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Great service! Quick response and immediate contacts made.
Never received the list of recommended companies or any information about them. Just started getting calls from all over saying they got my information from wiseradvisor. This was too much companies pursuing me and not enough me being able to evaluate and solicit companies I might be interested in.
Two of the 3 advisors contacted me quickly. I met with both as well as a couple of others I found. The third contacted me a week or so later. Both advisors with whom I met seemed very knowledgeable. One asked for information prior to our meeting. He presented a couple of options. The other decided quickly that one particular type of investment would be best for me. I didn't feel like he got enough information from me prior to making his recommendation.
Several advisers called in short order. meeting with one very soon.
Since this is my first venture into working with advisors I wanted several from different areas of the investment world. And, that’s what I got.
I told the person who called me what I wanted, and none of the people she sent my way reflected anything I asked for. In addition, I got three emails from three different people at one company saying they couldn't reach me by phone. Never left a message, but complained about me not being available!
I was a bit skeptical at first, but I quickly found that I was referred to three established and respectable firms. I met personally with two of them and had no concerns or hesitations about their qualifications or approach. This service is legit and it works. Good luck!
Quick, good follow up, detailed messages by phone and email, pleasant no pressure call to set up a no cost appointment, and good explanation of next steps. Left me wishing I'd done this sooner it was so easy.
1 of the 3 Wiser Advisor financial advisors I have interviewed is a high probable for me to select when I return from the rest of my summer of travel -- not prepared to make the final decision right now. Also, I have 2 more advisors to interview in September to whom I was recently referred by my estate planning lawyer. I have basic questions for all of them and basic criteria for my selected advisor to meet. I appreciate the W.A. referrals.
Search for Financial Advisor WiserAdvisor matched me to two local companies. They both were in contact with me within 24 hours. We made an appointment and got the advise we needed for free. We were made completely comfortable with a choice to use their services in the future or not. It was a great experience for us. Thank You
You found what I was looking for. Thank you, Mike
Distance too far with one and another had a history on FINRA that made me ? His trustworthy
Had calls and emails. Still undecided which, if any, advisor to use. Very useful if you know exactly what to ask for. Thank you
Horrible. I initially asked that I needed for assistance with Health Saving's Account. The person I spoke with at Finacial Engines had insisted that I prepare my Net Worth Statement and would like financial statements to answer my questions about Health Saving's accounts. Putting together all of my financial documents took me a couple of weeks. Once I enter the Financial Engines office. I was greeted by the person who I had an appointment with and was asked how my retirement planning was going. I said I think it's going alright. I then said, I was hear to talk about Health Savings Accounts. The Certified Finacial Planner did not want to listen to me anymore and said, I do not sell this product and will not be able to help. I was not looking to buy anything. I was trying to learn about Health Savings Accounts and see how it would work with my retirement portfolio.
I liked the service - still thinking which direction to go.
For one of the recommendations no back ground check was done. Individual had 5 complaints two were settled outside of court with three pending cases. Should one consider other recommendations?
All of the adviser's where more the 30 miles from my location.Will try to find someone need by,That is what I'm looking for.
Received three referrals, met with two planners. Was able to make a decision based on 3 meetings and a prior experience with another financial adviser. Not knowing what to expect, it was good to have 3 to compare. I was surprised at how differently they all presented themselves. If you decide to use a Financial Planner, be sure to meet with more than one. They are not all created equal.
My wife and I are both attorneys. She has worked on Capitol Hill and for Fortune 500 companies. I am a former Member of Congress. Meeting with Nilos Sakellariou was informative, refreshing and professional. Since this was not our first rodeo, and by our combined experiences, we are, shall I say, border-line natural skeptics. Nilos had prepared three different investment strategies based upon our ages, current assets & spending, our future plans, even our health. He needed some additional information from us to revise our options. We will do that and proceed from there. We do not need any further interviews. Your services are well received by us.
Was fully satisfied as the response to me re locating an advisor to help me was instantaneous, yielding 3-5 from which to interview and select, ultimately yielding just what I needed. Additionally the site offers many useful educational toosl that have assisted me in decision making and learning much about the financial world.
