happier with the customer support.
Warrior Trading is simply amazing. The classes are so easy to follow and understand every aspect of day trading. I am still in the learning and practicing stage but I have to tell you I feel so confident about trading. I have taken other classes before and in the end I felt so far from confident that I just kept trying to learn until I found Warrior Trading. Thank you guys.
Well worth every red cent! Clear comprehensive learning! Completely transparent traders at Warrior trading. Ross runs an excellent program and you begin learning almost instantly. I am a fairly new trader that has been reviewing material for almost a year and after all that I came to Warrior Trading and I still continue to learn everyday. Great strategies and a diverse group of traders that will fit and risk profile or trading personality. I would highly recommend but this is not a get rich quick program. THIS IS REAL TRADING! If you are not serious do not come to this program. These guys are real traders. No games! Education is priceless,
I've only been working on this site for two weeks but after all of the reviews I have done online and the different teaching methods I've looked at I have found Ross and his team to be the most attentive even with the number of students they are tearing have a good chat room community and it helps you to pick up on the pace of daytrading very easily
Warrior Trading teaches the necessary skills to develop a solid foundation with respect to becoming profitable day trader. It doesn't come easy and it takes patience, dedication, and perseverance.
I have found and believe warrior trading to be the best day trading site available .. I have watched every video Ross has put out and found the information Insightful and extremely useful . I am currently a member of the chat room, which means I get to start every morning saying good morning to Ross and hundreds of day traders just like me. All of us sharing the news of the day, going over the stocks that are moving that morning and exchanging top stock picks though out the day and trading next to each other online. I am learning something new everyday. Ross and the whole Warrior community have made me a better trader. Thank you Warrior Trading
Sometimes when you're first starting out. You need information in an organized and structured manner, at least I do! There's a lot of information to learn in order to be a successful trader. Ross explains clearly and he gets to the point of what we need to learn in order to get started. I've learned so much in the few lessons since I've joined the program. He teaches us the skills and the tools we'll need to succeed. We just need to bring in the discipline, dedication and drive.
I learned alot and I still want to learn more even though I'm not trading yet. The courses are great and inspirational to any one that wants to be a trader.
The teaching is thorough and very helpful. The simulator takes a bit of work and needs to be more user-friendly, but when it's working well, it is good. I am still in the simulator phase, but I have a good understanding of Ross's teaching.
Ross is an excellent teacher and a very wise trader. He demonstrates restraint and calm under pressure and serves as an excellent role model.
It's well structured and easy to understand because you did your very best to keep it simple . There's a lot to learn but I think everything was covered and it flows well .
Warrior Trading answers email requests swiftly, concisely and friendly. Their Warrior Pro trading course is worth much more than it costs at $2.497 as it teaches you how to generate income from anywhere in the world with only a computer and an internet connection. If you can handle a vertical learning curve over three months and adhere to and never deviate from a few simple rules, such as "trade the best and leave the rest," and "keep your losses small" you will do fine and have your life turned upside down swapping 8+ working hours at your current job for 2 self-employed working hours from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. US Eastern Time. If you pass this opportunity, you pass freedom and millions of dollars in lifetime revenues several orders of magnitude more than your current job could ever offer you.
I've been trading on and off for over 10 years now. From trading CFDs to Australian equities (swing trading) to US equities (CANSLIM strategy), I have tried various markets and various time horizons. I have never been extremely successful in either of the markets or strategies in the past. And I believe that's for one key reason, I have not had it explained to me from A to Z, and I have not had the handholding of a mentor, which can really make a difference. That's what the Warriortrading program offers. It's an A-Z program where you will be taught everything from basic concepts to the more advanced ones. It is very well structured and builds on earlier lessons in a phased manner which is very easy to understand. Don't get me wrong, you will need to put in the hard yards. Education is only part of it, we need to then develop this knowledge into a skill by practicing it on the simulator which is also provided as part of the Warrior Pro program. I am yet to make a winning trade using this strategy, but I can honestly say that the reason that I am not yet profitable (I am paper trading by the way) is because of the down market that we are experiencing (Feb 2018) and because I am yet to master the hotkeys which are an important element of the program. Ross- thank you for your unwavering commitment to your students and thank you for creating this wonderful community.
