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WeFixMoney.com Online Loan Reviews

Quick, fast and easy. The representative of the loan company I was matched with, was very knowledgeable and made sure I understood all the terms of the loan.
Easy application and customer service was excellent
We fix money connects you to lenders with HIGH rates. I applied for a $400 loan they connected me to a lender who thought I was gone pay 1,500 back are u crazy!!!! To each is own I'm not in need that bad but others maybe so the overall service is easy but their lenders no deal!!
Very helpful willing to go extra mile to be of assistance
I heard about this lending source via radio broadcast and I was unsure about how to apply or what the process would be like. I took a chance and remembered the website information and inquired just to see how the rating looked and what others experiences were like. After seeing how reputable the service was, I then filled out the application and found that everything went along smoothly. I just finished an application so I can not inform how quickly I received my loan, but so far so good.
Great Service online
Quick and Painless
The experience I had was great. The application was short and very easy to do. And the approval tome was less than 5 min.
It was quick and easy. Fill out the form and you're either approved or you're not. Simple. I would recommend the company to anyone looking for a quick loan.
I just completed the process. Can wait to get the money
Grear experience overall.
The service is very easy. I did have to think too hard about it and it was insanely quick. I was approved in minutes.
The application process was easy and customer service was excellent
This was my first time appying with WeFixMoney & it was quick & easy. The agent that I spoke with was very pleasant & helpful. She explained in detail everything that I needed to know. It was a very professional experience.
Fast! Reliable! Great experience !
Filling out the form went very smooth, however, the extrardinarily interest rate sent me running for another source. Thank you!
Didn't take long at all
Quick approval, the craziest rate I have ever seen
I had a great experience!!
The process was fast and simple.
Lenders take advantage of customers. They gouge the customer. On a $500 loan, they want you to pay $129 for 26 payments for the full term of the loan. HIGHWAY ROBBERY.
The process was simple and response was fast
Contacted and followed up with me immediately. I was unable to talk at the time due to privacy and the offered to call me back or for me to return the call. Wonderful
Quick and prompt and no running around.
Found myself in a pinch and decided to try wefixmoney to get me to my next payday. I honestly thought it was a joke the process was so seamless and I had my money in my account in less than 24 hours! I'm really in shock it was that quick and I didn't have to complete a ton of paperwork or promise my 1st born in the process! I have absolutely nothing negative to say! I'm extremely pleased and will use and refer anyone I know in need to them. Thank you!!!
My experience with we fix money for the first time was awesome, easily quick and reliable no hassles what so ever. I’ll recommend them to anyone..
I never thought I would need this. I earn good money in my career and am responsible. However, life happened and WFM was the perfect solution. I would certainly use this again if needed and suggest them to my friends. ;-)
was very easy, not a lot of paper work
Easy to use website and I greatly appreciate the extra security measures.
Very easy to work with and deliver ptomptly!
Fast and easy approval when I needed it.
I was able to easily apply for the loan but have not received the funds yet
They are the best.
It's good to have the opportunity to get money when you need it but there should be more options, because some of these companies interest rate is ridiculous.
Not enough money offered
Thank you they saved me from debt
The loan was quick, private and simple.
My experience was excellent. Quick and easy process. Funds released into my account the next day.
I needed some extra funds post holidays. I heard a radio advertisement about WeFixMoney.com and decided to give it a try. It was super simple, fast, easy to understand and completely transparent.
I am delighted that you provide this service, it can be a bit overwhelming when you want to pay off a few bills and not get the monies you really need.
The level of service I received was excellent!!!
They are awesome, I needed the money now and I received it the very next day after I requested it.
Good every time
Quick, Easy and very trust worthy. The process was painless and stress free.
They got me the money that I needed. Maurice
It was a truly easy experience
Interest rate is ridiculous.... To get $600 they're gonna charge me 1800 so that means I'll be paying $2400 for a $600 loan .....No thanks WeFixMoney..... Thumbs down
Great support sytem
Gave me the run around a thousand calls and messages a day but still no response on if I got approve different lender messages you about nothing all day long.
It has been a pleasure
High interest loans, but the process was quick and easy! Major stress relief definitely recomme
Very easy to apply and get approved.
They are quick and efficient!
very efficient - was quick and easy with no stress.