I attempted to use this company to help me find a financial planner in my area and the representative was condescending and completely unhelpful. When my "portfolio" was not large enough, they pretty much said they couldn't help me. So much for helping people just starting off in their careers. This company clearly only wants to assist people who have the ability to invest in the vested interests of financial company's stakeholders. Don't waste your time using this service.
WiserAdvisor pointed me to top performer that put together plan that exactly met my request of taking current portfolio and building conservative ladder of investments for generating retirement income stream. Bonus, I was able to confirm reference through trusted personal friend.
I received an immediate response from Wiser Advisor with names of potential advisors. I also received responses from the advisors and in the process of setting up meeting with each of them. Great service!!!!
I found a financial adviser that I will be working with. He seems knowledgeable but will need to see how he performs over the first three months.
Did not ask enough prep questions but only people in my area but NOT close-by
I was immediately contacted by three advisors and was able to find one that I felt comfortable with and understood my concerns.
I was quite unhappy with the service because I was flooded with calls and emails. I specifically noted to be contacted by email yet I had many calls at work, which was disruptive and unprofessional. For this matter alone I will not use any of the recommended financial advisors.
Ease of use and quick response from potential providers.
We feel like we got a perfect fit. The advisor and team did a great job explaining the philosophy, good and bad things that could happen and have been wonderful to work with.
Very nice meeting with both advisers. Would recommend either one.
Excellent response
I met with James Claiborne. He was very knowledgeable, helpful and most of all trustworthy. I highly recommend him and his company. His staff was also very kind and helpful. I very much appreciate the opportunity to meet with him.
WiserAdvisor called me within a few hours of my inquiry. They supplied me with the names of two financial advisors, who contacted me within 24 hours. These persons were qualified. WiserAdvisor also provided me with tools with which to choose an advisor and are offering continued support.
It was good since we found what were looking for
We were given recommendations for several advisors and they all had a different approach. We felt like we had a good sampling and by interviewing three advisors, we were able to select the best fit for our needs.
I didn't like the advisor at all. He wasn't the one I was supposed to meet. They double book people. I will not invest with them and pay a 1.5% fee. Sounds like another brokerage account. Can invest with Schwab on my own. That is what this advisor offered to do. And no full retirement plan was given siting that we already spent a lot of time together. Skip Financial engines . Do your research and invest on your own.
I was given the names of two advisors. One clearly did not want to do business with me and the other has not returned my call.
No advisers were within a reasonable distance of my location
Currently working with two of the three you recommended. I returned the e mail and call of the third one but we never made contact. I expect to make a decision soon.
I was given three fine matches to interview. Each individual had different takes on my needs and this gave me a broad perspective. I feel i will be able to select the individual that has my best interest.
I was given several investment managers within minutes and was able to get an appt and discuss my financial needs. Thank you.
I received prompt responses and was able to obtain a reputable financial advisor that was a match to my goals.
There was much good information associated with WiserAdvisor.
You contacted me immediately with questions and advisers reached out to me the same day.
Very quick responses from reputable advisors ... unfortunately personal health issues have prevented me from following up immediately but one of the advisors particularly was of interest to me and I do intend to connect with him.
Hoped for better results, will wait and see...
very good service would highly recommend
Very Frank and informing meeting. Very professional. Didn't shrink from any questions and gave much needed directive. Listened to learn what I was looking for. Refreshing.
After reviewing and analyzing numerous investment information provided by the three financial advisers, will make my final decision much easier.
Needed a financial advisor with more experience if needed. Wiseradvisor did a great job. I would use them again.
They provided exactly what they advertised. I was referred to three financial advisors that well matched my needs.
Not helpful at all. Fees are not disclosed upfront and one choice was not discreet.
Am not using the service,
Wiser would be better if they provided a rating of their advisors' performance
I was in need of financial advice due to inheritance of 401K plan and divorce. The staff at Wiser Advisor responded to my internet request within 24 hours, respected my privacy, respected my desire to not divulge specific financial information. I was matched with three financial advisers (received their information) shortly after speaking with Wiser Advisor representative. Each of them contacted me in timely manner and provided me with background information, credentials, types of services, etc.. Wiser Advisor also provided me with educational information - questions to ask, contact information to verify financial advisers' credentials. As a result, I am in the process of retaining the services of one of the referred advisers, and look forward to having someone skilled and caring walk with me through this transitional period in my life and beyond.