Hello everyone, i've been in many different places and tryed different strategies but nothing comes close to Ross strategy. Since i started about 2 weeks ago, my account is up more than 50% and to me thats insane never though it would be this way. Thanks to Ross i'm achieving what i call financial freedom!! WarriorTrading The Best.
Excellent. Worth every penny.
The WT Pro course provides comprehensive content in an easy to understand way, with a supportive team and community.
I love warrior trading education and the support team! Warrior trading education made me understand what I need to know and my options when it comes to trading.I also love the fact that I can listen to the classes over and over in my own time.
I'm starting my 3rd week of class. My Fantasy trader account started at $25K and I have lost over half of it. In the last two lessons I have learned a lot and believe I can now start to grow this paper money account. I can easily see that without taking this course my investment money would already be gone. I highly recommend this training.
Trading is the result of many nuances in a very fast environment. Ross take and show you how facing all of them. He bears you through the different tools in a smart and realistic way. And his transparency is, in my humble opinion, also a key point.
Program great and people fantastic. Due to personal dilemmas I have not been engaged and focused for 4 months but looking to finish membership strong with ability to renew. They really provide great support. Some programs are lengthy while others are brief. Content in this is just about right
If you are interested in becoming a profitable trader, this class is for you. The content presented throughout the course is clear and very thorough. Ross gives you the tools necessary to be a profitable trader. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is driven and would like to see steady results in the markets.
By far the best training education out there right now. I love logging into the chat room each morning to hear Ross review his watch list. I would recommend the Warrior Pro Course for anyone wanting to become a better trader.
Almost 8 months in the warrior trading group and loving it
These guys are true teachers with your best interest at heart.
Best school ever and proven strategies, highly recommended.
Ross is the best teacher i have ever listen too, he explains everything and make sure he answers ever ones questions. The warrior pro is an awesome program and I am so happy i am going through it.
I am an OTR truck driver, so it is almost impossible for me to attend mentor sessions. It is not uncommon for me to work 12 - 14 (sometimes more) hours per day, usually 6 days per week. I knew it would be challenging to take this course, but I am devoted to changing my career so I can be home with my wife and daughter. When I am able to attend a small-cap chat session, I really appreciate his interactions with students as they ask questions. Sometimes the questions are exactly what I was wondering about, and sometimes the questions are things I never thought of. That's as close as it gets to a mentor session for me. All in all, I have been very pleased with this course and the quality of response I have received to any e-mail. Thank you!
very good and through teaching flexible online schedule they really seam to care about the learning process of newbies
I have learned so much in my time with Warrior Trading. I have a completely new view of the Markets and Trading. Now I am hitting good runs of winners, making money, and cutting my losses. Thank You, Ross, Jeff, Mike and Ed. All of you have helped me to make a coherent picture of being a successful Trader.
The Warrior Trading team presents the foundation for learning day trading. The program outlines the knowledge, skills and information tools required to start day trading. There are many books and trading training programs out there but this is the first one the clearly presents the knowledge and process required to start trading. You’ll be able to move through the training material fast and have experienced traders for monitoring.
This course is superb and customer service is excellent. Ross is the best teacher and he shares bad trades too.