No complaints my phone died at the end of confirmation
I was in a bind, doing the whole paycheck to paycheck thing. Thanks WeFixMoney!
Application was quick and easy. Customer service was knowledgeable and pleasant. Process and terms of loan was explain throughout completion of application. On approval monies are deposited same day winthin hours of completed application. They offer rewards to you on paid out loan. I can say I'm very pleased with company.
Not what I was expecting This is like a Cash advance place Not interested
Outstanding Customer Service rep, she took time to explain each step and what she was doing. The rewards program is a good incentive base for customers. Thanks for a great experience and loan. I look forward to doing business with your company.
Everything seem to be pretty straight forward and was legitimate
It was easy, nonjudgmental and the process was harmless.
Easy and convenient. Fast process.
I listen to this company advertised on my local gospel station and really did not believe that I could get help from them, but then I applied today and got $825.00 approved on the first go around. For anyone in money troubles, believe that this company has an answer for you!
Definitely wont be using this again, the interest rate on one of the loans was 653%
i would use it again if i need to ...
This was amazing. Didn't think I'd qualify for the help I needed, but they found a lender. Wish I hadn't waited so long.
The site did find me a lender. However the lender was one that was run on an Native American Reserve with a 29% interest rate. The lady called me immediately when I hit the submit button and danced around my question about the interest rate. Once I told her I was declining she offered me a $50 gift card which I still declined. The website only gave me that one approval. There was no option to decline that offer and maybe go on to another offer or just decline period.
The approval was fast. Kelsey was very helpful and wonderful to work with. She was very professional.
Quick fast and easy to work with
I was in a jam and we fix money saved me
I hate doing these things, but it was a easy process. And I got what I needed. Thanks
Secure! User Friendly! Quick Response!
WeFixMoney.com was super helpful and easy to use! I was struggling to find a way to get through the next two weeks until my first paycheck comes at my new job and WeFixMoney.com offered me a solution. The process was easy to use and the website was very user friendly.
The results on lenders were fast. But the approved amount was different than what the lender offered.
I rated one star because I gave all my personal with NO results, Now all of my personal information is in your files. With all the identity thief going on, I just feel violated. When potential customers are inquiring about loan information, it should be available before entering personal and/or financial information. If I had known there was a second entity (not just We fix money ) I would have not given my information. So please DELETE ALL OF MY INFORMATION. Thank you in advance.
They called right away and explained everything and answered all my questions!!
It was a guick and a easy way to see if you are approval for a loan I was satisfied I will tell other people I found out listening to the radio so I try it
The experience was very positive & I wood recommend to other people
Thank you for the promptness of the application...Unfortunately I can not accept the amount approved.
The customer service rep was ver polite. It was the interest rate that sent me over the edge. I would be repaying over $6,000 for an $1100 loan. I am in a financial bind, but I am not crazy. Thanks, anyway!
I was contacted within minutes of my application on We Fix Money. Contactes and approved!
I really don't understand how I got connected with cashnet usa, for the loan and I thank for the time but I needed the money that I askrd for!! So just remove me off your list for future
Horrible experience. The lender may as well be a loan shark.
Green CIRCLE gave a loan. THANKS, Robin G. Brothers. I needed my . Van fixed.
Lower your monthly payment for your customer to repay back the loan
I was ready to give up...then found WeFixMoney.com in an Internet search! Thank you for brightening my day, after one of the worst weeks ever!
This is a great company to work with when you need cash ASAP.I would say to all who have a bad credit record try WEFIXMoney.com .I heard about it on a gospel station,went on line bang got my answer , I am happy.
Great experience and excellent customer service.
Sold my info now I have bunch of people calling and texting my for loans not good
Easy to use. Friendly Customer Service. Would use again.
I greatly appreciate this it really came in handy
The APR and finance charge were extremely high.
It is a quick and fast process.
I needed money for my daughter daughter's birthday and we fix money was able to lend me money the next day so i can make sure my child had a great birthday
Quick, fast, and easy! Get money the next day!
So Easy! This was much easier than I expected. Thanks!
Excellent service. Would recommend to anyone.
Thank you for the wonderful experience, I have not had any issues with Wefixmoney.com. I have even given this website to others and they have use this website. Thank you
I entered in my info. and they found me a loan company with approve immediately!