Competant money managers but I asked for fee-only advice from you and I obviously didn't get it. I don't think I need it now but you're welcome to send me three more if they are clearly fee-only. Thank you, Dan Ellis
still exploring some of the ones that have been recommended
I was contacted by 2 independent advisors. The first was not what I was looking for investment style-wise. The second was in some ways a little better than my current advisor. But price wise was higher. I did not see enough benefit to get me off my current advisor.
Thanks for your suggestions. You might improve the system by asking the requestor to identify any special issues---ex: fee only advisers; independent CFP's; those who provide a certain kind of help,like for a one-time financial plan, or tax planning, etc. R.B.
Any problem I had was my problem. The question in my mind is whether or not there is any rationale in selectong one investment counsel over another - broker, advisor, robo, or whatever. And if there is what might it, they be?
I like one ofv your recomendations
I thought I was searching for a C.F.P. but instead got calls from others.
I looked up Fidelity Investments and was guided to this site, so the onling capture wasn't what I was looking for. Otherwise the referrals were fine.
The representative was very friendly,professional and knowledgeable. He explained and listen and showed us the charts and the fees. Because of the high fees we won't be using your firms services.
Two advisors called. We were usable to make an appointment as I was having surgery. They said they would call back within a week or two. Still haven't heard from them. I will look elsewhere.
The website is misleading. After completing what I thought was the basic information, it requested more info that I didn't feel was necessary and terminated the sign-up. They took my information anyways and distributed it, and I feel, without my consent. I believe this an unlawful practice..
Salesmen who have some information , but in the end I felt that I had to go to a fee only CPA Financial Planner.
I was contacted by 3 advisers, quickly, I met with two and now I have an adviser.
WiserAdviser followed through on having several Advisors contact me. I filled out the WiserAdviser Questionare when I was undecided how to invest some extra cash for retirement. I made these decisions before anyone contacted me and decided I would continue using my own decisions. I am 74 years and have been successful using Dividend Aristocrats to grow and diversify my portfolios and rollover IRA's. I choose to continuing using my current investing resources.
Can't rate since I have no idea what this is.
There are no advisors in my area and ones that contacted me asked that I drive 75 miles to meet with them. Passed on that
The sight helped putting me in touch with a couple of financial advisors.
Two of the three referrals were exactly what I had requested and one turned out to be perfect. Answered my questions and basically gave me a free 30 minute consultation on the phone. Found out I wasn't too far off in my planning and will contact them when I'm ready to make some major changes.
I moved to Southern California when I retired and had no recommendations for a financial advisor in the area. I came across WiseAdvisor while researching local CFP's and thought I had nothing to loose as it was a no fee service. They gave me two recommendations. I interviewed both and I would have been very comfortable using either one. I am very happy that I contacted WiseAdvisor for their recommendations.
gave us three (3) advisors to interview and of the three we chose to talk to two which we both liked . now its decision time to choose one.
After contacting Wise Advisor for a financial planner within 24 hours I got 5 contacts. GREAT
After submitting my request, the very next day I was contacted by two of the firms to setup follow-up interviews to discuss my portfolio. Overall satisfied with the professionalism and helpfulness of each group.
I would recommend this site, since the advisors who contacted me all seem qualified and it shortened the search on my own. I signed up and received 4 referrals. I've spoken to all of them as well as other people who recommended advisors. I'm well on my way to making a final selection. One of the leading contenders is a company referred to me by WiserAdvisor.
Three excellent advisers were chosen. I have seen two of them and they are both great.
Did talk with all recommended, but none were in my nearby zip code area.
I was also looking for some advisors without asset based fees. Somewhat disappointed that all were asset based fees.
Matched with funds under management firms but stated looking for fee for service firms. Bait and switch.
Asked for fee only advisors, got the usual investment managers.