First things first: Trust Pilot doesn't allow half stars...so for those of you reading this, my actual rating for Warrior Trading is 4.5 stars. I purchased the Warrior Pro course back in April (2018) and it has been a wonderful experience. Like many people, I had my doubts. I questioned the validity of the program. I wondered if I was just being sold something that had no weight in value. But after watching a ton of Warrior Trading's free YouTube content, reading other people's reviews and then emailing the Warrior Trading team and having ALL of my questions answered, I made up my mind that I was going to give these guys a chance to prove themselves. Mind you, I had already been tracking a lot of other successful day traders out there...and had done over a month's worth of research trying to figure out which one to go with. Warrior Trading just seemed to fit the parameters of what I was looking for in a solid, well-balanced day trading course. First of all, Ross Cameron is definitely the real deal. You can tell from all the work (all the time and effort he puts into Warrior Trading) that he is genuinely passionate...not only about trading, but also in facilitating the success of other traders. He really believes in what he's doing. He's not just some guru who's wanting you to mimic his trades. As a matter of fact, at the end of nearly every lesson in his course, he urges his students to NOT follow his trades, but to learn how to trade these strategies on their own. He has a very fast-paced and aggressive trading strategy. It's amazing to watch him trade. Is his personal trading strategy suited for everyone? No. But he's very honest and upfront about that in the very beginning...and for those who take his courses, you'll find that he touches on many other strategies outside of his own. He encourages his students to find out what strategy might best suit them...and what feels most comfortable for their own personal style of trading. Secondly, the customer service is unbelievable. I was so afraid that, after I gave my money to these guys, they might start ignoring me...or giving me sub-par service. Sure, they answered all my questions very diligently before I bought the course...but would they continue in this manner after they had received my payment in full? I am happy to affirm that they continued to answer every single question I ever had for them...promptly and respectfully. Even when I was asking what some might consider to be the dumbest and most ignorant questions, they never came across to me as being annoyed or frustrated or short. They always responded in the most professional, polite and welcoming way. They really made me feel like I was a part of their family...a highly valued customer. One other thing that I really appreciate about the Warrior Trading Pro Course is the access to ALL of their content. The "small cap day trading" classes are just the first of several classes offered. You can also learn about large cap day trading, options, swing trading, cryptocurrency and more. They have separate courses for all of these. All members will get access to their Trade Ideas scanner settings, as well as their one-of-a-kind trading simulator. This brings me to why I could not give a full 5 stars... When I first began taking the course, I was using their "Fantasy Stocks" desktop trading platform. The platform was good but lacking in some areas...which is why they had been working diligently on the new web-based Warrior Trading simulator. Once I switched over to the new platform, I found that there were many other issues and bugs that needed to be fixed. In my opinion, they released the new web-based trading sim a little prematurely. I experienced many, many issues...which made it very difficult to know how well I was actually doing in this glitchy simulation experience. It got to a point to where I had to just decide to fund a real account with LightSpeed Trader and continue to build my experience by trading small amounts in my LightSpeed account. Thankfully, Warrior Trading students get SUPER CHEAP commissions with LightSpeed...so this helped me to be able to trade those small amounts and not worry about losing too much money from broker fees. But after about a month of doing that, I went back to the Warrior Trading simulator to see if the issues had been fixed so that I could get more "free" practice...and sadly, the experience hadn't gotten any better. It's been another month since then and I've heard they may have finally ironed out all the issues with their trading simulator so I'll probably give it another "go" this week or next. It is very beneficial for ANYONE who is seriously considering trading with real money to FIRST start in a simulator. And if you begin losing money in a real account, it's always good to have a simulator to go back into for retesting your strategies. So again, for this reason alone, I am unable to give a full 5 stars. But once they get that simulator working at 100%, I truly believe Warrior Trading will be worth MORE than 5 stars. They truly are the real deal. Ultimately, I would recommend Warrior Trading to anyone who wants to develop a good knowledge of trading...and who wants to be fully equipped to go into the stock market as one of the 10% of traders who find success. You can try learning on your own...but you'll probably just end up swimming among the 90% of day traders who struggle and lose money. Warrior Trading isn't the cheapest program out there...but you get what you pay for...and the cost of your education with these guys will probably pale in comparison to the cost of what you might lose trying to trade on your own. The Warrior Trading team will truly do whatever it takes to help facilitate a wonderful experience with your training. I can honestly say that these guys really do care about their students. You will be constantly encouraged throughout your education...and with enough patience, discipline and perseverance, you just might become one of their next top students.
Warrior Trading is an amazing platform for traders to learn and communicate with each other in a friendly atmosphere that encourages success. Highly recommended if you're a beginner looking to learn how to trade, or just looking to improve your trading skills. Do yourself a favor and go with Warrior Trading!
Best education and support on the market. I have tried two other Day Trading systems and found them lacking in multiple areas. Ross keeps things as simple as possible, the training he provides is THE BEST, and his chat room is a great place for beginners and advanced traders. I found other trading systems to be either lacking in the training area and/or too focused on advanced traders in the chat room. Ross and his team have put exceptional quality into all areas.
I'm going to tell you about my story as a trader trying to make it as short as possible. I've always been passionate about trading but never really imagined this passion would have turned in a real, full-time job. In fact, I've never found any service which I really felt that would help me become a professional trader. That is, until I met Warrior Trading. In particular, Ross has been really inspirational to me during the course, while Mike and Ed were an amazing surprise once into the chat-room on my path to become a full-time day trader (Jeff seems really great as well but I don't swing trade yet). If you wish to become a trader and you're really serious about it, you must start from profound education. Their courses, mixed with simulated trading help you define your own style rather than mirroring other people plans (which is never a good idea to me). I couldn't say it louder and more clear: these guys aren't cheating. If you're committed enough into this that you're willing to put a lot energy and resources, then this service is the way to go.
clear instructions, great study material , chat room was one of the most organized chats i have been in. Ross's morning scans and scanners our some of the best i will be purchasing them in the future for my own arsenal of tools. HOT KEYS HOT KEYS HOT KEYS!!
Excellent content and teaching. Ross is very detailed on every single aspect of trading. It’s almost overwhelming! I’m having a blast learning and trading in the FTS. I still have about 50-60 days of classes left, it so far it’s an incredible experience. Can’t thank Ross and Warrior trading enough!
Been with the warrior trading a few months now and the training is excellent. When ever I e-mail one of the team with a question I always get a Reponses within 24 hours. The stature of the course is great, I've gone from pretty much giving up on the markets to profitable, the risk management mainly was great. Ross sent me a spreadsheet that I could enter the amount to risk and it gave me my share size might sound simple but what a game changer for me, from my other trainer I was just using the low of the last candle which most of the time is way to big. The training is updated every so often to keep up with current market conditions. There is only 2 bad points I would make. The first been every morning at exactly the same time ross disappears just before the market opens, and I really want to know where he goes haha. The second thing is I think the quarterly subscription cost after the course is a bit heavy in my eyes. Its allot of money per quarter for something in my eyes I've already paid for. I would maybe look at allowing access for 6month personally before the subscription kicks in just because it is allot to remember for a newbie. I understand there is a cost involved with hosting the data but still I think it is a bit high. Asides from point 2 I am extremely happy with the WT team, all the staff are extremely responsive and very approachable not matter how silly the question. The scanners are a work of art! And the trading simulator does have places it could be improved on but then it is better than anything else I have experienced from other trader schools. The 4month trading plan towards the end of the course is excellent, giving me a structured way to keep developing and what to do if I fail one of the stages. 5 out of 5 from me, I couldn't of asked for more from the team without having home visits.
The only reason i loved this chat room is the variety of content than the content itself. I have also tried couple of other chat rooms which are text based alerts where you don't learn anything. Here in this room there are different types of mentors trading different to their own strategies. Ross deals with small caps, Mike deals with large caps and Jeff options trader and couple other moderators who also have a big hand in part of this trading community. As i was trading in simulator i have tried different strategies and stick to one strategy based on my results. If you have knowledge and trading experience i would recommend this chat room for the diversity and discipline that it has. For new traders i also encourage to join warrior pro course instead of warrior pro starter as the content in starter course can also be found online but not the pro course which helped me a lot in my trading career. You can also learn without course but the course speeds up your learning curve. This community deserves no less than 5 stars. I think this review might help you get rid of any confusions that you have about the warrior trading community. All the best guys. See you in chat room....