In looking at my timeline to retire, I felt I needed an opinion from an expert. Not sure what led me to WiserAdvisor, but happy I found them. They were rapidfire in sending me recommendations and the recommended financial advisors had called by the next day. They delivered what they stated they would..up to 3 advisors. The advisors sent links, emails and gave me access to telephone numbers. Extremely professional persons. These professionals seemed pleased to talk with me and very positive about issues I thought of as negative. VERY experienced persons. WiserAdvisor has sent email publications with advise in choosing a financial planner and some other important short reads. They have checked back with me numerous times to assure that I received the services I requested. I highly recommend this site and the service they provide! (My sister and best friend met with me and and an advisor.) Her comment: "You did your homework VERY well!" (I did nothing) WiserAdvisor 'hooked me up". I am happy with the choices I received and am well on my way to continuing the progress I've made. If you're looking for help with planning your future or that of your family's, don't hesitate to call WiserAdvisor. They've done their homework!
I don't actually know what kind of screenings WiserAdvisor does, or if members just pay a fee to join, but I found nothing wrong with any of the three it recommended, and in fact was very impressed with two out of the three. One is just now going to manage my husband's and my accounts!
Requested referrals to an LLP and a few dishy airy, only got judiciary which is OK. Was expecting LLP but I can manage without that. Got two referrals only one actually was local and I would much rather have my money with a local advisor as opposed to someone who “drive to town once a month“. So far my experience has been a good one I’ve sailed on an advisor and got my account set up waiting to see how performance status thank you so much for your expedient reply to my request
Very happy with recommended fudiciary to date Thanks
The advisors all responded quickly and professionally. However, ultimately because each were compensated by the amount of funds they were overseeing, the advice leaned toward securities/etfs/funds rather than real estate or other options.
I had excellent interviews with two of the financial advisers recommended by WiserAdvisor. The only difficult part of the process is deciding which one I want to manage my retirement funds!
Provided info on 2 local and 1 same coast advisors. Good geographic range. Some advisors had different approaches. Some were transparent. Advisors recommended probably paid largest commission. Would prefer a list of advisors based on selection criteria such as fiduciary, investment style, transparency (willingness to share info), customer service level ( willing to answer detailed questions).
Wiseradviser said they would provide three names of advisers who would contact me for my specific need of a fee-only planner. One name was provided, obviously not a fee only planner, and no one called. Apparently this website is all about the planners and not the users.
I was specifically looking for investment advisors with nonprofit or Church institution experience. One of the referred advisors had the experience, two did not.
I received 3 referrals. Of the 3, I followed up on 2 advisors which have somewhat different investment strategies. The 3rd referral was about 500 miles from my home, although I do not need an advisor close to me, I felt that was too far. It is helpful to have financial advisors which different investing strategies. I am in the middle of the process, however, I am very satisfied with the service provided by WiserAdvisor.
For more than a week, I was bombarded with countless phone calls and emails from early in the morning to late at night. I gave up answering the phone for several days. I would not have signed up if I knew that my name was going to be given out to a such a large number of financial advisors hungry for clients. Beware!
Thank you for your help in finding a Financial Planner. 2 of the 3 you sent me contacted me right away. I spoke in length to both over the phone. Then met with one and signed up for his services.
A Google way to get started if you don't know from apples. I had expected more to choose from. Can't believe only 2 firms are interested in my business. However, easy to use and the choices range both ends of the investing spectrum.
I never received an email with recommended advisors to select from, as I was promised during my WiserAdvisor phone interview, but started receiving phone calls from random financial advisors within minutes of completing the call.
have had the preliminary meeting was very good, will have a second meeting and see if i maintain the five but expect it to be so. I was impressed with presentation and connected with the adviser felt his job was an advocate to help one find the means to retire to meet the goals and expectations you have set. Again only took first step but was a good initial experience.
It is NOT right that WiserAdvisor has you fill out your information saying they'll give you a few advisors they recommend, and then automatically sell your info to an advisor and say they'll contact you within 24 hours. Not once did it ask if I wanted an advisor to contact me and for my info to be sold. I wanted names to do my own research on them. I never wanted my information sold. I wanted trustworthy advisor recommendations. Not advisors that paid for this service and are obviously desperate. I messaged WiserAdvisor numerous times saying I didn't want advisors calling me. They all still did and no one at WiserAdvisor got back to me. I shared my experience with the advisors. They said that other people had the same experiences. The advisors didn't realize that's what they were doing and are no longer going to use WiserAdvisor either.
I asked for recommendations for a local advisor, but only received calls from firms out of my area. Several of the ones who contacted me seemed annoyed by my request and one emailed me for a week straight about their services. C.F. Bellingham, Wa