After months of delay and thinking on my end, I finally joined Warrior Pro one month ago. I watched the YouTube videos, joined the free chat Monday a few times, before finally committing and joining the Pro course. One month in, I am biting myself and regret that I did not join earlier. The community Ross and the Team built is just absolutely stunning and just within one month and yet at the very beginning of my trading career (I had NO prior knowledge AT ALL about trading), became part of my daily routine and life. The content, structure and material of the course is so well and in detail that I easily understood where to start, how to start, and what makes a successful trader. I couldn't stop watching and learning and after just one week asked for a release of all the Pro content that is usually released on a bi-weekly basis. The WT team did that immediately. I had/ have many questions along the way which I could ask Ross and the Team in the live mentor sessions, the chatroom and/or via email at anytime. They are always replying in a timely manner (I don't know why some people say that's not the case...?) and I never feel I am being ignored or laughed at (some of my questions are probably at a very "beginner's level"). I can not recommend WT Pro high enough. It truly has been a wonderful experience so far and I am just at the beginning. I can tell you that every penny spent here is worth it, and that you not only can make all of it back in just one trade once you know how, but that the partners WT negotiated discounts and specials with (without getting any kickback or referral etc btw!) will actually fund your education is just phenomenal. Thank you Roos, Mike, Roberto, Josh, JohnL and sorry if I forgot someone. I am proud to part of the community! Thanks for all.
When I first started trading I would have a profit of $3000 in a good month. After I took Warrior Tradings daytrading course I now do between $1500 to $5000 most days. The guys at Warrior Trading has made a course that does not only contain a great strategy but is also explained so it´s easy to understand. For people that are serious about their trading Warrior Trading is the place to be.
Well rounded education from the ground up on day trading, which is the part I can speak for as that is the strategy I personally use.
Excellent in every way
Ross Cameron is a very dedicated Teacher when it comes to sharing his years of Day Trading experience in such terms that novice as well as more seasoned traders can understand and apply. His Day Trading course is an extremely helpful course; I very much doubt that my husband and I would have seriously considered trading with real money before the course. We are both grateful for the confidence we now have in successful trading, which comes from the knowledge acquired. Thanks again Ross
Ross is an excellent teacher and his strategies work.
I have been in the Warriortrading room since 2015 and I learn every day new things. Although I can't join every day the chat room, I learn in weekend and evening hours all that is available as Warrior trading Pro student. You don't need many trades to be profitable. I didn't trade at all since 1 Jan 2017 but today was a home run with an 8000 $ gain. This puts me up 72 % since I joined WT family. And I still want to learn Options and Swingtrading this year. I want to have multiple knifes to scalp money out of the market ))) Thanks WT family !! Look forward to learn a lot more. A dedicated student from Belgium
Yea warrior trading is legit. I learned Alot through this program. Though j was unable to follow Ross's momentum strategy...I find Roberto and Mike's strategy much more safe
this is really a great course for someone who does not know anything about stock market trading. I'm glad I sign on and don't regret it at all.
This guy's trades aren't even viewable. Buyer Beware!!!!!! I gave him a bad review and he terminated my membership. His prerogative I guess, but rather thin skinned, immature, and unprofessional in my opinion. Anyway, although I was initially disappointed with the cancellation, I'm now happy it happened. I lost quite a bit of money here. When I emailed a question, it was never answered--only followed by more of his efforts by him to promote his site via surveys, testimonials, etc.
I do honestly believe in the mission that Warrior Trading has established. Ross is very good about showing the ups and downs of trading and is unafraid to put the trades that don't work on display. I admire that greatly. The Warrior Starter course is not that much more than a better organized assembly of Warrior Trading videos you can find online. They do not ensure that you take tests or watch your progress at all. You don't even get a certificate at the end for completion... just an email of how to send them more money. Their marketing is one of the worst I've seen. They use the scarcity tactic to try to make it seem that they are offering products at a steal, but in reality, you could get it much cheaper during their sales. They offer sales during most major US holidays of 30-40% off and is when you should sign up with them, if ever. During these sales, they will usually start at a discount of 30% that will end in 3 days. After those 3 days elapse, they renew the 30% for another day. Then after that day, they RAISE the discount to 35% for a few more days. I've seen them raise it as far as 40% after starting at 30%. This is terrible -- stick to your discount amounts. I'd be very upset if I purchased at 30% just to realize that it has been raised to 40% a few days later. Their simulator is absolute garbage. It was wishy washy back when it was hardware but now they've moved to a software version that is absolutely horrible. It lags to the point where you can't use it or your orders don't go through. The sim will crash at least several times a month and you will see dozens of people spam the chat room with messages about it. The chat room is unreliable. Sometimes the audio won't work. Sometimes the video won't work. Sometimes there is incredible amounts of lag. I have an excellent internet connection, a gaming computer, and have tried all the major browsers but nothing has helped. Also, there are so many people in the chat room that sometimes you lose control of what people are saying. Also, pretty much every product auto renews and requires contacting customer support to cancel. If you decide to make a purchase, ensure that you contact customer support immediately to cancel any future recurring charges. All in all, I've spent over $3,000 with Warrior Trading and wish I could get a refund for most of it. I do believe in their mission and do hope they clean up the marketing and improve their products for future customers.
The educational materials are spot-on. They bring the beginner and novice trader to become a profitable trader in a understandable and moderate paced format. Their SIM and mentoring sessions give you access to practice the patterns and strategies learned in the class work, real time without real money. "Priceless."
Great Job for coming up with this amazing course !!
so far so good.....green today on 4 cent scalp........is it Monday yet?
Warrior Trading is a legit company that truly wants its students to succeed. At first glance the Warrior pro package seems to be a little pricey, but it's a cheap price to pay compared to trying to "wing it" on your own. For a new trader like me, I would be another negative statistic without the Warrior Trading Team. Thanks Ross and Team! J.W. P.S. I would highly recommend for anyone that wants to start trading to buy a 24" computer monitor. I started with a small laptop and I was all the time expanding and reducing windows to get a clear picture of charts, level2, etc.This cost me lots of valuable experience learning how to paper trade.
A very thorough, and honest education experience from a passionate and hardworking team.
Awesome program, and incredible learning opportunity! A tad over-promised as far as mentor sessions are concerned. The sessions are not as robust as I had envisioned (briefer, at times plagued by technical challenges). The "6 weekly sessions" included in the course description are all tailored to different skill levels and strategies, so in reality only 1 or 2 per week apply to the new student. Since the mentor sessions are the only interactive element of the course, this is a lot less than I had expected. It's really 95% self-study.
Very detailed. Money well spent.
WT team is simply THE BEST! Cheers!
Quick and accurate response toward future success!
I started with Warrior trader a few months back. I did most of what they recommended. I paper traded for a while and now i trade with real money, there was a lot of help available. Most people in the chat room are very knowledgeable. Guys who run the chat room are extremely humble and very disciplined. If anyone is looking to do stock trading, try them out. I am sure it will make sense.
Great teachings, great lessons and watching and learning from Ross's live trading is invaluable!
I am new (one month into the Cours) so everything is vey fast and I cannot (yet) follow all the explanations. However, it is really good to tray to follow the life trades. The classes are helpful and well structured. Risk management and keeping losses small and under control ist the most important topic. The simulator allows me to practice and I realise that minimising losses is indeed the most tricky part of trading. Question have been answered very quickly and competent. I am glad I can practice in the simulator. I found a lot of small things that can reduce my losses. Hope I will go to green soon.
Excellent course!
Great teaching methods. Real traders with loss and gains.
Warrior trading courses explain everything in details and have awesome support. Keep up the good work!!
Very good education.the chatroom is good. Negative point is the Trading simulator FST : lots of bugs. It’s getting time to roll out the new version.
Excellent education investment
Ross is great. The time he spends to educate his priceless. I watch something he's done every day. The morning Chat Room is a must if one wants to succeed at Trading.
Ross and the team at Warrior Trading have been phenomenal. I entered the Warrior Trading program with little to know knowledge and experience about the market, and within a month or two, I learned and understood what takes many individuals months, or even years to learn. Ross and the team make it easy to understand the market, and how to trade in it. They provide real examples and scenarios. They take the time to break the materials down to it's most basic form, which enables individuals, who want to get into trading in the market, to understand easily. With this said, please know that what you put in, is what you get out. This material is not easy to learn. You have to put in the time. Overall, what I like the most about Warrior Trading is that Ross and the team are REAL. They don't fluff their accounts, or lead you astray. They provide realistic expectations and support. If you're looking to learn how to trade in the market, or you have experience and are looking to better your skill sets and strategies, you don't have to look any further. You found the right people to learn from. You found the right community to be a part of.
I honestly plan on making a living out of this but I still would not leave the chat room just because of all the eyes on the market and learning something new almost every day
I feel like the education I have gotten is excellent and I will be able to be successful at day trading soon because of it.
Very satisfied. Would definitely recommend.
It is always great.
The warrior trading team has been helpful throughout my learning process. They have been very courteous and professional and I have yet to have any issues. The course is really great. It’s very structured and easy to follow. Thank you guys very much!!
Ross, Mike and Roberto are the best teachers and mentors out there. I have tried other Trading classes and by far Warrior Trading is the best. If you learn the materials, ask questions, you will be a successful trader. Thank You Warrior Trading for changing my life.
I really enjoyed the training I received from Warrior Trading. The content was excellent, I learned a lot and the staff was incrdibaly responsive to all of my questions whether it was regarding strategy, the right tools, etc. I selected the three month course that included all training content, chat room and special mentoring sessions.. I completely understand the chat room and mentoring being limited to the length of training, however I would love to see the students having access to the training content for say 3-6 months longer. As I learn through actual trading I find it very helpful to go back to some training sessions for a quick review. Other than that, highly recommended.
Great content and material. Probably would an even harder time understanding and being successful in trading if I haven’t learned what was given in these courses.
Before enrolling in this course, I did a lot of research and comparisons with other courses. I gotta say, after 9 months of watching Ross's free content on YouTube, student reviews, third party reviews and other posts/blogs I was convinced that this was the best route to take. If you're questioning the value of the paid course compared to the free content, the paid course is loaded with all of the detailed information about the very strategies covered in the free content. As always, each class section is presented in the cool, calm, and collected style that Ross employs in his YouTube and Facebook content. All of the course content is also available to download as a pdf to review later for homework and quizzes at the end of each chapter. Having completed the Warrior Starter course and now progressing into the Pro course, I can say that the content is getting even more detailed and truly is building my confidence to be a successful trader. The follow through with the Warrior Team has been excellent as they check in from time to time via email to see how you are doing, or if you have any questions. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone serious about learning to trade the market!
I have been a member of Warrior Trading for about a year and a half now and I have to say that the education and direction that Ross Cameron provides is absolutely Top Flight. I am in the Chat Room often in the mornings and have trusted his guidance and integrity for quite a while now, He is honest, always composed and has a great command of just how to trade the market successfully. I see him do it (for real) all of the time. I have a great deal of respect for him and how he conducts business. If anyone out there is looking for a place to start to learn how to trade, or to take your trading to the next level Warrior Trading is where you need to be. Ross is a sharp fellow and he and his team will teach you all that you need to know to be a successful trader and he will help you to take it as far as you want. I trust him and know that he knows what he is doing as he proves it again and again every day. Go to the website and look around for a while. It is packed with useful actionable information and resources that are relevant and timely. Spend a little time in the chat room with him for a few mornings.... I can assure you that you won't be disappointed.